Competition cakes – Team

Most pies: Pierre Chauvet

Inspired by the traditional crown of kings, the great Ardèche chocolatier Pierre Chauvet creates a braided brioche that combines toasted hazelnut frangipane with a flowing heart of hazelnut praline. €22.50 for 6 people.

Pierre Chauvet, 42, boulevard Gambetta, Aubenas (Ardèche). Delivery anywhere in France from

The most stylish: “Ritz”

Thanks to the talent of pastry chef Francois Perret, the famous Parisian palace offers a sure galette of classics with inverted puff pastry, multi-textured frangipane and almond macaroni. €59 for 6 people.

Ritz Paris, Comptoir, 38, Rue Cambon, Paris (Ier).

Most Citrus: Claire Heitzler

The pastry chef envisioned a cake flavored with Buddha’s hand, a fun citrus fruit that brings freshness to this composition. Buckwheat completes the picture of this light creation. €44 for 6 people.

Claire Heitzler & Producers, 9, rue du Parc, Levallois-Perret (Hauts-de-Seine).

(DR) almond galette

Plus… Galette des Reines!

Clarisse Ferreres-Frechon, founder of the Melchior communications agency (like a wise man, you can’t make her up), presents the first edition of Galette des Reines. The principle is simple: on Saturday, January 14, two of the landscape’s most talented pastry chefs,

Myriam Sabet, from Aleph House, and Nina Métayer, delicacy, Fou de Pâtisserie Montorgueil, run by Julie Mathieu and Muriel Tallandier, offers their signature galettes for sale. These cakes will be sold to benefit the Maison des Femmes de Saint-Denis.

Crazy about dough, 45, rue Montorgueil, Paris (IIe).

Frangipane galette by Cyrille Van Der Stuyft

Preparation time: 45 minutes. Rest time: 2 hours + 12 hours. Cooking time: 40 minutes at 170°C (fan oven) or 50 minutes at 200°C (deck oven)

– 3 double-turned inverted yogurt pies (4°C): 2.1 kg.

– Cut butter (12°C): 650 g.

– Traditional French flour T65: 250 g.

– Traditional French flour T657: 50 g.

– White vinegar: 2.5 g.

– Soft butter: 100 g

For the frangipane cream

– Frangipane cream: 1 kg.

The cake of Cyrille Van Der Stuyft, France's best employee of 2015.  (DR)

The cake of Cyrille Van Der Stuyft, France’s best employee of 2015. (DR)

Preparation of juicy dough. Take the inverted thick dough prepared the day before. Roll out the dough to a thickness of 2 mm. Cut 10 discs with a diameter of 22 cm. Place them on a baking sheet lined with baking paper. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

Preparation of frangipane cream

Place the frangipane cream in a piping bag fitted with a #12 nozzle. Pipe 5 discs of 18cm diameter on a sheet of guitar paper: about 200g of frangipane per cake. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour.

Prepare the syrup according to the basic recipe.

Sprinkle water over 5 discs of dough. Place a disc of frangipane cream on each disc of moistened pastry. Place a second pastry disc on top and seal the edges. Flip the pancake and place it on a baking sheet. Go over the gold with a brush. Keep in the refrigerator for 12 hours. Go over the gold again with the brush. Score the meatballs with a sharp knife. Score the scratches with a knife. Bake in a deck oven at 200°C for 50 minutes or in a fan oven at 170°C for 40 minutes. Brush with syrup when coming out of the oven.

Frangipane cream recipe

For 1.1 kg of frangipane cream

– Softened butter: 275 g.

– White almond powder: 190 gr.

– Gray almond powder: 150 gr.

– Cream powder: 40 gr.

– Egg (4°C): 165 g.

– Cold pastry cream: 200 gr.

Mix softened butter and powdered sugar in a mixer bowl. Mix with the leaf at first speed. Add crushed almonds and cream powder. Finish by adding the eggs. Add the cold pastry cream. When the mixture is homogeneous, smooth it with rum. Movies and books are cool in Contact.

– 1 vanilla pod (optional).

Pour water into a pot. Add sugar. Heat over medium heat and stir to dissolve the sugar. Continue cooking. If you want to add a little extra, stir in the vanilla bean. Bring to a boil and cool. Strain the syrup through a strainer. Apply a layer with a brush on the selected product when it comes out of the oven.

Prescription taken Viennese pastry, step-by-step lessons, Cyrille Van Der Stuyft, Editions du Chêne, 420 pages, €59.90.

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