the driver was sentenced to 12 years in prison

The trial of Youcef Tebbal and Mohamed-Amine Yelloule opened on January 17 at Rhone Assizes. Two cousins ​​were on trial in the death of Axel Dorier, a 22-year-old young woman. He was dragged 807 meters by the car driven by Tebbal on the night of July 18-19, 2020.

Conductor defended by Master Metaxas and Master Bencharif, he had to answeramong other things, “violence by the use or threat of a weapon [la voiture, ndlr], results in death with no intent to give,” and hit and run. The passenger, Mohamed-Amine Yelloule, defended by Maître Dumoulin, was accused of “not helping a person in danger”. Axel Dorier’s family was represented by Maître Versini-Bullara.

Twelve years of criminal imprisonment

After the four-day trial ended at 5:30 p.m. this Friday, the jury deliberated and returned the verdict. Youcef Tebbal, who was found guilty of willful violence resulting in fatal blows with a weapon, an ITT of less than eight days, was sentenced by the court. twelve years imprisonment. Passenger Mohamed-Amine Yelloule was fined five years in prison, three of which have been suspended. “You stay in jail tonight,” President Youcef told Tebbala.

Recall that the Attorney General this Friday afternoon requested a sentence of 16 years in prison for Tebbal, including a year in pretrial detention after the fact and a year of hard labor for Yelloule, who appears to be free.

There is no money order for the passenger

“Mr. Yelloule, you can leave the microphone, we are not in karaoke (…) It was closed two years ago, the president says. You’re not in jail tonight. The court does not issue an arrest warrant. “He may benefit from a sentence adjustment.

The two defendants have ten days to file an appeal.

When the sentence was announced, several cries broke out in the room, a woman, a relative of one of the accused a priori. He screams non-stop in the courtroom. The chairman of the meeting also approaches as the chief advocate. “Call the fire department,” we shout across the room.

One of Axel Dorier’s brothers gets very angry and leaves the room, being taken into custody by the lawyer of the civil parties. The tension in the waiting room slowly eases. The police intervenes to remove the relatives of the accused.

Court proceedings in brief

The trial was held from January 17 to 20. That’s what you need to remember.


3 witnesses who participated in the birthday party, including the young man who was first hit by the accused’s Golf, marched towards the bar. Emilie, the driver of the Twingo, also testified. The arguments revolved around the minutes before Axelle was hit by the car. The two defendants spoke in the morning. The former, who no longer had a driver’s license at the time, claimed that he acted out of fear and did not see Axelle trapped under the car.

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Two twin brothersThe person with whom Axel had a close relationship gave bitter statements. “I saw a lot of blood, hair and a piece of my sister’s dress on the floor. I fell there, ”said Evan. “They destroyed our family”, – said his brother Theo. On July 21, 2020, Dr. Fabrizi, who performed the forensic examination of Axelle Dorier, explained that he observed many “exceptional” injuries. He confirms that “(Axel’s) death was not instantaneous” and that he could have survived if the car had stopped earlier. Pierre Marmeth, accident specialisthe delivered, revealing some details of the terrifying journey Axel’s body “buried in the engine” Golf.

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The third day of the trial began precisely by listening to Axel Dorier’s voice. His call to the police was broadcast, and the first wave of emotion broke out in the courtroom. Later, the two defendants spoke and explained that they acted in panic. At the end of the interrogation, Youcef Tebbal stated that he wanted to kill Axelle’s boyfriend, Clement. Finally, Axel’s parents and cousin gave poignant final words, describing a “joyful”, “generous” and “sensitive” young woman.

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Maître Versini-Bullara, lawyer for the civil parties was the first to beg this Friday morning. He used harsh words, emphasizing the “horror and horror of the crime” of which Axel Dorier was the victim. He spoke of the young woman’s dismembered, dismembered body to get jurors to react and insisted on the defendants’ “culture of denial and excuses” for her. During the argument, the lawyers of the two defendants insisted on the “panic” experienced by their clients on the evening of the tragedy. Master Metaxas, the driver’s lawyer, pleaded guilty to manslaughter and insisted on Youcef Tebbal’s young age (21 at the time of the events). “He’s not wild, and neither is Mr. Yelloule,” he said Master Bencharifalso Tebbal’s lawyer.

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Who is Youcef Tebbal?

Youcef Tebbal is the fourth in a family of five siblings. His father is a market trader and his mother is a housewife. His youngest brother is 11 years old.

Youcef Tebbal grew up from the age of three in La Poudrette, Villeurbanne, then Meyzieu. He left school at the age of 16. He had been a delivery driver, which he doubled up with Uber Eats food delivery, plus as a self-employed entrepreneur with multiple periods of unemployment. He stopped working in May 2020 after a scooter accident. He A CAP sales inmate obtained in prison

After a series of fines, he had accumulated a debt of 5,000 euros. “Phone while driving, stopping without seeing it, points drop very fast. We had to go very fast on delivery. I lost my license” for the first time in 2018.

“My arrest, I saw it very badly. I am afraid, I am traumatized by this story. I take medicine every night to try to sleep,” he said on the first day of the trial.

Who is Mohamed Yelloule?

Mohamed Yelloule was 19 years old at the time of the incident. Since 2012, he lives in Meyzieu with his mother. He is the eldest of five siblings. He received a bachelor of science degree in 2019. He is currently a first-year BTS accounting student and works at Amazon in parallel. He has no criminal record.

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