Catholic University of West Africa (UCAO-UUBa): New classrooms have been opened!

On Thursday, January 12, the President of the Catholic University of West Africa – University Unit in Bamako (UCAO-UUBa), Dr. Clément Lonah, celebrated the New Year and inaugurated the new classrooms at the university. The event chaired by Abbé Edmond Dembélé, the representative of His Excellency Jean Cardinal Zerbo, was attended by Cedric Yirabo Tieno, president of the Student Union (s), the representative of the faculty and all services, Prof. Nicodème Condé and Academic and Pedagogical Director of UCAO-UUBa, Dr. Sister Therese Samake.

The national anthem of Mali and the UCAO led by President Clément Lona set the tone for this ceremony. After the best wishes for the new year 2023 to the audience by Pr Nicodème Condé, the representative of the Faculty and all the departments, and the President of the Students, Cédric Yirabo Tiénou, it was around President Lona, who sacrificed the same tradition.

So, during his speech, he will say that they spend this 2022-2023 academic year under the theme of science and integration, “Science and integration: let’s open the borders…”. This expresses their determination to constantly go to the conquest of science in the style of scientific and regional integration. His organization, he will say, wants to go further in the conquest of science by developing these two policies. Rather, subregional integration, a policy in which science is made available to a wider audience. In Mali, in West Africa and in Africa as a whole, in an appropriate framework to acquire knowledge in a school of competent teachers.

at 2c location, pooling of skills, is a policy whereby Malian, African and Western scholars are invited to UCAO to provide quality teaching that paves the way for excellence. “Thanks to this policy, in recent years, our University has been recognized at the national and international level for the quality of its experience, i.e. the quality of the education provided there, the science transmitted. The received national and international trophies are proof of this,” he stressed. These trophies are: “A vous Maître” application competition, session 2022, on the theme: “Access to justice for women, girls and vulnerable people”; 2022 and 13 of the Cabinet International Eco Finances Entreprises publicationc “Génies en Herbe” international competition held in Yaounde, OHADA. He also noted that UCAO has achieved great success in the republican competition of the Judiciary regarding the admission of candidates for the first master’s degree in legal sciences. Let us add that from October 7, 2022, UCAO-UUBa was elected a member of AUF (Agency of Francophone Universities), the first network of universities in the world, with the status of a full member of AUF.

He also noted that science has made good progress at UCAO-UUBa, but by choosing to go with this year’s theme of 2022-2023, it shows their determination to not only improve infrastructure, but to further develop science pursuits. new forms of knowledge transfer, such as new classrooms, but also an E-learning platform for online courses.

Opening of the hall for 500 people

In this ceremony, 5 classrooms with 500 seats, a teacher’s room and an academic assistant’s room were inaugurated. This is Academic and Pedagogical Director Dr. According to Sister Teres Samake, as of 2020 UCAO-UUBa is distinguished from 147 Universities in Mali. Thus, the workforce is increasing year by year. As a Private University, they cannot crowd students because quality requires space, facilities and amenities. There is a need to build these rooms to provide some comfort for the students.

Abbé Edmond Dembélé congratulated UCAO-UUBa on its achievements before calling on His Eminence not to give up on behalf of His Eminence Jean Cardinal Zerbo. “You have reached the top of qualification in Mali and in Africa, please stay there for your influence on behalf of Mali and UCAO,” he said.

By Mariam Sissoko

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