Montpellier / University: 11 million euros cut for Paul Valeri, a difficult university

President Anne Fraïsse (centre) in discussion with Elisabeth Borne: The future of the UPV is currently being discussed in the ministries (©dr)

“Dear colleagues, dear students, I wish you a happy and good new year. budget 2023 “. Ironically, the president who’sPaul Valery UniversityAnne Fraïsse had a hard bite this Wednesday, January 18, difficult situation for the great “Fac de Lettres.” budget 2023 there is a deficit €11 million.

It is being discussed with the ministries

“We are not not responsible of this situation”, he claims from a platform set up on stage Vignette Theatre, created within the university: “What will happen? we in the discussion with ministries. I say not in a conversation, but in a discussion: we are a university, we have nothing to talk about.”

“This is a structural deficit: the state is no longer funding the public service”

Anne FraissePresident of UPV

The president explains that this deficit is widening regularly lack of means. The donation by students It does not increase when taking UPV 4800 students addition From 2016: “It’s a structural deficiency : State more financeetc Public service. It only reaches 2022 €4.5 millionwe should already add €3 million including crises energy crisis “. The result: UPV has a total deficit of 11 million euros for the 2023 budget.

The state of sugar is 2.8 million euros

Added to this is the amazing investment by the State of the 2.8 M€ envelope intended for the creation of additional places in the Masters. The initiative was launched by the European Union, which wants to create 30,000 extra places in higher education institutions in 2020 as a “recovery plan” for higher education and research. UPV has done its part by creating more than 500 seats.

A view of the future Atrium and forecourt of Paul Valery University as it will soon be constructed
A view of the future Atrium and forecourt of Paul Valery University as it will soon be constructed (©UPV)

“Dangerous Situation”

Anne Fraïsse talks about the misfortune that applies not only to the UPV, but also to other French universities: “At the beginning of last year, the state approved the funding of these new master’s places, but in December the Ministry announced that the special European funds were finally withdrawn”, that is, almost 3 million euro “hole”. “This puts the university in a precarious position which is very disappointing, but we are discussing with the Ministry… The State will let us know within the year whether it wants to fund a quality public service.”

“The profession of the civil service is not only to recruit the best students to climb the ranks…”

Anne Fraisse

The FO union, union member Sylvain Farge, German studies teacher, confirmed that “the government has not approved significant loans for the Paul Valéry Montpellier 3 university”, reinforcing: “This puts the university in a very delicate situation and for all those who want it, the competition of teacher-researchers and centers of excellence approves the policy that allocates funds to the construction, to the detriment of unsecured universities for all who want… The ball is in the court of the ministry and the government: return this money and restore the structural funding that allows universities to function properly! »

On the Rector’s side, we are delaying this envelope of 2.8 million euros, ensuring that it will only be “temporarily suspended”.

Waist for UM?

In this tense context, Anne Fraïsse used the forum for the 2023 dreams to insist on her vision of the role of the university. “We will not talk about ratings. I can do that and prove that UPV is advanced, but that’s not the point. The task of the civil service is not to hire only the best students to rise to the top… Our mission is to give people the opportunity to get a higher education. The shovel addressed by UPV to its big neighbor University of Montpellier?

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Paul Valeri voted to end the Bachelor and Master option

It should be noted that on January 10, UPV’s Council for University Life Studies (CEVU) voted to cancel any form of selection for admission to the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at the proposal of the student union SCUM. Academic year 2024. With this decision, a first in France, the institution undertakes not to set any admission limit for the academic year 2024-2025.

Atrium, research: projects in 2023

But the UPV also has major projects underway in 2023, including the opening of the Atrium, “the future beating heart of the university,” Anne Fraïsse, a research space within the Faculty of Letters, recalls: “There are many. The impressive number of scientific events and events organized by the UPV it is also proven by the number of publications. The President reminds that UPV works with the main research centers (CNRS, CIRAD, INRAE, IRD, etc.), including a collaborative approach: “Research should be carried out not in a spirit of competition, but rather in a collaborative environment”, – he “We cannot talk about global health without integrating the humanities and social sciences … Paul Valery University will be there,” he said, assuring that the Faculty of Arts will play its full role in the MedVallee project.

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