“Ôbatanga”: Power, Money, Manipulation, Crime… CANAL+ Original event series not to be missed!

Work By Paola Netti January 16, 2023

Discover ÔBATANGA, a new CANAL+ Original thriller series, Premiering on CANAL+ from January 23rd. Immerse yourself in this thrilling police investigation in 6 episodes and dive behind the scenes of the power of the fictional country!

The plot

In the fictional country of Batanga, successful entrepreneur Gregory Moungo is found dead in a luxury apartment. Accident? His meteoric rise and growing wealth suggested otherwise. Especially since there is no shortage of suspects… Eva, the sulphurous mistress who knows more than herself, barked; Christine Moungo, the hated wife of the growing hatred of the Batangan elite; In Xavier Mouton, Gregory’s discreet partner with whom he shares his secrets. The businessman’s death triggers a flood of revelations and disturbing events that shake Batanga to the top of the province. Nicolas Dicosso, a thirty-year-old executive with no history, moves in spite of himself into the microcosm of the political and economic elite, where criminal motives abound. The intrepid Captain Olinga, in charge of the investigation, is unaware that he has put his finger on a mechanism that will reveal the extent of the money and power struggle plaguing the country.

Great roles for great actors

Men of power interpreted by two monuments of African cinema, Urinary BAKABA and Tola KOUKOUI. A duo that looks like American stars at the top of GMXM: arthur LONGVILLEA rising star of Ivorian cinema and Roger SALLAH he was recently awarded Best West African Actor at the Sotigui Awards and the Sotigui d’Or for his performance in Saloum. A charming influencer who, despite himself, finds himself in an uncontrollable machine: Andrea KAKOU and Bamba BAMBADJAN. A hated widow, but a woman of true strength: Evelyne ILY. An inspiring and determined female police officer: Mounia N’DYAIE. Strong characters are interpreted by the golden staff…

Iconic figure of Ivorian culture, filmmaker, director, director and screenwriter Urinary BAKABA translator Minister Emmanuel TANGA. Batanga’s energy minister has been busy with one ambition for eight years: to become the next president of the Republic of Batanga. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to get there… even to eliminate rivals in his own camp like Minister Bolingo. Gregory approaches Moungo when he learns the nature of his relationship with Bolingo. After VISAGE DE FEMMES by Desiré Ecaré directed by Sidiki BAKABA, L’AUTRE RIVE by Jacques Campreux, ROUES LIBRES and SUR LES TRACES DE TUSSAINT LOUVERTURE, he returns to the front of the stage with ÔBATANGA.

From theater to directing and dubbing, Tola KOUKOUI It is part of the African cinematic landscape. In ÔBATANGA, he personifies his characterAndre BOLINGO, Minister of Economy and Finance One of the most powerful men of Batangas, the country. He is expected to be the next president. His rivalry with Minister Tanga is based on this status of the heir apparent to the president, who everyone claims. At the same time, he allows himself to be convinced by Gregory Moungo to entrust him with a large amount of illegal money for money laundering. After his death, he fears public revelations that could seriously damage his political career.

A true ambassador of 7th African art, Mouna N’DIAYE has always explored the biggest film sets. She was awarded Best Female Performance at FESPACO 2015, Best Actress at the 2016 Trophies de la Francophonie, and was a Jury Member at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival. In ÔBATANGA he Captain Isabelle OLINGA Yakoma Court Police Crime Squad. She is an experienced, intelligent and intuitive woman. Convinced that Gregory Moungo’s death was no accident, he wants to find the person absolutely responsible.

Former Miss Ivory Coast Andrea KAKOU translator Eva ABOYA, Gregory’s mistress Mungo. The 30-year-old influencer earns money through advertisements and gifts from wealthy men she spends time with, like Gregory. Her friendship with Nicholas dates back to high school, and although they rarely see each other, the latter is one of Eva’s confidants. That’s why he calls Gregory on the day he dies. Nicholas doesn’t hesitate to help her, but the gesture will cost him dearly. This extraordinary bachelor, an executive of Batanga Telecom, will have to fight to avoid being considered a suspect in Gregory’s murder. Nicholas DICOSSO interpreted by Bamba BAMBADJAN.

Christine MOUNGOinterpreted by Evelyne Illi, does Wife of Gregory Mungo and the daughter of a wealthy Batanga businessman. Over the years, she begins to regret her marriage, especially because of her husband’s numerous infidelities. The talent of this actress, producer and director has been appreciated at various festivals such as FESPACO and Brussels International Film Festival. Xavier in MOUTON a Loyal friend of Gregory Moungo and his partner. Together they founded the GMXM company. More reserved than Gregory, Xavier takes care of the accounts. After his friend’s death, Xavier tries to continue the activities of GMXM at any cost. Arthur Longville, The rising star of Ivory Coast plays this role.

For the most interesting: behind the scenes of the series

Ôbatanga, your new CANAL+ Original series on Monday, January 23, only on CANAL+ Premiere.

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