UM6P is the university where it’s all, and what’s missing we invent

Jamal Chaouki, professor at Montréal Polytechnique and affiliated with UM6P, talks about his experience as a teacher at the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) in Benguerir. He describes the innovative nature of this institution and is convinced that in a few years the Nobel Prize will be um6pian or um6pian.

I have just finished my graduation year at the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) in Bengerir. Indeed, I am a professor at Polytechnique Montréal and every 7 years to get inspired, reflect, create new connections, learn new theories, technologies and re-apply them in our university for the benefit of our students and researchers… It’s time to make a short assessment.

First of all, it is very difficult to tear yourself away from your nest and comfort to start a “new life” without your little family while living a quiet and comfortable life. It requires courage, humility and a little madness, because you have to rebuild everything: new environment, new friends, new procedures, new criteria… But in the end, it is an extraordinary adventure on all plans. I learned a lot, shared a lot…I was living a thousand miles an hour. I kind of to be born again with experience. A newborn baby ready to rebuild the impossible with new approaches, new tools, new tools, new collaborators…

The first days are difficult: alone, new, hardly knowing anyone, isolation… But soon, an incomparable kindness and friendliness team led by an intelligent, dedicated and kind manager showed me the way and allowed me to settle in the hotel where I was staying. all year round. All the staff went out of their way to make my life easier. Then he professionally took over all the services of UM6P and made it much easier for me to stay “technical” as I could devote myself to my professional occupations. The hotel also has all possible facilities: gym, swimming pool, bath… Beware of Moroccan delicacies and the chef’s juicy dishes: there is a risk of getting fat, very fat! You have been warned.

UM6P is a radical new concept created by a visionary, founder, thinker, pathfinder, supported by a wonderful team, a president who is intelligent, caring, considerate and driven by deep humility. The architecture of the UM6P is pheronic, but mild. It was built in record time with a “war” economy. We build as soon as possible. There are mistakes, of course, but we fix them and then optimize them. There is no time to lose. Breathtaking beauty. All universities in the world have nothing to envy. Its openness to the outside world, first to the rest of Morocco, then to Africa and finally to the world, is limitless. It should be known and recognized everywhere, all over the world. Its research and teaching capabilities are still developing, but the warning signs are bright and the promise is endless. Everything is there and we invent what is missing! Huge resources are put at the service of UM6P professors and their researchers and dominoes of other Moroccan researchers to invent, create, test, write, publish, patent… Just two examples:

1. a thriving health center envisioned by a great couple and their team: a young man, but beware: he comes from the world’s greatest universities and is a passionate man with a heart of gold, a magnet. and launch the whole experience, masterpiece! This pole will surely be the African beacon.

2. A unique TechCell institution in the world, at the service of all Moroccan, African and even global researchers, capable of turning their scientific and technical discoveries into wealth and socio-economic impact. Morocco and Africa still export a lot of raw materials, enormous wealth without conversion. It is time to turn them into products with high added value. Thanks to the TechCell couple and those who use it, this is now a reality.

Many other developments are already in place and more are on the way. The dream is already here, and new “almost impossible” ones are coming true every day, non-stop. Thus, many professors and their researchers are already effectively and originally solving both universal problems and problems that are prominent in Africa: water scarcity, arid and semi-arid agriculture, new energies and their storage, new fertilizers to feed the world’s population, which is extremely growing. , new materials, emissions and reductions in the source of greenhouse gases, environmental issues, waste recycling in a circular economy, quantum computers, artificial intelligence… The fact of being involved all year round like grain. the sand that belongs to the whole is awesome! I felt honored to work there. As the adventure must continue, I decided to continue participating in another form, as an adjunct professor, by mutual agreement. Finally, how can we think of abandoning such a unique, extremely rare vessel that offers so many possibilities with real effects: to raise the standard of living of all Moroccans, of all Africans?

As the prowess of our Moroccan team shining in the global sky, UM6P, the locomotive of Moroccan and African universities, will pave the way to become one of the largest universities in the world. It will not be like them because its development is unique and its goals are specific: to develop and enrich Africa. The entire Moroccan, Arab and African diaspora is invited to enter, contribute, help and build the future of tomorrow. UM6P is in the process of creating a position, a title, to be defined for all Moroccans and the African diaspora, so that they can participate in this celebration, even from a distance. Let’s dare the impossible together (because it’s happening here): in a few years, the Nobel Prize will be um6pian or um6pian. Until then we have to work, work and above all work…

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