Discrimination of a Swedish teacher against a Turkish student

Discrimination of a Swedish teacher against a Turkish student

For Calbring

Calbring Discrimination

Professor Per Carlbring of Stockholm University in Sweden, who called the actions of the PKK terrorist organization targeting Turkey “individual freedom”, did not accept the internship application of Turkish student Fatma Zahran on the grounds that Turkey hinders Sweden’s membership in NATO.

The professor’s “discrimination” caused the reaction of the world press, including Sweden, the university apologized, but “this” professor did not apologize, I spoke with Fatma Zahra, whose candidacy was rejected: “Whether in the East or in the West, this thing has only one name. ; racism. Even if you are a teacher, morals are important,” he says. But how do academics interpret this situation? The gilding of ethical and democratic values ​​of the West?


Professor of the Department of International Relations of Nisantashi University. Dr. Nurshin Ateshoglu commented that the answer of the professor from Southern Sweden “is incompatible with scientific ethics” and says: “Besides, this answer is not moral either. A person’s identity, gender, race are not taken into account. Human competence is evaluated by ethical values. Therefore, this attitude is unacceptable, regardless of the teacher.

This is an embarrassing situation for academia and human rights.

In any case, the university did not accept this behavior and apologized. This is proof of the injustice of this teacher. “Well, was he surprised by this answer of a professor of a great university of a country distinguished by its democratic values?” “No, I’m not surprised at all,” he continued.

“This is not the first time, and unfortunately it will not be the last. Usually, this kind of discrimination is not expressed openly in the Western public; it is done in secret. There are many examples of it not being attributed to a good academic paper, from scholarship. It depends on the author’s country, political not published because of their views or race. It was kind of exposed. Let’s say “teacher inexperience.

Nurshin Ateshoglu South

Professor Nursin Ateşoğlu Güney on the discrimination of Fatma Zahran


Chairman of IMRA International Migration and Refugees Association, AK Party Istanbul deputy Assoc. Dr. Sare Aydın emphasized that the academy is an institution that serves free thought, objectivity and science and said: “What is expected of all scientists in the world is to behave ethically.

Ethics is also based on fundamental moral values.

Acting based on your worldview or the foreign policy practices of the country you live in does not correspond to academic morals and ethical values.

A teacher who rejects such an important element as education under the pretext of diplomacy can only instill fascism in his students.

Unfortunately, even in the most free and democratic countries in the world, the number of people who are subjected to discrimination, racism and mobbing in the academic environment due to their race, gender and worldview is very high. Since this is not the first incident that happened to Fatma Zahra, I would like it to be the last.


Ibn Khaldun University vice-chancellor Prof. Dr. Mustafa Kemal Yılmaz emphasizes that universities should show a comprehensive attitude by paying attention to education and research outside of political events:

“Is there such a general attitude in the university or an individual attitude? It should be well analyzed, if there are other examples, we can talk about the “general” attitude.

For example, many European countries have a common visa attitude towards our students.

They apply it as a political approach. This means that “I show the attitude that I show to your country in general also to the field of education, research and science.

This is not an acceptable attitude. The university should not get involved in politics.

This attitude towards the issue of visas and internship opportunities should be expressed and monitored at a higher level.

Fatma Zehra 1

The discrimination of the Swedish teacher against Fatma Zahra


Fatma Zehra is a 3rd year student of psychology faculty of Ibn Khaldun University. 2 months ago, the young girl who was admitted to the Erasmus+ internship started applying to European universities to participate in their projects. He also contacted the professor According to Carlbring From Stockholm University, Sweden: “When another professor from the same university wrote that he would be happy to host me, Professor Per Kalbring replied on November 23, 2022: “Dear Fatma, I greet you. But I have to reject your request because Turkey is preventing Sweden from joining NATO. Sorry .'”


Shocked by the response, the young student did not respond to the professor for some time, and using the help of an ethics lawyer friend, created a complaint and sent it to the university. He says: “We all have a political opinion. I also. But to what extent is it correct to reflect this on professionalism? This is discrimination against me, it is racism. I didn’t expect that such discrimination could be done openly in academic settings.”


Fatma Zahra, who said that the head of the department where the professor works, has professors, apologized to him after the complaint: “But the professor is not here!” Not to mention the apology, he shut down his social media accounts. The university administration says it has trained the teacher on discrimination, but is that all? Did the great teacher not understand that what he did while writing this article was discrimination? Will there be no concrete way out of this racism? I officially apologize to this professor,” he said. Stating that she is against the politicization of education, Fatma Zahra said: “There is neither the West nor the East in this profession. Evil is evil and it is discrimination. Basic ethical and moral values ​​are important even if you have a lot of education and even if you are a teacher. It’s a matter of mentality.”

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