Arsenal, anti PSG, on the way to the title? There are no useless links

More than 20 years after they won their last Championship crown, the Gunners were brilliant at Spurs. More iconic than crisp, Arsenal end a 9-year run without a win against their neighbour.

2-0, a win for Arsenal who catapulted Tottenham into full flight without a jolt, or almost. Arteta’s players had a very good first round and confirmed that they have the title. Like a real steamboat, guns were being thrown at poor Hugo Lloris’ cage from all sides.

From the first minutes, the “gunners” enjoyed putting themselves in the place of the leader. Saka’s teammates applied entry pressure to their foes. Arsenal shone, with plenty of passing between lines and spaces beautifully used at the feet, corridors. The more enterprising eleven of the red and whites were logically rewarded in the quarter game.

On a new break down the right, Saka sent a powerful shot past Lloris, who turned the ball into his own goal. Some will say it’s a former world champion’s meatball. Others will plead guilty to an involuntary hand. It should be noted that Sessegnon deflects the ball with his knee, which surprises the goalkeeper of “Spurs”.

A fiery first half for Arsenal

It’s a very exciting opening game for Arsenal, and it doesn’t end there. Indeed, the Gunners step on the accelerator in a good way, like a self-imposed manual. Moreover, Partey is the best player of this first half. The No. 6 midfielder is spreading his talents to London’s revival.

Partey has become a distributor of Londoners’ game as a collector. With great freedom in this work, number 5 offered all his talent to the service of his club. His excellent start to the match could have been rewarded with a goal. Lloris’ shot on the post deserved better.

30 meters out Trapey tries his luck from distance and is beaten by a beautiful volley, Lloris grabs the save post. For this reason, “ballers” are the first in the Premier League. Across the board, Arsenal are atomising Tottenham, who have lost at home. “Spurs” cannot keep up with 3 passes in a row and line up.

Thanks to his pressing, the Gunners had more than ten possessions in Spurs’ last thirty yards. Odegaard has all the freedom to support Nketiah or Trape in defensive assignments. The former Real Madrid player has shone since his move to the Gunners and Arteta’s management.

Odegaard crucify Tottenham in a one-sided game

Odegaard is among Arsenal’s top 3 players this season. The former Real Madrid player has been a hit with a club that has given him the keys to the house. Indeed, Odegaard has an exceptional record in terms of participation in the game.

The 24-year-old Norwegian has finally managed his career at a club that suits him so well. That’s why Arsenal bet on him. The young midfielder will strengthen his position in the game and in the match with a shot from the left near Lloris’ post. 2:0, we are in the 36th minute. Odegaard killed Spurs, Arsenal’s undoubted title race ended.

At half-time, the Gunners are alone on the field and Tottenham are completely lost. In this case, the second half could have sounded like a repetitive encore, but Tottenham responded in a way to their pride.

Arsenal resisted and kept their composure in the second half

The game is almost at halftime. Arsenal let Tottenham take over the game. A risky strategy could have made all the difference as Spurs tried to score their third goal of the game. It will never happen for Conte’s players.

Another Gunners backbone player has come out of his slumber to become a cover. Goalkeeper Ramsdale denied Spurs’ two big chances: Kane in the 51st minute and Sessegnon shortly after. The left side crosses his shot and Ramsdale puts his foot on the opponent.

These are Spurs’ two biggest chances. The Gunners then regain control to snuff out Spurs’ hopes of getting back into the game. Passes between the lines, concessional rounds between sides and circles destabilize Tottenham’s block team in agony.

As with Odgaard’s second goal, the Gunners shone with this quality of passing and the desire to always play forward. It’s simple, there are no unnecessary passes at Arsenal. The fate of Arteta, who is ahead of “City” by 8 points, is between his feet. Moreover, the residents of the Emirates Stadium can knock United out of the title race next Sunday.

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