A letter to the future unfolds through the trailer

Scavenger Studio opened a view of the universe SEASON: Letter to the Futurefull of emotions and questions, with a new trailer.

This trailer introduces some of the characters players will encounter on their life-changing journey. Players will support them and try to learn more about this season and the thick mystery surrounding its ending.

“This project would not be possible without the incredible people who made up our team and gave their heart and soul to the creation of this game. We are deeply grateful to them and look forward to bringing the stories and memories of the world of Seasons to the players, which is slowly disappearing. Now let yourself go and find yourself on the other side. time to find out”Margherita SiconninoChief Producer and Kevin SullivanCreative director

In SEASON: Letter to the Future, players take on the role of a young woman from a lonely village. For the first time, he goes on an adventure on his bike and makes it his mission to see the world before a cataclysm wipes it all out. A SEASON is a quest, a discovery of a new world that is both unknown and strangely familiar. It will be necessary to document, photograph and record the life of this season while there is still time on the road.

In addition to the trailer, the studio shared some information about the main characters players will encounter during their journey:

  • Kochia young man takes you for a bike ride the day before the valley floods.
  • Maytor, a marginal artist, documents the history of the valley through his sculptures. You will witness his last work.
  • Easel He is the last monk in Tieng Valley. Left behind by his teachers and friends, Easel waits alone for the season to change and doesn’t know what to focus his prayers on until you come.

The players will support them in these moments of uncertainty, quiet crisis. For them, the changes are far from abstract. And as they navigate these upheavals, remembering them is already a big help.

Game progress SEASON: Letter to the Future It’s built around exploring, celebrating, meeting others and discovering the strange world around you. At any time, you can get off your bike, use your tape recorder or camera, and capture the things around you: sounds of nature, musical notes, voices, fine art, architecture, or traces of past seasons. By taking a closer look at this world, you will understand the history, culture and ecology that make it up.

Game features:

  • Traveling by bike : Ride your bike through breathtaking scenery and enjoy every moment. Your trip will last 6-12 hours, depending on whether you are hiking or not. So take your time, you know what the saying means: it’s not the destination that counts.
  • Fascinating story : Discover a new world, both unknown and familiar. Think around and make difficult choices that will affect the ending of the story. Think about future generations by choosing and capturing the most important moments of the current season.
  • Document, photo and note : Collect memories, record and combine the secrets of the SEASON world in your customizable journal.
  • Characters who move: Meet a variety of characters, each with two valuable things to share with you: their life story and a moment to share as this season draws to a close.
  • An immersive soundtrack : Listen to great music while traveling the world; the music integrated into the scenery evolves and creeps along with you.

PlayStation 5 Features:

  • Adaptive triggers : When cycling, the resistance of the triggers varies according to your speed and the slope of the road.
  • Haptic feedback : Feel the texture of the ground change according to the surface of different terrains thanks to the haptic feedback of the DualSense wireless controller.
  • Tempest 3D AudioTech : Traverse and record lush soundscapes with immersion and precision.
  • Fast charging : Leave your house without waiting and start a mystery adventure by bike thanks to the almost instant charging of the PS5 and its SSD system.

SEASON: Letter to the Future It is expected to be available in the digital version on January 31 play station 5 and play station 4 29.99€ and more computer through Steam andEpic Games Store For 24.99€.

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