I rediscovered the video game and I love it

I recently discovered Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on Series X and I’m excited to discover this rich catalog. A way for me to rediscover the video game world after years of ignoring it.

A love letter to Xbox Game Pass (Ultimate) // Source: Frandroid montage from an official Microsoft visual

I recently had a refurbished Xbox Series X (in excellent condition) and for sale. I then used the official cheat to pay less for Game Pass Ultimate. And I love this service. It’s nice to be able to take advantage of this huge catalog once or three times a week when I fire up my console.

So I will tell you about my life. Of course, not my whole life, my big ego has its limits, more specifically, my attitude towards video games. However, you’ve probably already figured out that this article will quickly turn into an ode to Xbox Game Pass (Ultimate), which I happily explore. Therefore, I would like to tell you a short story of this discovery.

Xbox Series X // Source: Arnaud Gelineau – Frandroid

Several things motivate this approach. First, I wanted to share my love for this service. Then I think my review may be of interest to profiles similar to mine. Namely: a gamer who follows video game news on a more or less regular basis, but hasn’t dared to take the plunge and buy a home console until then.

In addition, even if it starts to grow in France, the Xbox brand still seems to have a small notoriety deficit compared to PlayStation. Still, I really think a lot of people like me might be wondering what Game Pass is all about.

From PS2 to next-gen consoles

To give you a good idea of ​​my video game journey, you should know that I’ve only owned one home console in my entire life: a second-hand black PlayStation 2 Slim that was given to me by my parents about 17 years ago. . I’ve turned it on almost every day to test countless games over the years. I have a special memory Jack 3full ESPof GTA San Andreas, Tekken 4 and others Asterix and Obelix XXL. Unfortunately, after a bad fall, my faithful PS2 gave up the dream. And I’m not replacing him.

PlayStation 2 Slim // Source: Benjamin Nagel via Wiki Commons

From now on, I miss a lot of events and trends in the world of video games. It’s an environment I’m only remotely interested in, and I don’t inform myself very diligently. And that will remain true for many years, until early 2018, when I buy a Nintendo Switch. Meanwhile, there is only one notable exception to report.

I shared two years with a very proud Xbox 360 owner. This was a time when co-op games gained a deep love of mine – not to mention Lego games or Lord of the Rings: War in the North, all platinum plated. But that wasn’t enough to get me back into the gaming world, I only watched the news sporadically.

Nintendo Switch OLED vs Switch 2017
Classic Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch OLED // Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid

Anyway, as of 2018, with my new Switch, I put in about 130 hours The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and over the years I’ve discovered many other great games. Above all, the Nintendo machine meets my needs as a casual gamer. Once Zelda I’m done, I have periods of heavy gaming interspersed with long weeks of doing nothing with the Switch.

Gradually, the Nintendo Switch is starting to gather some dust though. This is where the consoles are the next generation enter the scene.

The appeal of video games

Within the team Frandroid Since 2017, I have been able to help and contribute to the expansion of our editorial line. This resulted in more regular coverage of video game news in particular. I’m starting to realize everything I’m missing in this universe, all the game releases, each more promising than the other.

So I develop a growing interest in a world that I only touch with my fingertips. I’m more annoyed that a few of these titles aren’t available on the Switch or are less enjoyable to play – especially when I’m thinking of the port. witcher 3, as stunning as it is flawless.

Xbox Series X // Source: Arnaud Gelineau – Frandroid

Then I’m fascinated by the craze around cloud gaming or the new PS5 and Xbox Series S and X consoles, especially by my colleagues Cassim and Manu, both of whom rub shoulders with video game enthusiasts. That’s why I hesitate for a long time, I’m afraid that the home console will eat up all my free time. This procrastination goes on for a few months … and bam. I gave in to temptation.

As soon as I get my Xbox Series Xi, I activate my Game Pass Ultimate subscription. And that’s crazy. I adore. Neither more nor less.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: the ideal concept

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gives me access to an ultra-stocked catalog of games I need to pick up. Unlike the Switch, where I weigh the pros and cons before buying every game on the eShop for fear of disappointment, I ask myself fewer questions here. I can test a few titles and if I don’t like it, too bad. I just have to move on. I don’t even need to download the games I suspect because most of the time I can run them directly through the cloud. It is a strong sense of freedom that fuels my love for this ministry.

My two Xbox Series X controllers // Source: Frandroid

Granted, the cloud doesn’t offer nearly as impressive performance as the titles downloaded to my Xbox Series X, but it’s enough to give me a good idea of ​​what to expect. Given the catalog provided and regularly updated, I have a lot to look forward to! This is not just an idyll for a few weeks, this love is promised a beautiful and long future. Game Pass is an invitation to constant discovery, which is arguably its greatest strength.

In this way, I put myself to the test penitentiary for example, this also runs like a charm in the cloud. However, I can assure you that I never would have discovered this title without exploring Game Pass. That’s why this service is especially interesting for me, because I miss a lot of games. Looking through the catalog allows me to catch up and get a good idea of ​​the technical and scenario progress since the PS2 Slim in some ways. It’s an exciting gateway to a world of gaming I’ve been avoiding for a long time. It’s also a way to re-explore co-op games. I picked up a second Xbox controller for this purpose.

That’s why I’m especially happy that the Ultimate formula of Game Pass gives access to the EA Play offer, through which my partner and I finally discovered the masterpiece. It takes two. And a number of other co-op games are already installed on Xbox to discover more games of the same type. For example, I can’t wait to get started Open the two. Thanks to this freedom the service allows, I’m rediscovering the almost-forgotten pleasure of playing co-op, just like in the good old days of my roommate.

I also want to take this opportunity to say a word about the clear and neat interface of the Xbox Series X and Xbox and Xbox Game Pass programs on a smartphone. Also commendable is the really impressive Quick Resume feature, which allows me to skip Mexico trips in no time. Forza Horizon 5stressful atmosphereA Tale of the Plague: Requiem or my fledgling career as a manager FIFA 22. It also feeds my thirst for discovery.

In short, I love Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and the Xbox Series X have become two big favorites. Conversely, Sony’s PS5 also caught my attention with its exclusives, but the Netflix aspect of Microsoft’s offering attracted me more. It really was the perfect concept to get me hooked on video games again.

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