Check out the most anticipated survival video games of 2023

A large number of video games that were supposed to be released in 2022 have been pushed back to 2023 for various reasons. that this year will be a pure delight for hardcore gamers. At the same time, several survival-style video games are expected this year, such as the popular Headlight Studio title, which was scheduled for release in 2022 but was pushed back to 2023. So, let’s look at the most video games in this article. Upcoming survival games for 2023.

Road to Vostok is available for pre-purchase on Steam

Road to Vostok is one of the most promising open world survival video games. The video game is still in development, but the studio responsible for producing the title has recently published WIP (Work in Progress) videos on its official website, thus allowing players to play the game along with the plot of the story. . According to these WIP videos, we can see the style of video game that the studio wants to address. Indeed, Road to Vostok is a single-player open-world action-adventure video game, the story of which takes place mainly in the border region between Finland and Russia. The studio responsible for developing the title thus kept the details of the real locations to give this video game a realistic side, especially for the story.

This apocalyptic FPS video game is rumored to be available on Microsoft Windows PC gaming as the video game can be pre-purchased on Steam. However, no information has been released regarding the release of the game on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X or One consoles.


For gamers who want to experience a survival experience that is the perfect blend of beauty and danger, Nightingale is one of the video games that will have you scrolling for 2023. an explorer who finds himself imprisoned in another world after a portal collapses. Therefore, the main purpose of the title will be to open a portal to the world of people. and for this the player must explore the open and fantastic world of Nightingale where adventure is everywhere.

In Nightingale, the player must try to survive against the monsters and enemies that exist in this magical and hostile world. This video game, which can be pre-purchased on Steam, is only available on PC games running on the Windows operating system. As for the release date of the game, the studio Inflexion Games has not announced the official date yet, but this TPS is likely to be released in 2023.


Rooted is one of the best and most anticipated survival video games of 2023 based on player feedback based on the video trailer provided by Headlight Studio. A post-apocalyptic survival game, the player’s adventure begins in a world ravaged by germ warfare. In this universe, nature slowly regained its power. In this title, players will be able to build their own base to protect themselves from the enemies that inhabit this world and will have to explore it to find food and supplies.

What made Rooted famous before its official release is none other than the co-op multiplayer mode it offers, where the player will be able to invite their friends during the game. Unfortunately for Xbox Series or PlayStation 5 console gamers, this video game will only be released on Windows PC.

Among the trolls

If you were abandoned in the wild, what would you do to survive? Well, you will be able to find out the answer to this question by playing the survival among Trolls video game. Indeed, the game will immerse players in a world where they will have to:

  • Survive in the Finnish forests while searching for your grandparents;
  • Encountering monsters from Finnish folklore is quite an intense experience.

Therefore, the player will assume the role of an American citizen who comes to Finland to visit his grandparents. That won’t happen after they disappear into the woods. To survive, the player must build a shelter and prepare supplies in the forest. Among Trolls thus shows the true side of the action-adventure and survival genre video game. Trolls Among Trolls will be available on a PC running Windows, but the Xbox Series or PlayStation 5 console may take place a few months after the release.

So, gamers will have to be patient as the most anticipated video games for this year do not yet have an official release date. However, given the experience video games offer, it’s worth the wait.

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