10 best accessories for PlayStation 5

This winter season has been kind to PlayStation fans with the release of the critically acclaimed God of War: Ragnarök, but the upcoming holidays may warrant some fans buying additional devices for their PlayStation 5 consoles on the side. Although not necessary, the PS5 has a solid selection of accessories to enhance the overall user experience.

Whether it’s as simple as an extra DualSense controller or expandable storage via SSD, there’s plenty to add to Sony’s latest home console to make it more versatile.

PowerA Twin charging station

For those of you who decide to buy an extra DualSense controller (or two) this holiday season, purchasing the PowerA Twin Charging Station becomes, if nothing else, a highly recommended accessory. The PS5 console itself is quite limited in terms of USB inputs for charging a controller, which can make keeping multiple controllers charged for the same console a bit difficult.

The Twin Charging Station works as advertised and comes at a very low price, allowing two controllers to be charged at the same time. It even has a quick slide-in access when connecting controllers, eliminating the hassle of connecting to USB ports.

DualSense controller

Over the decades, many great video game controllers have been released on PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, and more. However, the PS5’s DualSense controller is arguably the most powerful design yet, and it’s now available in several colors. It packs a solid weight without feeling bulky, with an impressive and ergonomic overall build.

Buttons and triggers are satisfying to easily reach and press, and the textured grips are certainly better than the PlayStation 4’s smooth plastic DualShock 4. That’s not to mention the immersive haptic feedback that replaces the controller’s standard rumble. .

Sony Pulse 3D wireless headset

Gaming headsets are some of the most popular accessories for all gaming platforms. There are even a few budget headsets worth checking out, but for those who take the enthusiast route, the Sony Wireless Headset First-party Pulse 3D is a great option.

Featuring a sleek design, this headset is specially designed for the PS5 and offers excellent 3D sound to further enhance the immersion factor and make gaming even more realistic. Its ergonomics are also well thought out, with comfortable padded cups, noise-canceling technology and the adjustable headband gamers expect.

Corsair MP600 Pro LPX 1TB SSD

One of the PS5’s biggest assets is its super-fast internal SSD storage drive. This kills game launch and loading times, making the gaming experience more seamless and intuitive. However, one of the main criticisms of the console is that the built-in SSD is surprisingly limited, with only 667GB usable out of the advertised 1TB, and games don’t exactly shrink digitally.

However, help is finally on the way with the Corsair MP600 Pro LPX SSD, increasing the storage space of the PS5 by another TB. Among high-performance third-party drives, it is undoubtedly one of the best.

Since the inception of the original PlayStation in the 90s, these consoles have also been known as media players in addition to their primary gaming functions. The PS2 was known for its transition to DVD playback, the PS3/PS4 for Blu-ray, and now the PS5 with 4K Ultra HD discs/streaming. For those who like to take advantage of the media side of the PS5, the official PlayStation Media Remote will be a good accessory.

Using DualSense will also get the job done for navigating video media, but getting used to the gamepad inputs corresponding to playing a movie or launching a streaming service can be a bit of a challenge. Meanwhile, the PS5 media remote is as intuitive as any modern remote, with Netflix, Disney+ and more. has special buttons for

PlayStation 5 console covers

It’s definitely the most aesthetically pleasing accessory available for the PS5, but for many gamers, it’s fun to have fun visually customizing their home console. Initially, the PS5 was launched in a plain white design with black accents for the disc and digital versions.

But as more time passed, Sony finally allowed support for alternate color console skins. PlayStation itself offers official covers, but there are also solid (and cheaper) third-party alternatives, such as the Benazcap-branded versions.

Crucial P5 Plus 1TB Solid State Drive

Storage space is important, but since Sony has released a variety of third-party drives that are fully compatible with the PS5, gamers have plenty of options to consider. Wide, high-speed SSDs can be especially expensive, so understandably, some would rather not choose the most capable drive on the market. The same range also helps in the budget category, with the Crucial P5 Plus 1TB SSD being one of the best of its size at the cheaper end of the spectrum.

Despite the slower speeds compared to its more expensive counterparts, this drive’s read/write speeds are still faster than the PS5’s native SSD. Potential buyers should be aware that this drive does not come with a cooler to keep it cool, which is a requirement. Fortunately, capable coolers can be found for around $20 or less.

PlayStation Plus

Although technically a digital accessory, PlayStation Plus is still one of the best additions to Sony’s gaming experience. Growing up since the days of the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, Sony has updated its flagship subscription service to introduce different paid tiers.

The basic Essential tier is the same as before, but there are now Extra and Premium tiers with added benefits, including access to many PlayStation exclusives and older generation classics from the PS2 era, PS3 and PSP.

Razer Kaira X Wired Headset

As with the countless options available when it comes to storage, there’s more in the headphone department. The Sony Pulse 3D wireless headset makes for a very focused gaming session with the ambience it provides, but that’s fine if some fans don’t want to shell out three figures for a headset.

This is where the Razer Kaira X Wired Headset comes in, as it serves as a quality and budget alternative in terms of audio and comfort, designed with the PS5 in mind. These types of devices should not be underestimated, as they benefit greatly from third-party accessories such as the Nintendo Switch.

PlayStation HD Camera

External hardware and software will be essential for potential or current gamers looking to stream their games, and Sony has a first-party solution for those needs. With the PlayStation HD Camera offering a pair of wide-angle lenses for capturing 1080p footage, it’s especially for those looking to take their streaming to a more professional level.

This will allow players to jump into streaming sessions when they’re in action on Twitch or YouTube. The camera app will also allow players to customize their backgrounds while playing/streaming.

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