Cité universitaire via Montpellier / Domitienne: closing a car park gone wrong

The University City of Domitian Road will be open from January 30, 2023 to August 31, 2024. (©Imagine Architecture)

It all started Thursday, January 12. Residents of the University town of Domitian Way have learned that they will no longer be able to use it car park for students starting with Friday 27 January due to it works. A news they did not welcome. Two of them agreed to testify about how the cancellation of parking will affect their daily lives.

Where to park?

The demolition of the Domitian Way University Hall car park raises a big question: where to park? The residents themselves do not know. Serena, a student at Paul-Valéry University and explains the problems he faces with driving: “I thought about solutions to find out where to park my car, and to be honest, I don’t see any. There are many places in front of the university hall, but they are taken by students of the Faculty of Pharmacy. I don’t know how to park nearby. That versionArnaud, meanwhile, a student at the Private School of Computer Science (EPSI), shares, “There are a few places in a double row in front of the campus, but they are always taken by storm. To be honest, I have a 0% chance of getting a seat.

“There are a couple of spots in a double row in front of campus, but it’s always crowded. Honestly, there’s a 0% chance of getting a spot.”

Arnaudstudent at EPSI

A computer science student also points financial issue : “With the closure of this car park, residents will have to pay more to park legally in Montpellier”. Arnaud is also afraid having your car stolen if he keeps it near the residence, in alleys with little traffic. Finally, he does not hesitate to scratch the bottom of the young man distance from the university town “Even free parking is 20 minutes away from here. “I can’t see myself walking 20 minutes to pick up my car every morning and then driving 30 minutes to class or work.”

“Even the free parking is 20 minutes away. I can’t see myself walking 20 minutes to pick up my car every morning and then driving 30 minutes to class or work.”

Arnaudstudent at EPSI

However, two students and several residents have an idea to stave off the parking lot closure, at least temporarily: to be able to use the one reserved for the staff of the university residence. Arnaud launched a petition last week to be heard.

An underserved location

If students don’t see themselves leaving their cars when there’s no parking, that too geographical location of the university town. That’s enough away from public transport As Serena explains, it doesn’t always fit into their schedules: “There’s only one bus stop near the residence. You have to walk ten to fifteen minutes to get to the tram station, and it’s not always practical when I’m carrying my school stuff or walking home from my parents. The young girl, a student at the University of Paul Valery, does not even get on the bus from Saint-Eloi because she passes by so often. At least every 20 minutes. So he walks.

When he goes, his car has an undeniable benefit for him where he practices Located right in the center of Montpellier: “It’s more practical for me to go to the course by car because it only takes 10 minutes compared to about 40 minutes by public transport.”

“It’s more convenient for me to go to the course by car because it only takes 10 minutes instead of 40 minutes by public transport”

SerenaStudent at Paul Valery University

Arnaud has to deal with it in turn regularly changing class times and that public transport transit times are not necessarily appropriate. His car is also important to him: “I usually have to drive there because my classes change every week.” Closure is more difficult as many students choose the university town of Domitian Way for car parking at the expense of proximity to public transport. It is the only one in Montpellier that offers it With the university town of La Colombière.

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The desire to start a dialogue

But not the students not related to dialogue at all. They want to start it especially thanks to the Facebook publication that they put online in a private group dedicated to the actors of the university city of Domitian road. Serena confirms her wish find common ground “What we want is to open a dialogue to think together about solutions.”

“What we want is to open the dialogue to think together about solutions”

Serena Student at Paul Valery University

Arnaud also took steps to find dialogue and compromise. The young man sent several emails including To the president, vice-president and secretary of CROUS Montpellier. Of course he wrote To the principal and deputy principal of Domitian Way University City. He also addressed important personalities of the department and the region, such as the mayor of Montpellier and the Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole. Michael DelafossePrefect of Herault Hugues MoutouhSenator of Herault Henry Cabanel as well as the president of the Occitania region Carole Delga. His goal is to “talk to people in high places and hope that things will work out.”

A two-year project

The project to remove the student car park on Domitian Way from the university campus is not new. Actually he was matured for almost two years. Only this Thursday, January 12th that the assistant director of the residence Rachid Belhadj emailed residents to alert them of upcoming construction sites. Indeed, the city will enter a great place Working period from Monday, January 30 to Thursday, August 31, 2024 it will stretch over the parking lot. The deputy director also gave advice to the students make your arrangements now to find another solution for parking vehicles. This is not the first time this parking lot has been at the center of debate around campus. Last year, residents received an email reminding them of another park its terms of use to ensure security and limit fraud : has a vignette and access key for the current year.

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