Parcoursup. Three tips from Norman students for high school orientation

Starting Wednesday, January 18, 2023, high school students can express their wishes on the Parcoursup platform. Le Havre students are taking some leadership, although this post-baccalaureate orientation system has been heavily criticized in recent years.

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Is the Parcoursup platform, which replaces the post-baccalaureate admission procedure (APB) after 2018, really a hassle? For high school students, students, or students who want to change direction, those who want to enter public institutions of higher education often cause stress and anxiety, doubts and questions. Students from the University of Le Havre provide advice, and wishes must be confirmed between March 9 and April 6. Before the answer on June 1st.

1 – Avoid pressure.

A smile breaks out as he approaches Parcoursup with some Norman students. Thoughts on type
What a nightmare!
are activated. Two days before registering for Parcoursup on Wednesday 18 January 2023, 19-year-old Pauline and Louane, studying L2 chemistry at the University of Le Havre, confirm this from the university library: “
Even if teachers talk to you about it since the beginning of the school year, don’t worry. We often hear that we are gambling with our future and that there is no question of making a mistake.

Brice and Alexandre, in their 1st year of history at the University of Le Havre:
Brice and Alexandre in the 1st year of history at the University of Le Havre: “It’s a good thing to take your time” – Patricia Lionnet / Paris-Normandie

Same reasoning with 18-year-old Brice and 21-year-old Alexander in their first year of history at the University of Le Havre. ”
This is a defining moment in a teenager’s life, make no mistake. You should know that this is full autonomy after high school. We recommend not to miss the many informative forums and orientation fairs.

“Choose your careers wisely”

2 – Aim your dreams well.

This vow story inevitably makes him smile. Brice admits that he is
requiring a single enrolment: first year of history at the University of Le Havre. ”
I think my volunteer work, my bachelor’s degree allowed me to get what I wanted. You should choose your courses wisely. Although there are not many options for the university, it is better to choose according to your major
“, notes a former high school student of history-geography and political science at Guy-de-Maupassant de Fécamp, who aims to become a teacher-researcher. His advice is simple: work well in your project depending on the chosen studies (relevant letter, resume, notes, etc.). ”
For Science Po, the whole file should be fine. Continued work for preparatory classes will be closely monitored.
» It is possible to submit up to 10 requests (and 10 more in apprenticeship).

“Notes are important”

Pauline and Louane are convinced that grades are important. Both had chosen medicine with 1st wish before chemistry course. ”
I have it
was quickly abandoned. My plan B of cosmetic chemistry also suited me. I had asked for Havre and Orleans. Contrary to what teachers say, grades are important. Therefore, it is not necessary to rest in the 2nd trimester. If the scores are average, below 12, many doors are closed
», knows Pauline, SVT bachelor (life and earth sciences) in pocket from Seine-et-Marne.

3- Take your time.

Parcoursup may seem much longer than the data starts in December. Granted, it’s good to take your time because you may want to change along the way. And you don’t have to worry about not getting anything the first time.
“, advises Louane, also obtained Bac SVT Saint-Malo, today chemical-cosmetics, his 2nd choice.

Brice also has his ”
“: ”
I took a few days to just think about my future and how I would get there.
Then 4 witnesses say that the platform “
easy access.

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