Disappearance: Philippe Rouyer, a life for the theatre

Philippe Rouyer, who suddenly disappeared on December 27, 2022, will have left his mark on the world of Girondin culture.

Philippe Rouyer lived in Saint-Christoly-de-Blaye with his wife Martine Macre since 2010. A true jack of all trades, king of many associations and organizations, he devoted his life to university studies and cultural events in Gironde. .

Born on June 4, 1938 in the Charente family in Bordeaux, he studied English in 1963 and until 1965 was a teacher at the Michel-Montagne high school in Bordeaux. He was awarded the title of professor in 1969, professor in 1972, professor in 1977, and honorary professor in 2001. In 1977, he defended his dissertation on Robertson and English theater.

As a teacher of immense energy, Philippe Rouyer has created a complete preparatory course from Deug to MA in theater and film and has trained a number of students in the theater profession. He helped and encouraged them for many years. He also directed more than 50 theses on theater all over the world, because theater was his passion and he did everything: stage manager, set designer, actor or audience member.

Philippe Rouyer was the director of the university’s performing arts department and in 1995 he piloted the construction of the Maison des Arts Université, covering an area of ​​2,400 m2.

In Bordeaux-III, he was the founding director of the university cultural service from 1991 to 2001, the founder of the Aquitaine theater culture association and the president of Germinal, a multicultural space until 1982.

He later became Iddac’s treasurer, then deputy secretary, and chairman of the Radio Campus, where he hosted a program called “Au pays du théâtre” on December 15, still in his deep and warm voice.

He is committed to the university

The former president of the university, Frédéric Dutheil, and its director, Frédéric El Kaim, paid their last respects to him. “A dedicated teacher, a candidate for the president of the university in 1983 and 1989, he always fought for new projects. Three of his initiatives changed the destiny of Bordeaux Montaigne: the launch of the LEA course (today it unites a quarter of the university’s undergraduate students), the creation of Performance Art courses, the implementation of a culture of service (Crea 3). »

Director of the Theater Studies and Research Center of the University, editor of the Encyclopedia of World Modern Theater, regular author of the “Actors” magazine, member of the French Theater Center and International Theater Institute, La Mémoire de Bordeaux association, Philippe Rouyer, numerous articles on theater in France and Aquitaine, in foreign languages ​​and was the author of books…

He was also involved in politics within the Socialist Party (Rocard leanings) and ran unsuccessfully against Hugues Martin (RPR) in the cantonal elections in Bordeaux in 1979 and in the legislative elections in 1981 as an alternative and as owner. In 1988 against Jacques Saban-Delmas.

President of theater workshops

In Blaye, Philippe Rouyer participated in the Blaye theater festival as president from 2001 to 2003. He surrounded himself with Jean-Francois Prevand as a director. He reconnected with his youthful passions by providing university students with Marivaux’s play La Dispute, directed by Georges Bigot.

Philippe Rouyer, described by his wife as a humanitarian, a serious man who was very considerate of others, was truly interesting, alive with humanity and an encyclopedic culture that he liked to share with everyone.

Like Moliere, he lived with passion and enthusiasm for the defense and illustration of the performing arts until his last breath. With Martine Macre, he was working on the play “End of Life” to be performed in Haute-Gironde in 2023. “We will not give up this project because of him,” concludes his wife.

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