In France, the Nintendo Switch console surpassed the sales records of the Wii

Nintendo sold nearly one million Switches in 2022, bringing total sales to 7 million since launch. It remains the most popular console in France.

The record is broken, so far. Nintendo Switch, which has sold 7.09 million copies in France since its launch in 2017, surpasses the performance of Nintendo Wii, which has held the title of best-selling console in our country for ten years (portable consoles excluded). With its motion-sensing controllers and accessible games, the Wii was a huge success, bringing video games to a wider audience. It sold 6.3 million copies in France. Sony’s wildly popular PlayStation 4 has been installed on 6 million machines.

The sales curve of the Switch crossed the sales curve of the Wii in 2022 in France as well as worldwide. Despite the fact that the console is approaching its sixth year on the market, its appeal remains intact. “In 2022, we sold 987,000 keys, the best figure in the market. Switch was one of every two consoles sold in France last year“, says Philippe Lavoué, General Manager of Nintendo France.

The rest of the market is hampered by repeated shortages of Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series, whose volumes are priced below French consumer demand. Sony promises a significant improvement in this situation in 2023, which should redistribute the cards.

Success for Nintendo Switch Sports

About a quarter of French households are now equipped with one or more switches. Half of the profile of new buyers are families with children, and half are young people. “We are always looking to reach new audiences beyond our fans», continues Philippe Lavoué.

Nintendo used the World Cup matches, a key audience cross-section, to air TV commercials for the Pokémon Purple/Scarlet games and Nintendo Switch Sports in particular. The spot features a couple created by teenage video game influencer Michou and dancer Elsa Bois.

This successor to the huge success, Wii Sports, in which you can face your loved ones in sports mini-games using the motion recognition of the console’s controllers, has also benefited from several hundred commercial events in France, hypermarkets and major cultural areas. “Post-Covid, it’s important to get back to basics and get our products into the hands of consumers. And these demonstrations are done by amateurs“, indicates the director of Nintendo France.

Zelda and the ambushed Mario movie

Efforts put into Nintendo Switch Sports have paid off, with 425,000 physical copies sold – Nintendo does not provide information on digital sales. This is Nintendo’s fourth-best commercial performance in 2022 behind Pokémon Purple/Scarlet (701,000 sales), Pokémon Arceus (575,000) and 2017’s endless Mario Kart 8 (445,000). “More than half of Switch owners have bought Mario Kart 8“, emphasizes Philippe Lavoué. These titles will appear at the top of the ranking of the best-selling video games of 2022, which will be announced by the Video Game Publishers Syndicate (SELL) in March.

Between the May 15 release of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and the April release of the 3D animated film Super Mario: The Movie, 2023 looks promising for the Japanese company. “We’re planning highlights around the release of Super Mario: The Movie, but everything is still under wraps», Philippe Lavoue shows. A box office success should automatically translate into more sales for the Switch and games featuring the famous Italian plumber.

Sales of Nintendo games in France in 2022 (excluding digital sales)

Pokémon Purple and Scarlet: 701,000 sales

Pokémon Arceus: 575,000 sales

Mario Kart 8: 445,000 sales

Nintendo Switch Sports: 425,000 sales

Mario Strikers: 264,000 sales

Splatoon 3: 254,000 sales

Animal Crossing New Horizons: 253,000 sales

Kirby and the Forgotten World: 214,000 sales

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