Get up, hunting has never been so much fun!

A year after the game’s release on PC, Monster Hunter: Rise finally coming to Xbox and Playstation. A version that contradicts what the players experienced Monster Hunter World. Increased mobility thanks to denser maps, philopters and Chumskys, Monster Hunter: Rise focuses on the essence of the franchise: polished gameplay and multiplayer fun. An effective formula that can not fail to have a good time with your friends.

Back to basics

Monster Hunter: Rise contrasts quite radically with his elder. The game revolves around hunting monsters and completing various tasks for the villagers of Kamura while using the environment to your advantage. But what does Monster Hunter: Rise Very Good? Several factors contribute to its success; the first is its graphics.

This opus takes a direction away from realism Monster Hunter World and adopts a more “cartoony” approach. Visuals Monster Hunter: Rise it is simply magnificent; From the highly detailed character models to the lush environments full of life and color, this game is a visual delight. Less smooth and crisp than its predecessor, but more lively. The set is enhanced with the addition of HDR and supports up to 120 FPS. The game suffered the same fate. Our hero, who finished the weight of the character, received a weight loss treatment, which made him respond better. Another addition also helps this part: philoptera. These are small fireflies that you can stick on to move vertically or horizontally. Two at each start of a mission, you can get a third each map turn. Therefore, the added action and the whole panel of open actions.

In parallel, you also have an advanced version that can be placed in certain places as a vehicle to cover large distances. A true evolution focusing on the essence of the game: wolf hunting !

Formula with small onions

Let’s talk hunting. Xbox players will be able to find some of the iconic monsters of the license, such as Rathalos or the Big Baggie. Then we find new ones like Bishaten, the fruit-throwing ultra-agile dragon monkey, or Magnamalo, the giant horned hunter seen on the cover of the game. 45 different monsters are offered. Add in expert versions that unlock later and you have dozens of hours to spare. In addition, other game modes appear.

In addition to story missions and multiplayer Grand-Camp, Calamity missions also appear. This is a “tower defense” mode where you have to strengthen your defenses and face waves of enemies. If the idea looks good, the implementation is not developed enough. Indeed, a mode that creates more frustration in solo and a sense of powerlessness against opponents should be recommended to many.

With a training ground that has regained its former glory, versatility is also required. As a remote player – the crossbow team – I’ve had fun trying out other weapons and trying out the new capabilities that philopters have to offer. Everything is pleasant to control and easier than the previous opus. Now there are two acquaintances as traveling companions: the Palikos and the Chumskys. The former already existed in the past. As for the second, these are dogs that you can ride to gain mobility. You can use two solos, giving the impression that you’ve never been powerless against monsters. whom The worldyou can send them on resource missions and train them to increase their earnings and survivability.


Keyword game

Whether Monster Hunter: World succeeded in raising the license to the next stage Monster Hunter: Rise completes the formula admirably. The hit the box One of the defects of the previous opus has been revised. More specifically, the frustration caused by enemy effects while running is almost non-existent. Additionally, the center in Kamura Village is easy to navigate with multiple teleport points. Another point that is completed faster is tasks. You will have three to four times more missions to complete in the same amount of time. A significant gain that provides a sense of progress throughout the adventure.

To accompany all this rich experience, the soundtrack of the title immerses us in this fantastic universe. The catchy themes, the melancholy of a world without monsters, and the hype during the confrontations, everything works beautifully. We are transported directly and captured at any moment. The first half of the main plot can be quickly finished in five to seven hours if nothing else is done. Like any work of the license, you have the second part of the story, which requires investment with more effort and increased difficulty.

wolf hunter-hinoa

The result

It is difficult to find weak points Monster Hunter: Rise. Better graphics may be required. However, the game could not have been better. Because this is where this book shines. A return to basics that forgets the frills and simply delivers a quality gaming experience that will delight fans and neophytes alike. This could also be an opportunity for Capcom to see what formula will attract players the most for the next episodes. I, in turn, refill my ammo and return to battle!

TV details 4K The game is provided by the publisher Yes
Console Xbox Series X Time spent playing 31 hours
Difficulty level Easy Game over Nope

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