come on tatadada… JOHN CENA!!

It’s hard to pull off a bigger blow for 2K than announcing the arrival of the inimitable John Cena in WWE 2K23. This is what we know.

WWE 2K23, coming soon to PS5, PS4 Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC, the new sports entry from the flagship video game license is looking to celebrate John Cena’s 20th anniversary as a WWE Superstar. At the same time, he became the World Champion 16 times and became a real Hollywood star for several years. The star also says about this:

I am happy to tell the story of my career in Showcase mode WWE 2K2. 2K has done a fantastic job of engaging and revitalizing the WWE 2K franchise with this concept, and I’m honored to be featured on the cover. WWE 2K23.

Show off John Cena

John Cena is in the spotlight

You will understand that the innovation and strength of the 2023 edition of WWE is the show with John Cena. The goal will obviously be to beat the star. Players will find John Cena’s greatest opponents in this setting. Covering his 20-year WWE career and narrated by John Cena himself, this interactive sports documentary Slingshot seamlessly transitions between gaming and live action using 2K technology.

For the rest we find:

  • Adding the debuting WarGames mode WWE 2K23 offers 3v3 and 4v4 multiplayer in two rings mounted side-by-side and surrounded by a double steel cage.
  • My MG mode, which includes more general managers or just custom creation, as well as additional show options, multiple seasons, more match maps and more match types for up to 4 players.
  • My faction. It is an online multiplayer, team-building mode where players collect, manage and upgrade a set of WWE Supertars and Legends.
  • My rise. It is a game mode with separate scenarios for the men’s and women’s divisions and the option to import established Superstars, players then follow a wrestler’s debut journey to immortality at the height.
  • Universe mode is a full management mode that lets you take over WWE. Feuds, champions, weekly shows, in short, you are at the top of the American business.
  • Custom Superstars, General Managers, Arenas, Logins, Movesets and more. the return of Creative Mode with the ability to create.

4 editions of the same WWE 2K23 game

  • The Standard Edition will retail for $69.99 on previous-gen consoles, $59.99 digitally on PC, and $74.99 on current PS5 and Xbox Series consoles in physical or digital format.
  • The Cross-Gen Edition will be available digitally for $74.99 for PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The Cross-Gen Edition includes the Standard Edition on previous and current generation platforms in one box.
  • The Deluxe Edition will be available for €99.99 on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series and Xbox One in physical and digital format, and on PC only in digital format. The Deluxe Edition includes the Standard Edition, Bad Bunny Bonus Pack, the Season Pass, My ASCENSION Mega-Boost Pack and SuperCharger Pack for the five content packs available after launch; John Cena Ruby MyFACTION Evo Card, Gold MyFACTION Edge Card, Bianca Belair Emerald MyFACTION Card, Gold Asuka MyFACTION Card and 3 Premium Launch MyFACTION Packs. Note that the Deluxe Edition will be available on March 14, 2023, 3 days before the Standard Edition.
  • L‘Edit Icon the more expensive one will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC for €119.99, and it features an original cover created by artist Rob Schamberger. In addition to the standard edition and the Deluxe Edition, all bonus content included in the Icon Edition Introducing the Ruthless Aggression Pack, celebrating John Cena’s 20-year WWE career with nostalgic versions of John Cena as The Prototype, Batista, Leviathan, Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar. You will also enter the WrestleMania arena 22 and the John Cena Legacy Championship.

Note that the game is expected March 17, 2023.

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