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An exotic trip?

Wavetale is an indie title that is simple in its graphics, story and of course game dynamics, designed to immerse us in an underwater world full of absolutely non-threatening creatures. In this platform and (very small) open world, you will have the chance to travel to the open sea and explore the archipelago of Arenania, as Sigrid, together with her beloved grandmother. During your adventure, you’ll get to know and help your hapless “neighbors,” from the simple fisherman to the odd pirate, as you encounter calm waters and stormy seas. The young heroine is a simple girl whose mother has disappeared, and together with her young grandmother, she manages her home and her surroundings. After an unexpected turn of events, Sigrid finds herself allied with a humanoid shadow that allows her to move swiftly across the water from one side of the archipelago to the other. You will have to ride waves, jump and climb old abandoned buildings to defeat the “monsters” called “sparks” that fill the area and prevent the inhabitants from living in peace. However, during our review, we’ll also explain why Wavetale is an interesting title that’s fun to play, but very underwhelming when played as a whole.

As we made clear from our introduction, this is by no means an ambitious game or a game that tries to innovate, but rather a project that understands its limits and certainly tried to do the best it could with what was available to the team. There’s nothing particularly ground-breaking or fun about the storytelling, but what piqued our interest the most – even before we’d had a chance to try it out – was the gameplay, which was definitely somehow reminiscent of the ‘old style’. Rayman, but unfortunately not in the best way. The main idea is to quickly embody Sigrid on the high seas, from small solo trips to new acquaintances among the locals around you. But contrary to what we expected, it was the difficulty level that disappointed us the most, and since the first hour and a half of the game. All the dynamism and interest in exploring the map (modest, but not unreasonable for an indie of this caliber) after suddenly realizing that in Wavetale there is no rhythm, no real combat and really nothing special to learn to progress in the game. .

Limited experience.

The lack of special features is therefore not compensated in any way, and Wavetale’s journey in the long run becomes a series of repetitive and boring small tasks. Surf, climb, catch monsters and sometimes talk to someone on the island or decide to change Sigrid’s avatar with different hats and clothes. In short, nothing memorable. The graphics and technical department also confused us, because although we understand that we are talking about a small title, it showed us enough problems in the PlayStation 5 version. Minor bugs and above all framerate drops have been stopped and prevented. our experience with rather boring continuity. Often, as we bounced around and were able to see more of the magical Archipelago map, we noticed more lag and framerate instability, no doubt due to the difficulty of processing certain amounts of data at once. The Wavetale experience is short, without major complications, but unfortunately, it’s pretty bland overall. A delicate and quite soft work, without humiliation and praise. Too bad, because the overall idea of ​​​​the underwater world and the soundtrack really impressed us, and it must be said that it contributed to a large part of the rating we gave you.


Wavetale is a platform game that lets you travel the high seas and explore the archipelago of Arenania as Sigrid and with her lovely grandmother who takes care of her. During your adventure, you’ll meet and help your hapless “neighbors,” from a simple fisherman to a quirky pirate, as you encounter calm waters and stormy seas. Unfortunately, it’s an unassuming adventure that leaves a bitter taste in our mouths. The story is not very convincing and the gameplay lacks the dynamism expected from the first look at the title.

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