Xbox Series X controller keeps disconnecting? How to fix this

Is your Xbox Series X controller randomly disconnecting from your console? Do you find yourself losing control of the game at crucial moments because your pad is no longer working?

If so, you may be one of the Xbox Series X owners who are experiencing a controller disconnection error on their joypad. If so, there are several ways to fix the problem.

Xbox Series X controller malfunctioning?

Shortly after the release of the Xbox Series X and S, several Xbox owners experienced connectivity issues with the Series X controller. Microsoft has since reportedly fixed the bug with a software update. Microsoft has since fixed the bug with a software update. However, you may still experience disconnection issues with your Xbox Series X controller.

According to users on Microsoft’s help forum as well as online, Xbox Series X gamepads can suddenly and randomly lose connection when connected to the console wirelessly.

What can you do to fix problems with Xbox Series X controllers? Try these solutions.

1. Update your Xbox Series X controller

If your Xbox controller keeps disconnecting, you need to update the firmware. To check if your controller has the latest firmware, go to the address below Profile & system > Settings > Peripherals & connections > Accessories. This will allow you to check if the software is up to date.

If not, just select the controller you want to update and… well… update! Once your Xbox has done this update, you will no longer have issues with your controller disconnecting. This is because Microsoft regularly updates its software to fix minor bugs like this.

2. Update your Xbox Series X console

In addition to checking that your controllers have the latest firmware, you should also make sure that your console is running the latest firmware version. This can help you resolve issues with your Xbox Series X or S controller permanently disconnecting.

This should happen automatically, but if your console is set up for manual updates and you haven’t played in a while, you should install the latest Xbox system software as soon as possible. This means you will have all the relevant security patches etc. However, such updates can solve all the problems like controllers drifting.

To update your Series X or Series S console, go to the address below Profile & system > Settings > System > Updates. If a console update is available, it will be listed next to your console on the settings page. Update your console and it might fix the problem.

3. Reset and resync your X-series controller

x series joypad power button

A potential solution for a connection problem is to reset your Xbox Series X controller. You can do this without logging into the console. You can do this without connecting to the console, so if your controller and console have lost contact, this is a way to get the two back in sync.

To turn off your Series X controller, simply press and hold the button on the controller. Xbox button 5-6 seconds in the center. When this operation is successful, you will see that the button is no longer lit.

You can then turn it back on using the same method and see if that fixes the connection problem.

4. Use a wired connection

usb c port xbox x series controller

On the top of the Xbox Series X controller, you’ll notice that there’s a USB-C port that’s usually used for charging. However, you can use it to fix any disconnection issue.

The process couldn’t be easier; just grab the USB-C cable that came with your Xbox and use it to connect the two.

You can plug the USB-C cable into one of the USB ports on the front and back of your console (the front port will be easier to access).

Physically connecting your controllers and console instantly eliminates the wireless connection problem. Once the two devices are talking to each other again, you can remove the wired connection and test if your controller is working wirelessly. If not, you can always stay wired if it’s comfortable enough.

5. Cold restart the Xbox Series Xi

xbox x series power button

If all else fails, you can always apply the computer expert’s golden rule…try turning your computer off and on again. This should only be done as a last resort, especially if you’re mid-game and haven’t saved recently. Try all the other steps described here first, otherwise you risk losing your game progress.

If you just want to restart your Series X, do it through the console itself, since your controller and Xbox are not connected.

However, you need to press and hold the power button (the button with the Xbox logo above the optical drive) on the front of your console to restart the Xbox Series Xi. It’s important that you don’t just touch the button as this will just put the console to sleep and not reset anything.

After turning off the console, press the power button again to turn it on. If you did it right, the console should start up with the logo screen before loading the Xbox Dashboard.

6. Use an Xbox One Controller

Xbox One Controllers

Did you know you can connect an Xbox One controller to the Xbox Series X? Thanks to backwards compatibility, the Xbox One joypad works almost identically to the Series X controller.

By using an Xbox One controller with your Series X console, you can determine if the connection problem is with your Xbox Series X controller or the console itself.

So, if you have an Xbox One gamepad, grab it and plug it into your Series X console. And if it works, don’t hesitate to keep playing because the fault lies with your Series X controller.

If it’s a firmware bug like Microsoft fixed, you can use your old controller while you wait for the update. Note that the Xbox One controller has issues that prevent it from working, so you may have the same disconnection issue.

Play without disconnecting your Xbox Series X controller

We hope you were able to prevent your Xbox Series X controller from disconnecting by following these troubleshooting methods.

However, if you’re still having no luck, there’s a good chance your X-series controller is experiencing hardware issues. In this case, you will need to check if your controller is still under warranty and request a free replacement from Microsoft.

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