In Dijon, a popular job among dangerous students

On Thursday, January 19, the University of Burgundy organized an introductory event at the Dijon (Côte d’Or) Multiplex. In cooperation with a recruitment agency, the university wants to connect companies and students. An event marked with increasing alarm throughout France.

Rania is 25 years old. An A4-sized plastic pocket full of resumes under his arm. “I have already submitted five or six applications since morning.. This student, who is in the first year of his master’s degree in art history, is a citizen of Algeria. Arriving in France at the end of August 2022, he wanders the corridors of the Dijon Multiplex (Côte d’Or) in search of work.

I really need a job because I don’t have a pension or income” the young woman explains. When she moved to Dijon shortly before the start of the academic year, Rania found a 9 m2 room located on the campus of the University of Burgundy. “I pay 265 euros per month in rent and I also have to finance my studies. I am looking for any sector”, he specifies.

Same story for business student Noah. After a flurry of seasonal jobs in the hotel industry, sales or even management, he is actively seeking a work-study contract. “I want to save money, pay for my own work, and treat myself once in a while. I look everywhere and accept everything that is offered to me.”

Rania and Noah are among 250 people registered to take part in a business introduction organized by the University of Burgundy on Thursday 19 January. A fairly stable figure already recorded during previous operations organized on campus points to the university.

For the first time, an agency specializing in human resources is associated with the initiative. “Today we have hundreds of positions in all sectors and regions.”, declares Virginie Chaillard, director of My Experience RH. Including internships in Dijon, Bourg-en-Bresse or Besançon, short contracts, seasonal jobs as carer, accountant, psychologist.

We will never ask students in financial distress to stop going to college to work

Vanessa Vaizant is responsible for the solidarity and disability mission at the University of Burgundy

The companies participating in this fair have been selected by the University of Burgundy in order to strengthen the professional integration of future graduates. “We really try to target the jobs we offer to students at the end of their course. Those still studying can find year-round contracts and benefit from flexible hours or even graduate at course level.”says Amélie Guittet, responsible for relations with companies at the University of Burgundy.

The show also allows the University of Burgundy to raise awareness of the systems in place to help students in dangerous situations. Vanessa Vaizant, responsible for the solidarity and disability mission, assures that “The best way to become autonomous and independent is to find a job“. But beware: “We will never ask students who are struggling financially to stop going to college. Or go into debt to continue your education“, the manager defends.

In early December, the Solidarity Commission of the University of Burgundy (CSE) inaugurated a mutual aid center for students in danger. This year, 192 people registered at the university are followed up after the service. 40 of them have already found a student job, says Vanessa Vaizant. “We are not helping. We want to support them as much as possible. We want to make sure all employers play the game and there is no exploitation“.

Business acquaintance is not enough

Lisandre Baron, member of the UNEF-Bourgogne union

“We will fight against students’ insecurity not with work acquaintances”Lissandre Baron, a member of the UNEF-Burgogne union, assures. “We are facing an increasingly serious student threat all over France. Insecure students forced to work after APL (individualized housing allowance) scrapped and university bursaries frozen despite inflation”criticizes the activist. “We are waiting for more concrete measures to get students out of danger. A business acquaintance is not enough” Lyssandre Baron completes.

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