The son of a Breton businessman suspected of two murders in Guyana

Sylvain Kereneur, the son of a Breton entrepreneur living in Guyana, is suspected of killing two of his friends 14 years apart. Last July, he was sent to Cayenne.

Camilla and Karina, two women found dead in Guyana, two crime scenes with strong similarities. Today, 14 years separate the two crimes in which one man is suspected: Silvain Kereneur, the son of a wealthy Breton industrialist specializing in aeronautics based abroad. The man recognized one of these deaths as an accident, but vehemently denied the second.

On May 15, 2020, the body of Karina Gama De Souza was found in the middle of the Amazon rainforest. He still wears his clothes, which smell strongly of hydrocarbons. He also has burns on his back. The torrential rains of the last few days would prevent the cremation of the body. Nearby, investigators found an ultrasound report. The victim, a 23-year-old Franco-Brazilian, was seven weeks pregnant.


Suspicion becomes a lover. Karina Gama De Souza shared her life intermittently with Silvain Kereneur, whom she met at the World Cup in Brazil between 2018 and 2020. A relationship marked by numerous arguments, breakups and dysfunction. The victim’s environment evokes the violence committed by the young man against him. He says that he is the one who abused her.

“The testimony is numerous, answers RTL Me Archibald Celeyron, Kereneur’s lawyer. In the proceedings, many witnesses say that he treated her well, except for Karina’s family, there is not a single testimony. Temperamental, impulsive. He is not at all that type is not a personality.

Sylvain Kereneur took refuge in mainland France. Installed in Antibes, in the Alpes-Maritime Islands, to escape repression from the Brazilian community, he says he will be placed under police custody. He admits that he accidentally killed the young woman in front of the investigators. He explained that there was an argument about the young woman’s pregnancy. Sylvain Kereneur asked her to have an abortion.

“Concerned Expressions”

According to his version, Karina Gama would start screaming at De Souza, briefly put her hand over his mouth. He told the investigators, “When I released him, I saw him fall, I measured his pulse, and saw that he was dead.” The version that contradicts expert opinions, including the instructions of the judge who conducted the examination, confirms that the man had to press his hand over the victim’s mouth for more than a few seconds to make her unconscious.

“There are very specific disturbing expressions, even girlfriends who foresee something happening to them. We can ask ourselves questions about the fear this young man inspires, especially when he is angry,” says Me Jérôme Gay. Interview with RTL and Parisian.

The lawyer is representing the family of Camilla Marques Pereira, a 19-year-old Brazilian immigrant who was found dead on July 30, 2006. His body was burned and dumped in a landfill. “The circumstances in which the bodies were found make one think that there is one there operating mode similar, slice Me Gay. Everyone will make connections in Guyana. Humiliating the victim’s body, throwing it partially burnt into a landfill is not common.

It should be noted that in 2010, Silvain Kereneur was involved in this murder. At that time, his ex-girlfriend, Symphony, comes to confess to the gendarmes, helping the Bretons get rid of Camilla Marquez Pereira’s body. Then the man who was having an affair with Kereneur would explain to her that he strangled the young woman with his foot because the latter had cheated on him. A key stakeholder vehemently denies it.

Back to dimensions

Despite Symphony’s confession, after four months in prison, the courts will dismiss the case in favor of Sylvain Kereneur. Especially dismissal due to inconsistencies in the young woman’s words. “There is no thirst for justice, no thirst for revenge, always believes RTL Me Jérôme Gay. They were very relieved when the Karina case began, it is difficult to use this term in memory of their daughter.

Today, Sylvain Kereneur is charged with the murder of Karina Gama De Souza and sent to the court of serious crimes. A charge he disputed. The file on the death of Camilla Marquez Pereira has been reopened.

“We’re reopening an investigation without any new elements, we can’t reopen an investigation like this, I argue with Archibald Celeyron. This is new testimony, new DNA, new phone records … What new element do we have in this Camilla case? This today they tell us: ‘Since we have not found the perpetrator of this murder, we will suspect you again after you are declared absolutely innocent.'”

Still, the state of the defendant’s health is very “concerning”, assures the lawyer. Sylvain Kereneur, the victim of a motorcycle accident in his youth, has suffered several strokes in recent months.

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