The best 42-43-inch TVs of 2022: LG, Sony and Samsung

While most manufacturers and customers focus on large screens, smaller TVs are no longer neglected by either category. Models around 43 inches have been around for some time now and even offer the latest technology. If you’re willing to pay the price, 4K, 120Hz, HDMI 2.1 and even OLED are on the way.

Those looking for quality televisions for movies, series, games, office automation are at the right place. Better yet, the Apple blog insists they all come with Apple TV+ and AirPlay 2 for wireless streaming. These are 2022 models, 2023 has just started, you have to wait a few months to have the new versions.

Best high-end 42-inch TV: LG OLED C2

Score: 90/100

The best 42-inch TV on the market is none other than the LG OLED42C2. This is a high-end TV that delivers amazing picture quality, especially at night and/or in dark rooms, thanks to its near-infinite contrast ratio. Its OLED panel is clearly no stranger to this, offering perfect black uniformity in dark scenes with no blur or halo effect around bright objects. This display is perfect for a variety of uses, especially if you want to use its small size as a PC monitor or a next-generation console display like the PS5 or Xbox Series X. Gamers will also appreciate 120Hz. Like HDMI 2.1 ports. Its wide viewing angle is ideal for multi-person use, as the edges of the screen remain even if you sit close to the screen.

The screen is very accurate, even without calibration, which allows you to get images that are more realistic than life without spending initial time. HDR content is excellent thanks to the contrast and color gamut that only OLED can provide. It also has a decent HDR brightness peak to bring out some highlights, but it lags behind the 43-inch Samsung QLED QN90B because the latter has equipped its LCD with a miniLED backlight. But there the contrast and colors are less good.

In short, a high-end OLED TV that perfectly holds its own, except for compatibility with Apple’s TV+ and AirPlay. This model received the innovation award at the CES 2022 exhibition in the “video games” category, which allows you to review the work done by Korean engineers. The manufacturer also provides a large number of OLED panels for its competitors.

+: – :
  • Image quality
  • Infinite contrast
  • Almost perfect colorimetry
  • viewing angles
  • Ultra low latency of 1ms
  • 120 Hz
  • Filmmaker mode
  • AppleTV+ and AirPlay
  • Attractive A9 processor
  • Highly effective motion compensation
  • HDMI 2.1 compatibility (VRR, ALLM, eARC, FreeSync and G-Sync)
  • Despite the Dolby Atmos visualization, the sound system is a bit tight
  • Slightly lower brightness peak in a brightly lit room
  • WebOS is not always practical

lg oled evo c2 2022

Best mid-range 43-inch TV: Sony KD-43X85K

Score: 84/100

Below the LG C2 OLED, the Sony KD-43X85K TV comes in second with a very well-equipped 43-inch screen. While the picture quality isn’t as good as the LG’s due to the LCD panel, it has many of the same gaming features as the HDMI 2.1 standard, which is great if you want to get the most out of your PS5 or Xbox Series. X, as it supports 4k gaming at 120Hz. Sony TVs are also known to have good processing characteristics and this one is no exception, as the accuracy before color grading is fantastic and scaled content is very well done.

It works well in both dark and light rooms. It has a high local contrast ratio, so blacks look quite black in a dark room, even with strong bright areas in the scene. Similarly, its reflection management is very good and its peak brightness is impressive. Let’s not forget about the system sound side X-Balanced Speaker integrated under the device, the best of the comparison (without being crazy), as well as Dolby Atmos.

It’s certainly a great all-rounder with a smaller display and responsiveness than the LG OLED, but it measures up to all other competitors on the market. The display runs on Android and is compatible with Apple TV+.

+: – :
  • Rich and nuanced colors
  • Dolby Vision
  • Good brightness for this category
  • 120 Hz
  • High performance reflective
  • AppleTV+ and AirPlay
  • Android TV and many more apps
  • HDMI 2.1 compatibility (VRR, ALLM, eARC, FreeSync and G-Sync)
  • Audio is still a bit light
  • Disappointing SDR presentation
  • Blacks can be tighter
  • Somewhat low finish quality

sony bravia 43x85k 2022

Best low-mid range 43-inch TV: Samsung QN43Q60

Score: 79/100

If you’re on a tighter budget and you’re not looking to take advantage of the Sony 43-X85K’s gaming features, a more attractive lower-midrange alternative like the Samsung QN43Q60 with its QLED technology is a good alternative. Its image quality is similar to that of the Sony model, as it has the same contrast and remarkable black uniformity, but lacks local dimming, which can occasionally show some blooming effects. Anyway, it’s bright enough in all contexts, but a little less than the Sony. It’s also limited to 60 Hz versus 120 Hz for the other two.

Its number one asset is the Tizen interface, which is the easiest to use and has a wide selection of streaming apps, making it easy to find your favorite content. The remote’s microphone gives you access to Google Assistant, Bixby and Alexa, so you can choose which voice assistant you prefer.

Another notable point is that the Q60 is incredibly thin, which may be an aesthetic criterion.

+: – :
  • Image quality in SDR
  • Contrast
  • Finish quality
  • Reactivity
  • Simplified remote control
  • The Tizen interface is at the top
  • Apple TV+ and AirPlay + HomeKit
  • Consumption
  • HDR Calibration
  • Limited viewing angles
  • Slightly lower peak brightness
  • visible flowering

samsung led q60 2022

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