5 ways to ensure smooth gaming on Xbox Series X|S

Long gaming sessions can be a great way to relieve stress or distract you from a busy schedule. Unfortunately, sometimes even short gaming sessions are accompanied by eyestrain, headaches, or just don’t fit your personal preferences.

Fortunately for Xbox users, there are a few quick and easy ways to adjust the Xbox Series X|S to your in-game health and personal preferences to avoid annoying interference with your gaming sessions.

So what are your Xbox Series X|S settings and how do you configure them to ensure healthy gaming? Let’s take a closer look.

1. Set a break reminder for Xbox

One of the easiest ways to stay healthy while gaming on Xbox is to take breaks between long screen-watching sessions. Fortunately, Xbox Series X|S consoles allow you to set a pause reminder for this.

In particular, the Xbox Series X|S Pause Reminder feature automatically sets your Xbox to remind you to take a break after a certain amount of time, which you can set to your preference. This includes times Every 30 minutes, Every hour, Every 1 hour 30 minutesand Every 2 hours.

Follow these steps to set up Xbox Series X|S to remind you to take a break using the Break Reminder feature:

  • Press the Xbox button from any screen to open the guide menu.
  • go to options Profile & system.
  • select the option for Parameters.
  • Highlight in the specified settings Advantages and select Cancel the reminder.
Screenshot of Preferences options on Xbox Series X with pause reminder highlighted.
  • Select the desired time interval from the Interval Reminder drop-down menu.
A screenshot of the Pause Reminder settings on Xbox Series X with the available time slots highlighted.

If your pause reminder interval is set to a specific time, you’ll know when to take a break when playing on Xbox Series X|S.

By using a pause reminder on Xbox, you can hope to avoid eyestrain or headaches that can interfere with your game to ensure your health during gaming.

2. Apply color filters to your screen

Another great way to ensure visual health while gaming on Xbox is to apply Xbox Series X|S-specific color filters. By doing this, you can ensure that every game, menu, or screen you access on the console has the correct screen type that’s most comfortable for you.

By configuring custom color filters for your Xbox Series X|S, you can compensate for the following visual impairments to ensure smooth gameplay:

  • Deuteranopia.
  • Protanopia.
  • Tritanopia.
  • Or you can apply a grayscale filter.
A screenshot of the Color Filters main menu on Xbox Series X.

While applying one of these filters can help you stay healthy while playing Xbox, you can use a color filter on Xbox Series X|S by following these steps:

  • Press the Xbox button to open the guide menu.
  • go to Profile & system and select Parameters.
  • highlight the options Accessibility and select Color filters.
A screenshot of the Accessibility settings page on Xbox Series X with color filters highlighted.
  • choose Type of correction and select the desired filter from the options below deuteranopia, protanopia, tritanopiaWhere Shades of gray.
Screenshot of color filter correction options on Xbox Series X with Protanopia highlighted.

Once the color filter is applied, your visual health while playing games on Xbox will be supported by your Xbox Series X|S display settings and help meet your needs.

3. Set up parental controls on Xbox Series X|S

Along with visual ways to keep your Xbox Series X|S healthy, you can also use Xbox Parental Control settings to keep yourself or your family safe online while gaming.

By using Xbox Parental Controls on Xbox Series X|S, you can help keep yourself and your family safe online:

  • Adjust screen time to ensure that family members do not play for too long, which will help improve the health of visual effects such as eye strain.
  • Implement spending limits to prevent wasteful or unhealthy spending practices related to certain games.
  • Create security options to prevent users from accessing certain parts of Xbox.
A screenshot of the family settings options that enable parental controls on Xbox Series X.

For a full description of each of these features and how to set them up on Xbox Series X|S, you can follow our guide to setting up and using parental controls on Xbox Series X|S.

With enough parental controls on Xbox Series X|S, you can be sure that your family members and profiles can only use Xbox in the way you set with parental controls, improving health on Xbox and health online.

4. Change your Xbox Series X|S content restrictions

Another way to ensure your online well-being and health is to set content restrictions for your entire console beyond the specific restrictions available through Parental Controls.

The Universal Content Restrictions options on Xbox Series X|S can apply specific age restrictions that prevent mature or inappropriate content from being viewed on Xbox. If you select a specific age, your Xbox will filter the games, movies, TV, music, and apps available on Xbox to match the selected age.

A screenshot of the content restriction page on Xbox Series X showing age ratings and restrictions.

If having content restrictions can help your well-being on Xbox, you can do so by following these steps:

  • Open the Xbox guide menu.
  • make sure you are in the menu Profile & system and select Parameters.
  • Emphasize Account and select Content Restrictions.
  • choose Access to content and select the desired age.
A screenshot of the content restriction settings on Xbox Series X, with the list of available age restrictions highlighted.

Once you’ve set your desired age for content, Xbox’s content restriction settings ensure that users can’t see content or media that’s not rated appropriate for your content preferences. So you can be sure that your console is a safe environment for your online well-being and health.

5. Configure your Xbox Series X|S online security settings

In addition to ensuring online well-being and healthy gaming sessions on Xbox, you can also use Xbox online security and privacy settings to ensure a healthy gaming environment.

More specifically, you can make sure your games are safe by using your Xbox Series X|S online security and privacy settings. Online privacy and security To ensure a healthy environment on your Xbox, you can make sure that the following settings are working:

  • Changing you Xbox Privacy parameters to allow Child, teenagersWhere Mature Defaults that limit the type of online activity allowed based on age.
  • Change Application Privacy control what certain apps can do with your data, and help keep personal information and data safe on Xbox.
  • Installation Message Security allow or block messages with potentially offensive content and monitor the messages you receive.
  • Selection Data collection Options to control what information you send to Microsoft based on your activity on Xbox Series X|S.
A screenshot of the privacy and online safety options on Xbox Series X.

By configuring each of these settings, you can tailor your Xbox privacy and security to your specific health and wellness needs. To do this, proceed as follows:

  • Highlight in the Xbox guide menu Profile & system and select Parameters.
  • highlight the options Accountand select Online privacy and security.
Screenshot of account settings on Xbox Series X, with privacy and online security highlighted.
  • Choose any one Xbox Privacy, Application Privacy, Message SecurityWhere Data collection To begin setting your privacy and security preferences on Xbox Series X|S.

With support for each of Xbox’s privacy and security settings, you can use Xbox knowing that any content collected by or from Xbox meets your requirements, providing a healthy experience on Xbox. Xbox Series X|S.

Additionally, you can set preferences for your Xbox Series X|S power options to ensure online security and personal well-being, as well as your power needs and preferences, are taken into account.

Enjoy a healthy gaming experience on Xbox Series X|S

By ensuring that Xbox Series X|S is the best console possible for you and your well-being, you can enjoy your Xbox without unnecessary stress, without affecting your health or intruding on your privacy or content. .

However, to improve your Xbox experience, you should go beyond the health and safety options and requirements and explore other lesser-known tips and features available on your console.

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