Ambitions: The University of Montpellier wants to maintain its glory in 2023

Philippe Augé, president of the University of Montpellier, presented several key guidelines for 2023. (© Metropolitan / LP)

After the cancellation of two editions in 2021 and 2022 due to the health crisis, the traditional swearing-in ceremony of the University of Montpellier is back. this Tuesday, January 17th with A few key guidelines for 2023. All this with a clear purpose: to allow structure maintain reputation already taken. Here are the key points to watch for this new year.


The main goal in terms of training to continue the implementation of the status of an experimental public institution as well as international advisory board in parallel. This allows us to analyze the transformation process of the University of Montpellier and to form opinions at the international level. The organization also wants to start operations new calls for projects on the one hand, to support the success of newcomers, on the other hand, to familiarize students with the issue of ecological transition. When it comes to environmental education, professional license focused on the forestry sector To be opened at Béziers IUT. It is also dedicated to someone else robotics and artificial intelligence. Masters nine new courses will be created and exclusively available through research.

In terms of training, the result is still expected in a few days: the result of the next call for projects to increase the resources allocated to continuous training and to receive assistance to build European partnerships.


To improve the daily life of students exercise rooms It will be established in the libraries of Sciences and Richter universities. This time within the framework of the state-regional plan agreement digital exam rooms will be placed in the campuses. Finally, almost €290,000 will be devoted only to the development of mixed education. Other amounts are reserved for other objects to see the light of day:

  • 4 million euros For renovation and reconstruction of Building A of UFR STAPS
  • 23 million euros For the establishment of a science village on the Triolet campus

Once again thanks to the state-regional plan agreement new operations It will begin operations as the renovation of the Botanical Garden Administration as well as several research buildings and IUTs. Historical medical building will continue a number of works aimed at providing


Two major international schemes planned by the University of Montpellier will mark the year 2023. Firstly, a number of initiatives aimed at changing a number of international exchanges for example, three projects focusing on vector-borne diseases, food systems, and social and environmental issues will see the light of day. Later, he wishes to expand the CHARM-EU university alliance, of which he is a member. Purpose: results in CHARM-EIGHT creating joint degrees across eight universities and increasing student mobility.

“To implement all these projects, it takes the collective mobilization of the communities, be it staff, faculty, teacher-researchers and students. We must work together to move this institution forward.”

Philippe AugePresident of the University of Montpellier


From a research point of view, five poles dedicated only to it will be placed to partially initiate a reflection. During the period following the end of the Labs of Excellence (Labex). In fact, long research programs are being explored for 2024. 2023 is still an important year for this field. Extensive work on datacenter will allow you to consider questions about computing resources, storage, and data.

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President of the University of Montpellier, regardless of areas of emphasis for 2023 Philippe Auge I would like to remind you the necessary mobilization of each : “In order to implement all these projects, the general mobilization of the communities, whether they are workers, teachers, teacher-researchers and students, is necessary. We must work together to move this institution forward.”

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