Fortnite: A new digital concert for The Kid LAROI’s Dreams of Adventure has been announced and a date has been announced

This Child LAROIYoung 19-year-old American singer, popular since 2019 and exploding in 2021 with a hit stayin demonstrates With Justin Bieber. He is preparing a new album and will make a presentation previewing his three titles and new single to love again on a special island called Kid’s Adventure Dreams LAROIfor a dynamic and interactive playable experience from January 28th to midnight French time until April 28th. Customization items will be unlocked for free by experiencing the concert, however a skin from the series Badges and other objects can be purchased from the store to wear as Child LAROI.

Australian rapper, singer and songwriter who became popular in 2019 Child LAROI today is an important artist whose great and influential hits will soon resonate in Fortnite. discover the island Kid’s Adventure Dreams LAROI Starting Saturday 28 January 2023 at midnight (CET) for an immersive musical experience retracing The Kid LAROI’s journey from humble beginnings to planetary stardom.

Discover new tracks from LAROI including “Love Again” on This Island (out Friday, January 27). Three unreleased tracks will appear on both This Island and Island after.

Discover the costumes before the launch of The Kid LAROI’s Dreams of Adventure Child LAROI and outlaw LAROI In the Item Shop from January 27th. From January 24, participate Cup The Kid LAROI Try to unlock outfits in advance and get a special banner icon and expression!

Adventure Dreams by Kid LAROI

In this interactive experience, players must complete tasks in the futuristic city of Laroitown before attending a sold-out LAROI concert featuring fan-favorite tracks and new songs. After the concert is over, players can join LAROI during the After Party to discover the artist’s life on tour and beyond while listening to the Adventure Dreams compilation over and over again.

During both experiences, players can complete The Kid LAROI Dreams of Adventure quests Gaining EXP and special LAROI items such as lounge music to love again and Thousand Milesloading screen LAROI and outlaw and aerosols LAROI was here and Trace of LAROI. Kid LAROI’s Adventure Dreams will be available from January 28 midnight (CET) until February 4 midnight (CET).

Fortnite The Kid LAROI's Wild Dreams Quests

A look at the LAROI loading screen and Outlaw:

Fortnite LAROI and Rogue Loading Screen

The Kid LAROI’s Dreams of Adventure will be available in-game for a limited time from midnight January 28th (CET) to midnight April 28th (CEST). Select the square to participate CHILD LARO’S ADVENTURE DREAMS On the Discover screen or enter the island code 2601-0606-9081. Whichever option you choose, you will arrive at the island of The Dreams of The Kid LAROI’s Adventure, developed in collaboration with Alliance Studios, Team Atomic and TheBoyDilly. It also features a video directed by Adrien Wagner and produced by La Pac.

Created by Alliance Studios, Team Atomic and TheBoyDilly, The Kid LAROI After Dreams of Adventure, which will also take place on the island, will be available from midnight January 28th (CET) to midnight April 28th (CEST). Check the box to participate ADVENTURE DREAMS AFTER CHILD LAROI On the Discover screen or enter the island code 4294-0410-6136.


Want some LAROI merchandise before you attend his concert? Kid LAROI and Outlaw LAROI outfits (and related items) will be available in the Item Shop starting January 27th at 1:00 AM (CET)!

Kid LAROI dress and back accessory

Fortnite The Kid LAROI Outfit

Make your dreams come true and reach the top with The Kid LAROI dress that includes style Electrified, in addition to the standard style. It comes with clothesBuy my bag back accessorycontains the blue default style and style All alone pink

Outlaw LAROI dress, back bling and pickaxe and leather

Fortnite The Rogue LAROI outfit

Stalk and destroy your enemies on the battlefield with the outlaw LAROI outfit that packs a punch. Electrified, in addition to the standard style. It comes with clothesTragic Blade Back Blingyou can draw to use as drilling. Also find it in the item shop LAROI Free Flooringmatches the dress.

Emotions and lounge music

Fortnite The Kid LAROI Emotes and Lobby Track

Keep the party going after the After Party thanks to these in-store items:

  • Always Float Emote – Leave yourself alone…;
  • King’s Heart Emote – Riding the throne of love;
  • Living Room Music Rest – Feel his feelings in the music.

The Always Float Emote, King’s Heart Emote, and Stay Lounge Music are available individually or through LAROI’s Fun Starter Pack.Dreams of Adventure loading screen :

Fortnite Wild Dreams Loading Screen

Keep your head in the clouds.

Be Brave in Battle: The Kid’s LAROI Cup

On stage, LAROI is fearless. You too can be fearless on the battlefield in The Kid LAROI Cup. Compete in the Zero Build duo challenge on January 24th and try to climb to the top of the regional leaderboard to unlock The Kid LAROI (and Get My Bag back bling) as well as Outlaw LAROI (and Tragic Blade Back Bling/Pickaxe). in advance. Earn at least 8 points to unlock a LAROI banner icon andLAROI smile expression !

EN 23Comp Sunburst Cup Social

Participants can play up to ten games in their region during a roughly three-hour slot. Event schedules for each region appear in the game’s Competition tab. Points are awarded as follows:

Placement in the game

Victory Royale: 25 points
2nd: 22 points
3rd: 20 points
4th: 18 points
5th: 17 points
6th: 16 points
7th: 15 points
8th: 14 points
9th: 13 points
10: 12 points
11th: 11 points
12: 10 points
13th: 9 points
14th: 8 points
15th: 7 points
16: 6 points
17: 5 points
18-19: 4 points
20-21: 3 points
22-23: 2 points
24-25: 1 point

Each elimination

1 point

EN 23Comp Sunburst Cup Awards Social

Among other things, players must have two-factor authentication enabled on their Epic account and have an account level of 15 or higher to participate (you can see your account level in the game’s Career tab). Please refer to The Kid LAROI Cup Official Rules for a complete list of cup entry requirements.

Content creation from The Kid LAROI’s Dreams of Adventure and The Kid LAROI’s Dreams of Adventure After Party

Content creators enrolled in the Creator Support program will be able to post and monetize YouTube on-demand videos of The Kid LAROI’s Dreams of Adventure and The Kid LAROI’s Dreams of Adventure After Party on YouTube. Monetization of on-demand content will be active for seven days, from January 28 at midnight (CET) to February 3 at 11:59 PM (CET). You should not receive a takedown notice during these seven days. Details:

  • Creator Support members must link their YouTube and Creator Support accounts to monetize their content from The Kid LAROI’s Dreams of Adventure or The Kid LAROI’s Dreams of Adventure After.
  • IMPORTANT : Be sure to make your content public or unlisted when posting to YouTube. If you post your video privately, you can claim monetization.
  • Please refer to the guidelines provided by the relevant platform regarding content on other platforms and, in particular, how you can avoid copyright claims.

Not part of the Creator Support program? You’ll still be able to share your favorite moments from the experience (or experiences), but you won’t be able to monetize that content on YouTube.

Note: For creators who wish to stream an experience (or experience) on Twitch, we cannot prevent your VOD from being flagged by third-party copyright detection systems. The best advice we can give you is to mute or disable your videos completely to avoid copyright claims or takedowns. For more information, see Twitch’s article on copyright protection.

The Kid LAROI Dreams of Adventure experience features flashing lights. If you have a history of photosensitivity, consult a doctor before exposing yourself to it. STOP IMMEDIATELY if you feel any discomfort.

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