LIVE – Manchester City v Tottenham: Skyblues live it all in two minutes!


Townspeople level the playing field, what a game!


Manchester City is already closing the gap! Mahrez makes the difference from the right and passes towards the penalty spot. The Spurs defense struggled and the ball came back to Alavrez who scored with a straight foot!

It comes to life on the bench

Several Manchester City players warm up, including Kevin De Bruyne.

Bad numbers from Skyblues

“Manchester City” has won only one of their last 54 games in the Premier League, when they trailed by two goals at half-time. It was the last one, against Crystal Palace in August (4-2).

An angry Alvarez

The Argentinian striker takes his chance in disbelief. It misses Lloris’ goal.

Ederson intervenes in front of Kulusevski

At the end of the first half, the Brazilian goalkeeper, who faced difficulties, showed his authority to catch the ball away from his own goal.

We go between Manchester City and Tottenham again!

The townspeople begin the second act. There is no change in the report.

Half time!

Despite dominating Manchester City, Tottenham are two goals ahead at halftime thanks to their maximum efficiency! Kulusevski, well assisted by Ederson and Emerson, made the difference in the final minutes. The Skyblues will need to bounce back to avoid a third straight loss.


“Spurs” is already taking a break, what efficiency! Kane hits a powerful shot from a tight angle on the right side of the box. Ederson pushes back over the head of Emerson who scores from close range!


What a mistake by Ederson! The Brazilian keeper misses a short surge to Rodry, who is caught under pressure. The ball goes back to Kulusevski who punishes Manchester City just before the break!

Haaland strikes!

With Rodri’s pass from the right, Haaland headed in front of Lloris. It goes over the crossbar.

A duel between Haaland and Lloris!

The Norwegian centre-forward tripped Lloris, who had made the stoppage, with his foot, and he punched.

Lloris signs a great parade!

At the front of the area, Lewis fires at the suggestion of all his spectators. He is met by the French goalkeeper from the left side and parried.

A new corner for visitors

Ederson grabs the ball and can restart his team by ending the opposition’s strong moment.

His son’s head!

The first big chance in this shock! Davies crosses to Son who heads from the left. His effort is deflected by Ake and caught by Ederson in front of his line.

Corner for Tottenham

From the right, Bentancourt shoots from the penalty spot. It is pushed back in two phases by the opposing defense.

A note on statistics

Manchester City have 60% possession and have 4 shots, 1 on target. Unintended try for Spurs.

Hojbjerg gave the sanction

Hojbjerg, the author of a very bad mistake about Lewis, warned in turn.

Romero rejects Grealish

Grealish takes advantage of the space in front of him from the left, but is stopped by Romero’s authoritarian tackle, who breaks the connection.

Bentancourt is guilty again

For the second time in a few minutes, Bentancourt fouls Lewis. Etihad Stadium requires a card.

A new corner for Skyblue

“Manchester City” raises the tone. Mahrez finds Lloris’ fists from the right. Guardiola’s men remain at a very high level.

Kane forward

From the left, Perisic sends a cross to Kane at the far post. Ake takes a corner kick at the last moment on a whim. At the back, Emerson misses the frame on his long shot.

Grealish redeems himself

His part against chasing the corner for Cityzens. Grealish pulls off a spectacular comeback to relieve his entire stadium.

Irritation sets in

Late on, Akanji is cautioned by the Argentinian defender. The whistles increased for a few moments.

Mahrez warned

The Algerian forward receives a yellow card for a foul on Kulusevski, who was spinning on the counter-attack.

Alavarez replied

Alvarez, served by Gundogan in the background, takes his chance in the middle of the box. His shot is blocked by the defense. Spurs counter.

The sun brings danger

His volleying cross from the left curls into the right of Lloris’ top corner as Haaland runs away.

Haaland crashes into the box

Haaland, who threw the ball deep, claims a penalty after a slight contact with Romero. The referee signals play.

Kane appears

Without looking at the goal, Kane takes his chance in the box. He only finds the small side netting as the flag goes up for offside.

Great return from Ake

The Dutch defender skids across the touchline past Emerson, who is shot deep by Kulusevski.

Hojbjerg on land

The Danish midfielder was left on the ground after Rodri’s heel. He gets up quickly and can revive his team.

Mahrez finds the wall

Mahrez takes a direct chance on a long free kick. The ball is pushed back by the wall and quickly recovers.

Spurs are taking a risk when they start again

Alvarez fouls the ball back. Visitors are finding it increasingly difficult to leave their campsites.

First turn for the townspeople

Shot from the right by Mahrez. He finds Haaland alone at the back post and is blocked by Emerson. New attempt to come.

Manchester City are in control

The locals put their foot on the ball and have been chasing their opponents for several minutes. Without being dangerous for the moment.

Davies blocks Alvarez

The Spurs defender taunts the Argentine world champion in midfield and finishes the Cityzens’ cross.

Haaland is too short

First attack for Skyblue. Lewis crosses to Haaland at the far post, Emerson gets a little touch on his momentum. The ball makes contact.

Makes two teams

We started the match in Manchester very quietly. The two formations observe each other and quietly fall into place.

Let’s go between Manchester City and Tottenham!

Mr. Hooper started this clash, good game everyone!

Entrance of both teams

Twenty-two actors perform on the Etihad Stadium lawn. The game is about to start.

Haaland-Alvarez, a rare association

The two strikers have met just once in the Premier League this season, against Nottingham Forest (6-0) at the end of August. Haaland offered himself a hat-trick and Alvarez a double.

Both teams are warming up

Start in 20 minutes!

A game within a game

This clash also features two of the league’s top scorers: Erling Haaland (21 goals) and Harry Kane (15 goals). The Norwegian has averaged 1.24 goals per game since making his Premier League debut this season.

Spurs can break the record

If they win tonight, Tottenham will become the first team to beat Pep Guardiola three times in a row in the league. Indeed, the last two Premier League duels were won by Spurs: 1-0 in August 2021 and 3-2 in February 2022.

Composition of Spurs, owner Kulusevski

Lloris – Romero, Dier, Davies – Emerson, Hojbjerg, Bentancur, Perisic – Kulusevski, Son – Kane.

The composition of Cityzens is linked to Alvarez Haaland

Ederson – Lewis, Stones, Akanji, Ake – Rodrigo, Gundogan, Grealish – Mahrez, Haaland, Alvarez.

It should be noted that De Bruyne and Bernardo Silva will play only as substitutes tonight.

“Tottenham” passed away

Spurs learned on Thursday that 25-year-old centre-back Anton Walkes, who had been training at the club, was missing. He has been playing in MLS since 2020 and had a first team game in 2016. Tottenham will wear black armbands in his memory tonight.

The two teams are expected to regroup

Last Saturday, “Manchester City” (2nd) lost to the “Red Devils” (1:2), “Tottenham” (5th) lost to their home fans in the derby, and the next day they lost to “Arsenal” (0:2). has been defeated. The Skyblues can take advantage of Manchester United’s poor performance (3rd) yesterday against Crystal Palace (1-1) to regain their 3-point lead and temporarily move back to 5 lengths behind the Gunners (1st). A win would allow Spurs to move 2 points clear of Newcastle (4th).

Good night everyone

Welcome to our live broadcast to watch the match “Manchester City” – “Tottenham” in the 7th round of the Premier League. Originally planned for last September, the shock event was postponed after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Kick-off will be at 21:00 at the Etihad Stadium.

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