Blockchain in Business: Explosive Growth for 2023? – This report reveals the trend

Is adoption on the way? “Blockchain” is a word that has entered our dictionaries for several years. However, its value proposition slow to cross the boundaries of the business world, it is always reluctant to new developments that could disturb the tranquility of the established model. However, in 2022, the situation would change significantly.

Blockchain: On-chain adoption in companies?

Blockchain, companies are getting into it. This is stated in the latest research conducted by the companies casperlabs and Zogby Analytics. Far from being everyone, Casperlabs is a blockchain dedicated to business needs, all sectors are combined. It therefore has a growing knowledge of the changes taking place within the various players of the industry.

Although complex year 2022 The results of the report are instructive in many ways. Indeed, companies undeterred by recent events seem to be increasing their interest in the sector. Moreover, they think more seriously Invest in 2023, if not already done. Included in the panel interviewed 603 decision makers USA, UK and China.

Businesses around the world are embracing blockchain technology

The result? The verdict is final. Close 90% they have already announced apply blockchain technology in all or part of its processes. And 87% plans to make of theminvest in this technology In 2023.

“It is very encouraging to see companies looking at blockchain technology as a solution rather than a competitor. »

Ralph Kubly, Casper Association Executive Member

Indeed, companies have many problems; some have always disabled them. And the seemingly nothing blockchain provides quite effective solutions. Technology is especially used in data security (42%) and copy protection (42%). IT boxes use it to manage internal flows (40%).supply chain improvement (34%) and software development (30%).

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Education: the key to the democratization of blockchain technology?

Now the momentum of adoption has well and truly begun. In fact, year 2023 should be seen with great probability reinforcement ago. As the industry understands the value proposition it provides, blockchain must find its way into the heart of its processes. And the main thing is: don’t understandI’education andaccessibility solutions.

Because there is still a long way to go in these endpoints. In particular, research shows that respondents confuse yet regularly conditions “blockchain” and “crypto” they assume they are interchangeable. In addition, other obstacles hinder the growth of the blockchain industry. Among other things, developers in this new field have limited knowledge, lack of appropriate tools and interoperability.

To finish crypto sector remains subject disbelief and the cynicism that comes from the mere mention of his name. The reason for this relentless hype against the sector in recent years.

So there will be many hurdles to overcome to highlight significant competitive advantages that brings this new technology. It will also need to come up with the solutions it can provide to the business world, which has every interest in adopting blockchain quickly… rather than looking at it with an interested but skeptical eye, trying neighbors instead, risking running a delayed train, after the technology is approved.

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