How do I join the Xbox Insider program and get early access to new Xbox features?

Access to all new Xbox features and updates ensures that your console is always running the latest version available and that you don’t miss out on exciting new features from Microsoft.

Fortunately, Xbox is going one step further and even giving users access to new updates and features sooner than they would normally be available to the public through the Xbox Insider Program.

So what is the Xbox Insider Program and how can you join and get Xbox updates and features before everyone else? We will find out.

What is the Xbox Insider Program?

Before looking into how you can join the Xbox Insider program, you may want to know more about the details of this program.

Specifically, the Xbox Insider Program is a program that allows Xbox users to test and provide feedback on new Xbox features and even system updates.

Similar to the Xbox Game Preview program, the Xbox Insider program allows you to provide feedback and report any bugs or issues you may encounter as an Xbox Insider. This gives you access to features that will eventually be released to the public, such as participating in Discord chats directly from your Xbox.

Due to the nature of Early Access features and updates, Xbox Insider offers several tiers where you can decide what kind of Xbox preview you’ll get. These levels are:

  • Alpha level. This level allows you to receive new updates and features at the very beginning of their development.
  • Beta level. This tier is only open to Xbox Insiders three months or older and receives updates shortly after Alpha.
  • Delta level. This tier receives updates later than beta and closer to the general release of an update or feature.
  • Omega level. This tier is open to everyone and gets previews as close to the official release as possible.

When you first join an Xbox Insider, you’re placed in the Omega Tier, but as you view early access content through Xbox Insider, you can start choosing higher tiers and gain access to more updates and features.

A few things you should know before becoming an Xbox Insider

While the Xbox Insider Program can be tailored to your needs, there are still some aspects of the program you should know before signing up:

  • You can leave Xbox Insider at any time.
  • Due to the early access feature of the preview program, some of the bugs and issues you encounter may interfere with your Xbox system.
  • Some tiers that provide early access to Xbox updates and features require an invitation from Xbox and cannot simply be joined.
  • By participating in activities, you can earn Insider XP, which will give you access to other preview features and updates, although these are only available when viewing updates, updates or specific features.
A screenshot of the current Xbox Insider activities that award experience points.

So, while Xbox Insider allows early testing of new features, there are still a few glitches in signing up that can greatly interfere with your Xbox experience, but even so, you can adjust your Insider level or leave Xbox Insider altogether.

Now that you know what Xbox Insider is and the important aspects of the program in general, you can sign up for Xbox Insider and start trying out updates and features.

If your Xbox doesn’t have the Xbox Insider program, you’ll need to install the program by clicking the Xbox button and selecting the option below for Xbox Insider Program before signing up. Store. Then, when the store is open, press Y and search Xbox Insider Hub.

With Xbox Insider Hub installed on your console, follow these steps to sign up for Xbox Insider and start trying out the first Xbox features:

  • Press the Xbox button to open the guide.
  • choose My games and appsfollowed See all.
  • highlight the tab for programs and select Xbox Insider Hub application.
Xbox Insider Hub screenshot of the list of Xbox Series X apps highlighted.
  • When the program is open, highlight Previews To see all content available in Early Access.
  • Choose to start receiving Xbox updates and features early Xbox Updates Preview.
A screenshot of the Previews section of the Xbox Insider Hub with the Xbox Update Preview highlighted.
  • choose Connectand then select the tier you want to purchase Early Access content for.
  • After selecting your level list, select To be protected.

When your selected Insider level is saved for updates, you’ll receive a warning that it may take several hours for Xbox Insider Program benefits to be applied to your account.

Take advantage of Xbox features in advance and as soon as they are officially released

With Xbox Insider, you can participate in shaping the features you help improve, comment on them, and finally experiment with them before they are released to the public.

With features like the ability to stream directly to Twitch through your Xbox guide menu with help from Xbox Insider, the app can both enhance your enjoyment of Xbox as a platform and act as a useful process as you see preview features transition from early access to transition. general release.

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