The most anticipated video game sequel of 2023

Another year to enrich the background

Between Elden RingGod of War: Ragnarok, Horizon: Forbidden West, call to prayer, immortality or the cult of the Lamb, 2022 it was one of those years it is rich in quality in software matters. There was something for everyone and 2023 shouldn’t be too different.

subject to of surprises and other walks will only follow relevant announcements in a few months (such as a trend at Nintendo), here list of sequels planned for this year especially caught our attention while waiting to see real innovations.

Indeed, today and more than ever, franchises rule the roost : nothing is more reassuring than getting the latest opus especially from the series we like, the comfort of finding a familiar game, or not longing for the past when things were simpler. 2023 is no exception to the rule, between long-awaited sequels and franchise comebacks we thought everyone had forgotten about.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of Kindom

And “Zeldeux: Breath of the Wild”, not the barbarians of the French language. In its great leniency, Nintendo has announced the release date and full title for the direct sequel to Zelda , which released at the same time as the Switch last fall and more or less changed the formula of the series. Yes, almost 6 years ago already.

It is planned for now May 12, 2023 on Nintendo Switchapart from that, not much is known about the exact content of the title Tears of the kingdom must gain height… but isn’t it worse? The enjoyment of Breath of Breath mainly comes from discovering the game mechanics, their potential and interactivity with the open world of post-apocalyptic Hyrule.

nintendo switch always with Deal with Fire EmblemComing out just less than 3 years after the surprise success of Three Houses, the TRPG franchise was almost forgotten along with F-Zero or Ana.

The fad surrounding the multiverse has also reached Nintendo as it will offer from Engage 20th January summon *iconic* heroes from previous games to the battlefield. However, with a center dedicated to all kinds of social activities like the Three House Officers’ School, the title can be more than just “Flame Emblem All-Stars.”

A major player in the modern FPS sphere, Respawn Entertainment proved with Jedi: Fallen Order that they can also create a unique and damn interesting fighting game. The mythos of Star Wars used with pleasure. Well, there was the specter of Dark Souls, but for the first time, the result was downright believable.

Survivor takes place 5 years after the events of its predecessor and should offer more lightsaber fighting styles, more open exploration of different planets and even blaster use. We’ll see March 17 about computer, play station 5 and Xbox Series S|X if it will change the original experience.

Welcome to Hell-Aa…or rather Hell-A development. It was announced over 8 years ago Dead island 2 he rotates between at least 4 studios, constantly changing his vision. Fun fact: Techland, the developer responsible for the first opus, had time to release Dying Light and Dying Light 2 during the same period.

Dambuster Studios’ (formerly Free Radical Design) version therefore looks right, while offering an open world full of more or less custom zombies. Cannon fodder for plenty of wacky homemade weapons to serve up the dark humor of the now 200% self-supporting game. With the latest delay announced a few weeks ago, Dead Island 2 should finally be out of its hole April 28 for PC, PlayStation consoles and Xbox.

It took years of content updates to overshadow Street Fighter V’s disastrous release, but the sixth installment in the popular fighting game series ticked all the boxes ahead of its launch thanks to exemplary communication transparency and more publicity from Capcom. fantastic original content.

With new game ideas that are pretty cool, already considered mastery, and accompanied by tons of features aimed at professionals and neophytes alike, Street Fighter VI seems to be the episode that shows that the series finally understands the era in which it has evolved. Judgment

Diablo IVit is clear Diablo IV. The title was supposed to be announced alongside Diablo Immortal, just to emphasize that the mobile title is just an appetizer while we wait for the next major installment in the Hack’n’Slash series, more than 10 years after the release of Diablo III. It would have avoided a lot of problems and misunderstandings, but… hey, we’re not Blizzard’s marketing department.

According to the latest news, the latest closed betas, made in pain and confusion, show that Diablo IV is on track to be a nice evolution of the online-oriented franchise, as it still takes more of its artistic inspiration from Diablo II. But I promise the seasonal battle pass system and in-app store shouldn’t spoil your click/kill drive to climb the ladder. June 6.

