Tottenham’s 10 biggest rooms

This Sunday is the London North Derby. Like any self-respecting rivalry, it’s not unusual to have some room before or after matches between Tottenham and Arsenal. 90 minutes reminds you of some of the cameras that recorded the history of this derby.


Antonio Conte did not hesitate to give advice to Mikel Arteta. / GLYN KIRK/GettyImages

On May 12, “Tottenham” did not give “Arsenal” any chance. The Spurs offered a huge victory (3:0). And this meeting drove Mikel Arteta crazy. Technical Gunners He was not satisfied with the refereeing. This was interrupted by the head coach of Tottenham, Antonio Conte:

“Mikel Arteta is a very good coach and he is doing a good job. He just started and I think he complains a lot. I think he needs to focus a little more on his team. I think he needs to be more calm and keep working, because he’s good. But it’s not good to hear the coach complaining all the time.”

After Arsenal’s win over Tottenham in 2013, Wojciech Szczesny was inspired as he pounced on his opponent. While many could have done it on Twitter or in the media, all the Polish goalkeeper needed was a piano…

fans Gunners read regularly “We won the league at White Hart Lane” on the hood “O saints…”. Wojciech Szczesny was later able to release a video where we see him playing this piece on the piano! Master fight.

Arsene Wenger, Jose Mourinho

Relations between Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho have never been calm. / Shaun Botterill/GettyImages

Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger certainly won’t be spending their holidays together. Throughout their careers, they didn’t stop throwing spades at each other. This was the case when Arsene Wenger’s book was published in October 2010. Not mentioned in the book, Jose Mourinho, then Tottenham manager, explains why he is not in the book: “Because he never beat me”.

And it doesn’t take long for the Arsenal legend to respond. Horse Channel Football Clubhe decides to answer his lifelong rival:

“It doesn’t bother me. It’s a constant distraction. I feel like I’m in kindergarten with him. But it’s part of the character. And it’s not true, we won. We won, the draw was too much.”


Tomas Rosicky must still remember his FA Cup goal against Tottenham in 2014. / ADRIAN DENNIS/GettyImages

Tomas Rosicky has understood everything to make a special place for himself in the hearts of Arsenal fans. As well as being a fantastic player, the former Czech attacking midfielder never missed an opportunity to send Tottenham a few games during his time in England from 2006-2016.

This was especially the case in 2014 in North Derby London, when he let out his jubilation after scoring his team’s second goal in the FA Cup. And during the conversation with the YouTube channel Gunners, he stated that Arsenal were the best in London and Tottenham were the worst. Something to score points with the fans.

He is one of the greatest players in Arsenal history. He had time to play more than 300 matches with Cesc Fabregas Gunners, from 2003 to 2011. That’s why he will remain forever attached to the London club. And that’s why he’ll always have that rivalry with Tottenham.

Many years later, in 2020, the Hispanic community decides to answer a few questions on Twitter. The Premier League asks him about his favorite goal, especially in the English championship. Cesc Fabregas has the perfect answer for his fans: “Every goal against Tottenham”.

For those who don’t know, Micky Hazard used to play for Tottenham. He could play with it Spurs He finished his career in 1978-1985, then in 1993-1995. In 2020, when Arsenal hosted Manchester City behind closed doors (due to a health crisis), the London club suffered a heavy defeat (3:0).

And this hard failure inspires Micky Hazard! The former midfielder took the opportunity to capture the atmosphere at the Emirates Stadium in a tweet: “It’s the strongest spirit I’ve ever seen from Gunners fans.”.

It’s not just the coaches or the players who gather before the North London derby. This is the same for sites, especially for Arsenal. When the basket was empty in the store, he failed to troll through Tottenham’s prize list. Gunners : “Your basket is as empty as Tottenham’s trophy cabinet”. A solution that makes people react!

In 2021, Tottenham could play in the final of the League Cup. However, he lost to “Manchester City” in this last meeting (1:0). The defeat that gave Mesut Ozil a smile. He shone with the latter Gunners From 2013 to 2021.

That’s why he failed to compete against Tottenham in the League Cup final from his Twitter account. He sends a message referring to the trophy cabinet Spurs : “still dusty”.

In the 2018/19 season, “Tottenham” was the only London club that qualified for the group stage of the Champions League. And Spurs have found the perfect way to promote tickets to watch C1 matches. They were able to put up a poster advertising all their London rivals with the following slogan: “The only place to see the Champions League in London”. All are accompanied by a photograph of the Tottenham stadium. Along with “Arsenal”, “Chelsea” was able to get him due to their ranking.

In May 2017, Tottenham said goodbye to White Hart Lane, which it has covered since 1899! The personalities of the round ball did not avoid giving their last message to this mythical stadium. Even former Arsenal players! Indeed, Lukas Podolski did not miss to say goodbye to him.

And it’s a message that makes fans Gunners. The German striker was able to post a photo of himself scoring a goal at White Hart Lane with Arsenal and others in 2004 when Arsene Wenger’s Invincibles won the league title.

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