Masters and PhD scholarships in French and Francophonie at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (USA).

MA and PhD in French and Francophonie from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Application Deadlines: February 15 (for admission in Fall 2023) and October 15 (For Spring 2024 intake)

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette is the only institution in the United States that is a member of the Agence universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF). We offer one of the few master’s programs in the country dedicated specifically to Francophonie, where we give students the opportunity to study all the regions of Francophonie, considered both individually and in relation to each other.

Located in the heart of Cajun and Creole Louisiana, our institution is at the center of a cultural intersection that brings together many regions of the French-speaking world with shared historical and linguistic roots. The natural beauty of the landscape also reflects the unique heritage of which we are a part, making our university an ideal place to highlight the multicultural diversity of the region as well as learn about the diverse heritages we encounter around us.
The multitude of courses offered and the diversity of approaches mobilized in our Masters and Doctoral programs aim to reflect this richness and make UL Lafayette a very unique place to study. Our dynamic, innovative and interdisciplinary program regularly offers courses on cultural products (mainly literary and cinematographic) produced not only in France, but also in Belgium, Quebec, Acadia, Louisiana, the West Indies and Haiti, sub-Saharan Africa, and even the country itself. Maghrib.

Students from all over the world therefore come together in our department to explore the diversity, hybridity and creolization of contemporary French-speaking cultures, taking advantage of both diverse and complementary approaches. The research areas of our teaching committee members also span multiple fields of study, from digital humanities to migration studies, including environmental criticism, medieval studies, postcolonial studies, and visual studies. . Finally, our teaching team also pays special attention to the professionalization of future graduates and organizes monthly seminars especially to help students find their way in the labor market (both inside and outside academia).

Students receive financial support within the framework of our program. This monthly stipend is offered primarily in the form of scholarships and fellowships (teaching and research) available to American citizens as well as foreign nationals. In addition to this scholarship, selected students are also exempt from most tuition fees and benefit from substantial reimbursement of health insurance costs. Year-round fellowships, summer research grants, and research travel grants are also offered annually. However, it should be noted that course participation and co-op positions require Louisiana residency and the degree cannot be earned online or remotely.

Several of our former graduate students have received prestigious competitive doctoral fellowships from the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania or even UC Davis in California. As for the past graduates of the doctoral program, they are currently working in academia (William and Mary, Tulane, George Mason University, CUNY, etc.), French immersion schools in Louisiana, the publishing sector (Paris), the cultural and tourism sector, as well as many other fields.

For more information on application and recruitment deadlines, visit our website and/or contact the program’s academic coordinator, Nathan Rabalais, at (in French or English).

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