Which cloud gaming service should you choose?

cloud game is an option that frees players from memory limitations. Indeed, this service allows you to manage games from remote servers. Its performance is also often compared to the concept of video on demand.

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Therefore, there are different providers for this service, which attracts more and more players. We can especially mention Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Plus and Steam who are the most prominent. With these different offerings, the choice isn’t always clear. Here are some tips to apply to make better decisions.

Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass It is a service launched by Microsoft in September 2020. In particular, it offers a number of titles for a monthly subscription.

Compatible terminals

Xbox Game Pass is for console users only Xbox One and Xbox Series. Additionally, PC users can access it through the Xbox app. However, the computer must be running Windows 10 or Windows 11. In addition, Xbox Game Pass can also be used by Android smartphone users.

As for iOS and Mac users, they can access the service through a browser. Also, Xbox Cloud can be accessed on multiple TVs. These include some Samsung models that directly integrate the Xbox app. This compatibility also applies to computer monitors from the Korean manufacturer’s Smart Monitor series (M5, M7, M8).

In addition to compatible devices, an internet connection (wired or via Wi-Fi 6) with a minimum speed of 10 Mb/s is required.

Xbox Game Pass Catalog

This service allows you to play exclusive Microsoft titles in addition to games from certain third-party developers. In particular, we can mention the Electronic Arts studio, whose flagship games are included in Xbox Game Pass. In addition, independent studios are represented in the directory.

Note that Xbox Game Pass gives you exclusive access to Microsoft games. In practice, subscribers can play proprietary licenses before potential publication on other platforms.

Xbox Game Pass therefore promises much more 100 names and its library is updated regularly. Indeed, certain titles are often removed before new games are added.

Subscription offers

You must subscribe to access Microsoft’s cloud gaming Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offer what value €12.99 per month. This offer obviously gives access to xCloud, but also has other benefits. Subscribers can actually get two (2) free games every month and enjoy certain discounts.

Additionally, a 14-day trial period is available for new accounts. During this time, it is especially possible to play certain popular games for free, including Fortnite.

Playstation Plus

Originally launched in 2010, the PlayStation Plus service was redesigned in June 2022. It is now available in 3 formulas including PlayStation Plus Premium.. It is this service that allows you to take advantage of the opportunities Sony cloud game.

Compatible terminals

The PlayStation Plus Premium offer is compatible with PS4 and PS5 consoles. In addition, Windows computers can access the directory of this cloud gaming service. However, the computer must have the minimum configuration. It is especially recommended to use a computer with at least an Intel i3 / 3.5 GHz processor or an AMD A10 / 3.8 GHz chip.

In addition, Sony’s cloud games also require 300 MB of space and 2 GB of RAM. At the connection level, you’ll need at least 40 Mbps to run games at 720p resolution.

PlayStation Plus Catalog

Sony offers more 700 games for cloud gaming service. However, only 400 games are reserved for PS4 and PS5.

A special feature of this service is also support for old emblematic titles. Therefore, players can play the latest titles or choose games that came after the release of PSOne.

Note that older licenses are compatible with PS4 and PS5 consoles. This new offer is also a key advantage in Sony’s policy. Indeed, the company thus attracts retrogaming enthusiasts who can play various cult titles.

Playstation Plus offers

The price of the PlayStation Plus Premium service €16.99 per month, €49.99 per quarter and €119.99 per year. This new formula is the same as the PS Now offer, with all subscribers automatically migrated to cloud gaming for free.

For this price, players are also entitled to monthly games, online multiplayer and exclusive discounts. Various other privileges are available to these subscribers, including trial versions.

Additionally, Sony offers a 7-day trial period. Therefore, players have the opportunity to conduct tests before confirming their subscription.


launched by Valve 2003, Steam is a platform that first allows players to access a digital library. However, its core service requires you to make purchases and download games before you can launch them. However, Steam also offers a cloud gaming service along with NVIDIA GeForce NOW.

Thus, Steam members have the option to transfer certain eligible games to GeForce NOW servers. To access it, there is a Cloud Play icon in the Steam client. In other words, GeForce NOW also lets you play cloud games directly with titles purchased on Steam.

Compatible devices

Steam is available on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. To access the platform, players must download the Steam app and connect from its interface.

However, some terminals require Steam Link to be installed. Indeed, the latter allows you to synchronize the computer library with other devices. For hardware requirements, it may vary by title, but a broadband internet connection will be required.

In addition, Valve In February 2022, a portable console was released on the platform that gave access to certain eligible games. Called Steam Deck, it is also a viable alternative to play with just a few clicks. However, performance is limited with this portable console.

Steam directory

Valve has over 64,931 games for Steam users. These works mostly come from major studios and independents. Since the platform is purchase-based, each member’s library is personalized.

However, it should be noted that some titles are available for free. In addition, not all games are eligible for cloud gaming on GeForce Now servers that provide an intermediary.

Subscription offers

Steam does not have a fixed subscription offer. Indeed, the price of each opus is different, but it is possible to subscribe to special offers for each game.

In addition, some third-party subscriptions are supported on Steam. These include EA Play members with privileged access to the US developer’s library.

Which service should you finally choose?

The choice of cloud gaming service can depend on many criteria. For example, you need players subscribe to an offer according to them ordinary terminal. Xbox users can logically surrender to Microsoft’s Game Pass, and PlayStation Plus Premium for Sony consoles remains very relevant.

However, PC gamers have a lot of freedom of choice. Indeed, the computer provides access to the libraries of all these platforms. In this case, one can refer to the number of games offered in each library.

In this regard, it may be intended for nostalgic people who especially like the PlayStation Plus Premium offer retrogaming.

However, the exclusives Xbox Game Pass must be considered before making a final choice. Ultimately, it would be easier to decide for Steam, as this platform allows players to freely purchase each title.

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