After a canonical 15th episode that clearly didn’t know what it wanted to be, fans of the franchise are in for a treat. Final Fantasy XVI with some gusto, because the title is helmed by the guy who let MMO Final Fantasy XIV be reborn and shine: Naoki Yoshida.

Yes, some will probably regret ditching tactical combat for something more… nag, but Final Fantasy XVI’s plasticity and its surprisingly gritty tone promise a big-budget JRPG that hopes to please everyone.

Surely, Final Fantasy XVI will come out June 22 exclusively on PlayStation 5but don’t listen to the director urging you to buy a PS5 just to play it, as Square Enix has already half-heartedly admitted that the title will indeed be released. on pc. Six months after the console’s release, if all goes well.

Surely, Baldur’s Gate III is technically already available, but its early access phase on Steam is in full swing, only allowing you to enjoy the first act of the campaign. Scheduled for full release August Larian will bring two-thirds of the game remaining, saying he has capitalized on all the lessons learned since October 2020.

There were subtle references to the legendary BioWare RPGs in the first act, but the trailer shown at The Game Awards 2022 shows that old hands can meet up with old acquaintances in the full version of Baldur’s Gate III, such as Jaheira and Minsc. lifelong companion hamster: Boo.

In 2011, Alan Wake was a commercial failure. A remaster of Alan Wake also came out last year. However, Alan Wake remains a cult. Sharing the same universe, Control lets Remedy know if players are ready to hurt the neurotic writer again, and it looks like it.

We don’t know much yet Alan Wake 2, but Remedy said it wanted to offer an experience that strayed from the original game. There is no exact release date, but if all goes well, the Epic Games-published title should be released the course of the year.

Armored Core VI: Rubicon Fires

It has been developing for several years From the software was already busy releasing the masterclass-banger-goat-cordon-bleu Elden Ring, Armored Core VI is indeed a reality. In addition, a necessary reality will be realized this yearopen computer, PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

IGN It would be nice if you try to say the opposite Hidetaka Miyazaki and Masaru Yamamura, the director of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, it’s pretty funny to read in his interview: no, it’s not a mecha game like Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon Souls. Perhaps the title will try to modernize the series’ original formula, but it remains pure Armored Core with an emphasis on AC customization.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Rarely have we seen a project power through gamers’ nostalgia, but against all odds, Final Fantasy VII Remake is as generous as it is surprising. Well, not all surprises are necessarily good, but we can’t say that the title doesn’t take risks with its source material.

Scheduled for the end of this year, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth therefore, FF7 has to use the strange context at the end of the Remake, which is enough to make fans particularly angry, while at the same time connecting some parts with the final remaster. Final Fantasy VII Crisis Coresubtitle Meeting. That’s a lot of “Re” incidentally. An idea for sure Tetsuya Nomura.

A true example of a neat but mindless AAA game, Marvel’s Spider-Man is the kind of exclusive that PlayStation gamers have loved since they let PC gamers enjoy it last year. If all goes well, they will be able to play with the egoists again Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 designed on PlayStation 5 later this year.

We still don’t have any details on the sequel beyond the announcement trailer, but now that Miles Morales’ status as a Super Hero has been made official, the story may focus more on the collaboration between the two friendly neighborhood spiders. . Either way, the title should benefit more from the power of Sony’s latest console.

yes, Hollow Knight: Song of Silk exist. Yes, Xbox promises a sequel to Team Cherry’s title Before June 2023. No, this is not a bad joke.

The boss of the original game, hornet will be the main character This is the sequel to Hollow Knight like any good work, it will take time to see the light of day.

So shadow fall or shadow fall?

Almost 20 years after the release of Homeworld 2, it’s almost a miracle that the melancholic space RTS franchise is still around. The success of Deserts of Kharak and the crowdfunding campaign by the original creators to allow for a new installment proves that there is still a gap in the existence of fans.

Take your time and push back after time, Motherland 3 must fill this gap on pc In early 2023, put aside his gaming ambitions due to the computers of the era, which did not have a quarter of the potential of today’s computers. It’s not uncommon to bring a tactical aspect that uses terrain to a spatial strategy game, but no RTS has ended up quite like Homeworld.

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