Who wants to be my partner? : Candidates investors in distress support him

This is not always easy to do find an investor for our project. On the other hand, to enter the professional world, sometimes it takes a little push to take the first step. Aware of this situation, the M6 ​​television channel has prepared a program. The program “Who wants to be my partner?” is called “. This is such a program facilitates the access of entrepreneurs to investments who want to expand their company. For this, the proposed project had to appeal to the investor. This was not the case for entrepreneur rocked by the juryetc.

“Who wants to be my partner?” how is the show? »?

The purpose of the program is “Who wants to be my partner?” » is to connect entrepreneurs with investors. Naturally, entrepreneurs are looking for investment to expand their companies. On the other hand, investors, as the name suggests, then tries to invest to reach the beneficiaries.

Entrepreneurs on the show candidates and investors are the jury. Thus, candidates present their companies and request a specific financial contribution against their company’s percentage. Negotiations done one-on-one and in front of an audience. Finally, if the investors are convinced, there is an association agreement, followed by investment.

On the contrary, if the presented project does not satisfy the jury, no contract. The entrepreneur leaves without earning the investment. Nominee in the second episode of season 3 of the show on January 11, 2023 was fouled by the jury. It’s not the first time a project has failed the jury, though it moved the audience.

Who wants to be my partner? Entrepreneur Jean Gabriel hit the wall with his face.

With Marc Simoncini, Delphine André, Eric Larchevêque, Anthony Bourbon, Jean-Pierre Nadir and Isabèle Chevalier, “Who wants to be my partner? restored the service. The candidate who hit the wall stigmatized the audience. This is a somewhat unusual and sad situation It increased the audience of M6. What’s going on ?

Jean Gabriel is a man in his forties. It is his project the concept of immersive virtual tours with drones. Having already explained this project in detail, it has shown that turnover has decreased dramatically. Besides, none of the five judges agreed with his draft.

Jean Gabriel’s “very complex” project

Investors Jean destroyed Gabriel’s business concept. The latter’s project was so complicated that none of the jury wanted to put a single euro on it. According to the Télé Star news website broadcast on January 15, 2023, Here are the words of one of the investors.

“Don’t you feel like you’re in a big mess?” All this seems very complicated to me, “said Anthony Bourbon, the founder of Feed, for example.

Delphine André and Marc Simoncini confirmed “Who wants to be my partner?” I don’t understand anything for an entrepreneur. In the words of Meetic’s former boss:

“For the first time, I am at a loss for words because I don’t even have any advice for you. Except to say, don’t do it again.”

No need to explain it to you, Jean-Gabriel did not receive the investment he requested to expand his business. The words of the investors sound very harsh and caused a lot of noise in social networks.

“Who wants to be my partner? “, the judges despised on social networks

After this situation, several Internet users express their opinions on the networks. Most are against investors. Jury for some They were very strict with Jean Gabriel. Here are some tweets that prove it.

“They seriously disrespect the guy from the drone who wants to be my partner” or even “But are the investors who want to be my partner that disrespectful??? »

The program “Who wants to be my partner?” » is back and already making a lot of noise. In order not to miss the news in the next series, contact our information site.

Source: Telestar

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