Test: 5 video games to start 2023 off right

Posted January 20, 2023, 6:47 p.m

The editors of Les Echos have selected five games in anticipation of the release of the highly anticipated Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy at the beginning of the year.

One Piece Odyssey

Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Chopper, Robin and Franky are on the boat… Zoro falls into the water What’s left after the storm? A crew scattered on a strange island, lost in the middle of nowhere, and a ship, the Min Sunny, is in a very sad state. This is a new adventure of anime fans’ favorite pirates. Bandai Namco is once again giving Straw Hat Pirate fans the chance to take on the fate of this merry band in turn-based combat. A real game for fans (my trusty eldest son) with a new script and a group of filibusters in great shape. You can even enjoy playing the original version with subtitles.

One Piece Odyssey offers you to explore the island and its secrets through many battles against strange-looking enemies. Each character has special talents that are useful against multiple threats. The cutscenes are beautiful and the animations (for the battles) are even more amazing. The game is still quite slow to build. But with a very intrusive game, you don’t risk wasting time exploring (my son was in no rush to save Nami from a crying King Kong, who knows why). It is designed almost exclusively for the youngest. All in all, One Piece Odyssey offers a wonderful journey into one of manga’s most majestic universes.

most : One Piece universe. At least : a slightly repetitive fight.

Available on PlayStation4, PlayStation5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Tis the season for turn-based tactical video games, for sure. Like the Bandai Namco game, this 2K game offers a refreshing and muscular experience with several star superheroes in the Marvel universe and others that are less prominent with the license. So we will be able to get our hands on Doctor Strange, Iron Man, but also Blade, Hulk, Captain Marvel or even Scarlet Witch, Ghost Rider and the new kid created especially for this occasion, Hunter. It is also a real treat for many fans of this genre.

At the helm of the Midnight Suns? Turn based professional. Firaxis has the XCom series, one of the best alien resistance games, and the best strategy game series in history (this is subjective), Civilization. Hell is not coming, it’s already here. You have been warned. Published by 2K and Marvel Entertainment, the game takes place in the dark side of Marvel. In superheroes, we either win together or die together.

The game is based on a card system, including hero cards. Each hero and enemy take turns to intervene using one of these cards. The tactical and strategic aspect is important, but the developers also play a role-playing game, as it will be possible to upgrade your deck. In turn, you have to select enemies, target them and destroy them. Some are harder to destroy than others. You also need to think a little before you act and know how to use the decorations around you to increase the damage. This leads to fierce and sometimes indecisive battles.

Midnight Suns is also based on beautiful, high-quality graphics, with particularly notable animations during superhero attacks. Finally, the discussions between the heroes also lead to several sessions of wry humor in the style of Marvel movies. It relaxes and feels good. Supers will also be able to build friendships and motivate them to work better as a team. Marvel Midnights has all the cards in its hands to be one of the games of this start of the year.

most : addictive. At least : A little slow.

Available on Windows PC via Steam and Epic Games Store, PlayStation5 and Xbox Series X|S.


It’s a bit like the hidden side of Disney’s magical world… It takes place on Ink Island and two brothers, Cuphead and Mugman (known among thousands for their coffee cup-shaped heads and colorful straws) will go. to the adventure. Their job: convince the debtors to pay back the devil… This will teach them to try their luck in a casino run by an underworld lord. If they fail, they will receive their souls. Brrrrr. We are a long way from the Beauty and the Wild tea service.

Released in 2017, the game has just been released on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch with bonus DLC. The game from the Canadian studio MDHR is delightfully provocative with outdated but effective graphics: one of the strengths of this indie game. With its high base difficulty (despite the addition of an easy mode at certain stages), Cuphead risks taking over the lead from multiple players. But between the platforming stage, boss fights and aerial combat session, it offers a fun and enjoyable experience.

The developers took an ingenuity attack to imagine this game with incredible bosses. We widen our eyes at the spectacle shown on the screen and enjoy the battles and shooting stages. A game like no other at a friendly price (between 20 and 40 euros depending on the seller…)

most : Epic battles against game bosses. At least : error … still lost.

Available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC.

Jurassic World Evolution 2, Dominion Malta

It’s become a habit, publisher Frontier released a new DLC for the dinosaur park management game before the holidays. They actually came up with a new campaign inspired by Jurassic World: The Afterlife. Goal: To create parks in three new areas in the Mediterranean Sea, on the islands, to limit the risk of reproduction of animals. The DLC also comes with new buildings and new dinosaurs, including the particularly aptly named Atrociraptor.

A way to extend the enjoyment that this great management game has to offer, even if the price remains a bit high. But hey, what does it take to find Moros Intrepidus, a miniature version of a Tyrannosaurus. He was still the size of a deer and weighed a good 80 pounds… Well, rex, nice.

most : New scenario. At least : the bill increases

Jurassic World Evolution 2 and its DLCs are available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series.


For once, I chose to highlight a game that is not special, but still in development at the beginning of the year, passionate and very promising. No, I’m not talking about Hogwarts Legacy landing in early February, I’m talking about Tchia. Designed by Montreal studio Awaceb, Tchia is a declaration of love for New Caledonia. Two of the founders of the studio are from there and they come up with a beautiful tropical adventure game.

The game is still being tested on Steam and EpicStore, and I have already been able to appreciate the beauty of this enchanting archipelago that you have to explore and discover in complete freedom. This game has a crazy charm, not only because of the values ​​it carries. In the beginning, we feel like Robinson Crusoe discovering a kind of paradise. But the island is invaded by evil creatures. Tchia is a brave young girl who must save the local fauna, find her kidnapped father and defeat the invaders silenced by an immersive musical atmosphere. We need to start by learning to play the ukulele and summoning animals to help us in this dreamy quest. Flying, jumping, surfing and exotic game.

Successful first steps that invite others. Although there is still some work to be done to stabilize this universe, with a release planned for spring 2023 on PC, PS4 and PS5.

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