8 Underrated Xbox Series X|S Features You Must Try

The Xbox Series X|S is a gaming console packed with features and functions. It’s so full of secrets that even the most seasoned Xbox veteran may not know everything the console has to offer.

The quality of life and accessibility features of the Xbox Series X|S are seemingly endless and enough to blow people’s minds. If you’re looking for your Xbox game, here are the most useful hidden features of the Xbox Series X|S that you must try.

1. Automatic synchronization of your controller with the last used device

You’re probably already familiar with the sync button on the top of your Xbox controller that connects it to the console you’re currently using. But did you know that if you press this button twice, the controller will automatically sync with the last device it was connected to?

This feature may seem trivial, but it’s huge for anyone with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. If you’re wondering what Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is, it’s a service that lets you stream games across multiple consoles and devices. This means you can get halfway through your game on Xbox and continue it on your phone or even PC. It’s incredibly convenient that your controller can instantly remember and connect to the last device you used.

There are many reasons why you should get Xbox Game Pass. But if you need more, being able to seamlessly switch controllers from one device to another might be enough to convince you.

2. Use HDMI 2.1 to unlock next-generation performance on Xbox Series X|S

The Xbox Series X|S offers the best gaming performance and graphics of any console on the market today. It’s already pretty epic. But if the Xbox Series X|S’s next-gen performance isn’t enough for you, you can take it to the next level using the console’s HDMI 2.1 support.

HDMI 2.1 is the most powerful HDMI available for consoles today, allowing your system to achieve faster load times and overall performance. Make sure you can rest assured when buying your next TV.

3. Individually control player volume in voice chat on Xbox Series X|S

Playing with your friends just isn’t the same if you can’t coordinate with them mid-game or just have a conversation. But everyone has a friend who gets a little too lively. Fortunately, the Xbox Series X|S lets you individually control your friends’ voice in voice chat.

If your over-excited friend is a little distracting, turn down the volume. You can even turn up the volume of the guy with the mute mic so you can hear him once. This is a super handy feature that makes voice chat with your friends even more fun.

4. Magnify your screen on Xbox Series X|S

Nothing lasts forever, not even the 20/20 vision you had in your twenties. This seems to be a big problem, especially when trying to make out miniature details on a screen that may be far away from you. But if you have an Xbox Series X|S, that’s no problem.

Magnifier function in Xbox series sx accessibility settings

The Xbox Series X|S has one Magnifying glass in it Accessibility settings. This setting allows you to magnify your screen, distinguish shadows that are difficult to see in Resident Evil Village. This setting is incredibly easy to use and much cheaper than a new pair of glasses.

As unfortunate as it is, life sometimes gets in the way of our precious gaming time. If you find yourself in this situation on the Xbox Series X|S, it’s quite easy to join in the fun and start playing with your friends. as soon as possible. You don’t even need to coordinate with them to do this.

The Xbox Series X|S has one What is happening now located in the section Friends Tab. It shows a list of all your friends and the games they’re playing, so you can jump right into the action. Like all the other amazing features of the Xbox Series X|S, it’s incredibly easy to use.

We all know the feeling of having an exciting gaming moment that we immediately want to share with our friends. And on the Xbox Series X|S, it’s absolutely possible. Every screenshot you take on Xbox Series X|S is automatically available in the Xbox Mobile App.

Man playing Fortnite in the game room

So you can share all your favorite gaming moments on your favorite social media without changing settings or manually sending anything to your phone.

7. Use Copilot to control your Xbox Series X|S

If you’re playing with someone who needs a little more help, you can help them out using Copilot on Xbox Series X|S. Copilot is a feature located in the Accessibility settings that allows you to use two controllers as one.

Xbox Wireless Controller Settings Disable Copilot

This is a truly remarkable setting that can help make games more accessible to a wider audience. The Xbox Co-Pilot feature lets you share your gaming memories with your little ones or players with disabilities who need extra help.

8. Xbox Series X|S has custom setup options

There’s nothing more frustrating than running out of space on your console and having to play Tetris with your games to fit everything. There are expensive storage options available to improve your console space, but the Xbox Series X|S offers another way to improve your console storage.

Photo of a white Xbox controller in front of an illuminated screen.

With the Xbox Series X|S, you can customize which part of the game you want to install on your console. Why download the game’s main campaign if you’re only playing online? It also works the other way around. If you ever play online or multiplayer, you can choose to install only the main campaign on your system.

The presence of a physical disc drive is one of the main differences to consider when choosing between the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Having more games on discs and fewer games installed on your console saves a lot of space. But the ability to partially install your titles is a great way to fill that extra space if you only own a digital Xbox Series S.

Improve your Xbox gaming with these underrated features

The Xbox Series X|S is a truly advanced console, and this list only scratches the surface of all the amazing features the system has to offer. We hope this list has helped you get the most out of your Xbox Series X|S.

Now all you need to do is try out these features the next time you play.

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