does the physical version win the trophy?

Should history remember that in 2023 Culturellement Votre criticized a title released in 2017? An unexpected turn in the annals of retrogaming? Online error detected late? Or perhaps simply a publication in a physical version of the containing publication Kobokbasi and its DLC, aptly named A Delicious Last Course ?

Everyone has heard Kobokbasi. The game is an incredible success, selling more than 6 million copies. An excellent animated series on Netflix, Funny Books, The best-selling soundtrack in the jazz category, and of course a whole string of more or less essential sweets. it’s strange it took 5 years to provide collectors with this integral. A fairly sober edition sold for ten euros more than the officially dematerialized version. Inside the box are 6 humorous cards, a Cuphead club membership card, as well as an exclusive illustration for each version (Playstation, XBox or Switch) on the back of the jacket. With a vintage aesthetic, these beautiful bonuses fit perfectly with the retro side of the game and will make you wait for something cheaper while waiting for something expensive. collector’s edition in import.

Let it brew for 13 years, it’s worth it

This 5 year wait is ultimately a reflection of the time it takes for the game to see the light of day. Its development began in 2010 at the initiative of the Canadian Moldenhauer brothers. Tired of 1930s American cartoons sold on VHS compilations in their youth, especially studio fleisher (Betty Boop, hat) and type video games Run and Gun (a subspecies Shoot them), whom Weapon Star Heroetc, Against III Where Contra Hard Corps, two brothers decide to merge these two universes to create their own business. Success at that time braId or Super meaty guy Show that a small team can build and distribute a game by opening up the Steam, XBox and PlayStation stores to independents.

Therefore, the two brothers, as well as one of their friends, work on a Boss Rush Game (ie, a series of “final boss” battles, à la). Alien soldier. In 2013 first presentations of the game make a strong impression. Microsoft gives them financial support: so they decide to stop their activities to work on the game full-time and add platform stages, as well as push them to the game. It would take them another 4 years to create all the visuals for the game and 2 hours and 30 original jazz scores recorded live by an orchestra. The game was finally released exclusively on PC and XBox in late 2017, before making its way to Switch in 2019 and PlayStation in 2020.

In parallel, developers are working on DLC. New playable character, new bosses, new challenges are expected for 2020. Pandemic and technical ambitions will be better than this schedule and A Delicious Last Course it won’t be released until the end of 2022, 5 years after the release of the original opus.

But is it really my cup of tea?

Finally, Kobokbasi is a beautiful story: a game that spread the love of its creators’ childhood creations, a benevolent financial partner despite delays, critical and public success, and the birth of an authentic pop culture figure of recent years. The downside may be: Known for its extreme difficulty, the game would have left quite a few players by the wayside. Journalist Dean Takahashi paid the price during 25 minute demonstration Where he couldn’t finish the first level after struggling a lot in the tutorial, thus creating a toxic debate because only professional players know the secret.

Game difficulty can be caused by several factors : design issues that make the game unreadable, inconvenient, or force the player to restart the entire level on every failure. Kobokbasi does not have these defects. Despite the abundance of details on the screen, the movement is always understandable, maneuvering is simple, based on a minimum of buttons for operation. Finally, the levels are quite short, about 3-4 minutes per trial.

Then there’s the level design. The game here offers different situations where the player has to learn to adapt to each situation and these situations can change several times per level. Kobokbasi it’s a fairly demanding title on the side, requiring great flexibility with varied and changing enemy behavior.

Finally, there is the level of dedication of the player who appeared. Want to learn all the intricacies and pitfalls of a level, spend an hour after a few minutes of racing to finally defeat the enemies? This is a form of masochism that everyone should appreciate.

The hairstyle is good…

While gamers and fans of the genre will no doubt find their groove in this game, casual players should see this title as one big chili candy, a challenge to swallow at the risk of being disgusted by the level of play from time to time. is required. Both classic and modern Kobokbasi anyway, it’s an ideal title for neophytes who want to try this style of play.

If you want to know more about Kobokbasiwe recommend these videos:

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