Explosive revelation in France: McKinsey consultant named in several complaints promoted to Matignon

One of McKinsey’s consultants, closely watched by the French judiciary, has just been promoted to Prime Minister of France, Elisabeth Borne. The campaign interfered with the Parquet National Financier’s (PNF) full investigation into the relationship between McKinsey and the French State.

Information that risks adding fuel to the fire. And at the center of the scandal is McKinsey.

Indeed, he is promoted to McKinsey’s chief executive at a time when the PNF (National Financial Prosecutor) is investigating the relationship between the American consulting firm and the French State, which has awarded it juicy contracts in recent years. Elisabeth Borne, current Prime Minister of France.

At least this is the statement made by the press on January 19 consultant. “Mathieu Maucort, from 2013 to 2016 at McKinsey, has been promoted to the position of chief of staff of the High Commission for Employment and Business Oversight since 2020, interministerial representative for youth within the Services of Prime Minister Elizabeth Borne,” the source said.

According to the information he obtained consultantthe man is said to be very close to the presidential party LREM, which he joined in 2017. “Former McKinsey project manager Mathieu Maucort (HEC/SciencesPo 2012) joins candidate Macron’s En Marche movement in controversy and response”. consultant.

And the source adds: “Five months later, after President Macron was elected, he was appointed Deputy Chief of Staff of Mounir Mahjubi’s State Secretariat for Digital Affairs for a year and a half. From April 2019 to September 2020, Mathieu Maucort “retired” in the private sector, offering entrepreneur, consultancy and project support. He returns to the government field in autumn 2020 as chief of staff to Thibaut Guilluy, High Commissioner for Employment and Employment.

According to the consultant, the promotion of this former McKinsey executive is all the more scandalous because his name is mentioned in complaints and reports to the PNF. “This ex-McKinsey consultant, who got too close to power as part of the investigation by the National Financial Prosecutor’s Office, is being watched particularly closely. This is especially noted in the context of dozens of complaints and reports received by the PNF, which resulted in two judicial investigations and a search of Renaissance and McKinsey in December,” the source noted.

It should be recalled that after the latest statements in the press about the huge state contracts won by McKinsey, the scandalous French political class demanded the opening of an investigation into the risk of favoritism and conflict of interest. Which finally happened.

The PNF, heavily criticized for its silence on the McKinsey case, which has been in the news for more than a week, has finally decided to open an investigation into “aggravated tax evasion laundering”. At least this is what several reliable sources revealed last April.

So according to France information, the very powerful McKinsey firm was targeted in the investigation. “The investigation opened on March 31 targets the American McKinsey firm.regarding his tax status in France, a source at the court told France Télévisions. He was assigned to the Financial Forensic Investigation Service (SEJF),” France Info notes.

He confirmed the same information in April last year Parisian who told us more. So, according to the information obtained by this French media, we learn that “this investigation itself has been entrusted to the Financial Forensic Investigation Service (SEJF) under the Ministry of Economy”.

This open investigation comes in a context where the role of private firms and their state funding has real resonance in France. Moreover, in a column published in the press on the eve of the presidential elections, a group of magistrates expressed their anger at the silence of the PNF in a case that turned into a real state scandal.

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