The Expression: Streaming News – LG has demonstrated its commitment to relentless innovation

LG Electronics (LG) held a press conference called LG World Premiere at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Under the theme Life’s Good, CEO William Cho shared the company’s ongoing efforts to innovate for a better life and ensure a sustainable future for all. Affirming the company’s commitment to meeting new challenges despite the uncertainties, Mr. Cho opened the show by emphasizing that LG has always known and truly believed that the answer lies with the customer. “The beginning and end of all innovation is our customers, and we want to bring smiles to their faces with this innovation,” continued CEO Cho.

-Customer-centric innovations for a better life

CEO Cho emphasized LG’s commitment to deliver new value to its customers through the introduction of groundbreaking innovations such as LG OLED, which completely transforms the viewing experience for customers. Celebrating its 10th anniversary today, LG OLED continues to set the industry standard for picture quality experience unseen client. To enhance the customer experience and enable TV users to redefine the viewing experience, the company is actively working with partners to bring a variety of new interactive services to LG TVs, including the MasterClass online education platform, the MaxPro training program and the Sansar metaverse service. After a long career, CEO Cho shines a spotlight on the mobility sector, where the company has established itself as one of the automotive industry’s preferred innovation partners with its automotive component solutions business. LG collaborates with the world’s most popular automotive brands to improve the in-car experience by leveraging consumer electronics, cutting-edge technologies and customer knowledge in various areas of expertise. In addition, Cho also talked about LG ThinQ UP, a new category of “upgradable” home appliances that offers unique opportunities for upgrading and customization. The premium range includes new products such as the LG refrigerator with MoodUP™, which can change color according to users’ taste, mood or kitchen decor.

-Future activities to enhance customer experience

CEO Cho further described the company’s goal to provide “first”, “unique” and “new” experiences across all its products and solutions to provide a better life for all. To enhance the customer experience in more diverse areas, the company also implements various internal programs to develop innovators and encourages LG employees to boldly adapt to new challenges. At CES, LG unveiled some of the products developed under LG Labs, the company’s new venture that encompasses products, services and marketing activities based on experimental ideas and creative concepts from both inside and outside the company; “Hover Gym”, a fitness solution that uses motor control technology to allow users to exercise without separate dumbbells; “excicle”, a home exercise solution that offers an exceptional indoor cycling experience; “brid. zzz”, an optimal sleep care solution that detects brain waves to create rhythms that help users relax; and “pluspot”, a service platform that offers rewards when personal vehicles such as e-bikes and e-skateboards are installed at wireless charging stations. LG is expanding its business portfolio to cover many new areas such as electric vehicle charging, digital technology. Health and content services for the webOS platform. At the same time, the company is increasing its investments in “future” technologies, including artificial intelligence and 6G, and is collaborating with startups through LG NOVA (LG North America Innovation Center). The CEO also highlighted the company’s ongoing efforts in strategic partnerships with global companies. leaders of a wide range of industries. Especially in the content sector, the company has worked closely with many valuable partners to get more content for customers to enjoy. At the conference, Cho introduced one of LG’s key content services partners: Tom Ryan, president and CEO of Paramount Streaming. Ryan spoke to highlight the two companies’ joint efforts to deliver an incredible experience to tens of millions of customers worldwide. “Pluto TV, the leading free-to-air television service, is expanding its channel integration for LG Channels, adding more than 100 channels globally this quarter,” said CEO Tom Ryan. Mr. Ryan concluded that the two companies will continue to develop their partnership and expand their joint capabilities in 2023.

-A commitment to create a better future

Concluding his presentation, Cho reiterated LG’s unwavering commitment as a responsible corporate citizen to achieve a sustainable future, emphasizing the company’s focus on creating a better future for all. Efforts include the Global IT Challenge for Youth with Disabilities (GITC), which since 2011 has empowered more than 4,000 youth with technology skills to bridge the digital divide for people with disabilities. . The CEO also mentioned the company’s promise to increase accessibility to ensure the ease of use of LG’s products and services by people with disabilities and the elderly. Guided by the input of LG’s ‘Disability Advisory Group’, which has been operating since 2021 and consists of members with diverse abilities and accessibility experts, the company has continuously introduced barrier-free products that can be easily used by everyone. In South Korea, the company has implemented various measures to increase accessibility, such as developing product manuals that include audio and sign language guides, distributing Braille stickers for devices, and operating sign language counseling centers. In the same vein, the CEO announced the four finalists for the first LIFE’S GOOD AWARD, an innovation competition established by the company to promote the Life’s Good vision and empower innovators who want to make a positive impact on people and people’s lives. planet. The finalists – Day1Lab, Dot Inc, NONA Desalination and SOLUTUM – will receive support from LG to help them develop and launch their inventive solutions to create a better life for all. After the four teams present their ideas for the final time on January 16 at the LG Sciencepark in Seoul, Korea, the prize, totaling US$1.05 million, will be divided among the four winners based on their ranking.

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