The University of Strasbourg is evacuating about sixty students by the police

After a demonstration against the pension reform in Strasbourg on January 19, approximately sixty students were evacuated from the university building where they were holding a general meeting. The university claims the violence and degradation justified the evacuation. Students argue.

On Thursday, January 19, after a demonstration against the pension reform, a hundred students entered the building of the Faculty of Sociology (Le Patio). Students organized a general meeting there to discuss the next steps to be taken against the reform. It was 5:00 PM when they entered the central amphitheater. Less than two hours later, the remaining sixty youths were evacuated by thirty CRS, four confirmed, and several photos and videos were widely commented on social networks.

Corentin, united in Solidaires Étudiant, says:

“We left the procession to join the campus. We were able to sit comfortably in the amphitheater. However, less than an hour later, the students informed us that the CRS was ahead and surrounded the building. No police came to see us. There was no evacuation order. About 45 minutes later they came in, about 30. We were already leaving. »

The evacuation was closed in less than two hours

All four students presented have the same version of the story and all confirm that there was no flood. They share the same sense of amazement about the processes used and report that they have not seen such an evacuation for a general meeting. Chloë, the vice-president of the Alternative Etudiant Strasbourg union, who was there, wonders:

“When we examine the archives, we see that there have already been evacuations. Especially during the student blockade in front of the faculty in 2021. Or another time, students voted to occupy the amphitheater. We were not in that frame there. Everything was fine. »

Nicolas, a union professor at Sud Education, recalled over the phone that such an evacuation was requested by the University’s president, Michel Deneken. For him, the change of the president of the university was accompanied by an increase in the repression of strikes and demonstrations. He has never seen such a rapid evacuation in his career. The teacher also remembers the evacuation at night around 10 o’clock when the students decided to occupy the building.

The university says that its employees are being forced

The University of Strasbourg defends itself against this evacuation in a press release. He explains that the door to enter the amphitheater was broken and the university staff were harassed. It justifies the intervention of the police. He says in his press release:

“University management systematically agrees to use rooms or amphitheaters as soon as requests are received, so that students and staff can hold general meetings there, provided that all conditions are met to ensure the safety of property and people. Damage to property and people, obstruction and occupation of buildings outside the working hours of the university are unacceptable.”

All of the students contacted after the depositions reject this version. As the students entered, one of our journalists, who was outside the building, said that everything seemed to be going well. For its part, the University’s communications department reaffirms its version and is more precise in a second email:

The building was closed to the public. A group of people assaulted two employees of the logistics department, trying to enter when they were leaving the building.

A slightly different version than the first, where the university depicts a broken door. He states that the complaint was filed by two concerned agents.

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