Sale 2023: Unmissable reduction on these Nerf guns

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Take advantage of the sales to get these Nerf guns on sale at Fnac

The second day of sales and super promotions continues. When it comes to games, Fnac really cuts their prices. If your child likes to shoot all kinds of projectiles while aiming at a target, he will love these products. These are truly the best guns on the market, Nerf. They benefit from unmissable discounts, so discover our selection without further delay.

1. This Nerf Elite 2.0 Flip 32 gun is under $47 on Amazon

Does your child practice shooting for hours in the garden or at home? Does he pick a random target and throw everything in his power to reach it? It is your home that you can overwhelm with this activity. So, give him this Nerf Elite 2.0 Flip 32 gun to handle all that. He can really have fun with the right product. Its promotion at Fnac is also unmissable. It is indeed offered for €46.89.

High performance weapons

Your child will be able to shoot without limits with this Nerf Elite 2.0 Flip 32 gun.

Buy this nerf gun Elite 2.0 Flip 32 at Fnac for €46.89

Toy guns are great, of course, but what time does your child have to reload them? If he can’t draw faster than lightning, it’s impossible for him to show his full talent. Fortunately, the Nerf Elite 2.0 Flip 32 gun is here to solve that problem. It is indeed equipped with two guns, one aimed at the front and the other at the rear. 16 first darts are thrown. Once the magazine is empty, all you need to do is rotate the rear barrel forward with it loaded as well. All that’s left is to shoot. These are 16 more darts predicted. Your little one can open 1 or 2 darts at a time. Press lightly to release a dart and press hard to see two projectiles fired. Her prediction exercises!

2. 32% XXL discount on this Nerf Blaster Ultra Select

As we know, children are fickle by nature. They want something and the next second they change their mind. So if they want a long-range toy gun now, they may want a device that relies on more accuracy in the near future. But you’ve already got this popular game… Don’t put yourself through that kind of conundrum again with the Nerf Blaster Ultra Select. It combines both possibilities. It’s also cheap on Fnac for this 2023 sale. It will therefore cost you only €37.50, compared to the previous €54.99. 32% ultra attractive reduction.

2 in 1 gun

With the Nerf Blaster Ultra Select, your child will be able to perfect their distance shooting and accuracy.

Buy this Nerf Blaster Ultra Select at Fnac for €37.50

Does your little warrior want to perfect his shot in every possible way? After that, it will be necessary to invest in many devices. But you don’t necessarily have the space or the money. Choose the 2-in-1 formula with this Nerf Blaster Ultra Select. With this, your child can have fun in many ways. The weapon is actually equipped with two magazines of 10 darts each. The selector allows you to select the bootloader you want and they both have different capabilities.

First, it allows you to shoot Nerf Ultra darts from a distance of up to 36 meters. The second is to improve your prediction by using Nerf Ultra precision darts. The shoot couldn’t have been simpler. Your little one has to press and hold the acceleration button until the projectile goes off. And you don’t need to remove the magazine to put all the darts back. It can be refilled at any time without removing it. Training will start soon!

3. Save over $10 on this Nerf Fortnite B-AR gun

Your child might be a huge fan of the Fortnite video game. He then spends his time on his console or PC in the “top 1”, killing opponents alone or as a team. Not to mention the many dances inspired by the game that never stopped multiplying. He might dream of playing one of the game’s characters in real life. Partially fulfill his wish with this Nerf Fortnite B-AR gun. It is currently on sale for sale at Fnac. So its price drops from €39.99 to €28.50. This means a 29% reduction in wow effect.

Dive into a video game

Your child will be immersed in their favorite game with this Nerf Fortnite B-AR gun

Buy this Nerf Fortnite B-AR gun at Fnac for €28.50

The game becomes reality. Your child has become one of the icons of the video game Fortnite. With his team, he must now defeat other players to finish in the “top 1”, the Grail. To achieve this, he is equipped with a Nerf Fortnite B-AR gun. Its red and white graphic design is truly original. It flutters in the middle of the ultra-recognizable “Fortnite” logo. But there is no time to linger, the game begins. Your fighter has 10 darts at his disposal to shoot enemies. These are stored in a single charger. So how many opponents will he hit?

4. Unmissable 34% off this Nerf Roblox Adopt Me Bees blaster

If your child is a fan of video games, he must have already heard of Roblox. He must have played before. It’s about imagining games that the whole community can then enjoy. A fun way to develop creativity and flexibility in young people. In particular, gun running games were created. And this is one that Nerf decided to replicate with the Nerf Roblox Adopt Me Bees blaster. Good news for your wallet, its promotion on Fnac is really attractive. To become its proud owner, you will have to spend €22.50 against €33.99 previously. That 34% reduction is a bargain.

15 darts to throw

Your child will feel like they are in the Roblox video game with this Nerf Roblox Adopt Me Bees blaster

Buy this explosive The nerve Roblox take I Bees for €22.50 at Fnac

For the video game lover, Roblox is a must. It allows you to create your own versions or play other players’ versions. And breakout platforms are especially popular. Each of the players would like to be able to find their feelings, kits and accessories in real life. Now partially possible with the Nerf Roblox Adopt Me Bees blaster. It features the design of one of the popular game’s weapons. Its yellow and orange colors and drop details are truly extraordinary.

In terms of performance, this weapon does damage. It can shoot 15 Nerf Elite darts with its rotating barrel. Once the rounds are fired, simply turn on the loading lever and press the trigger to reload. The package also includes a special downloadable code for the Roblox game. All that remains to be discovered!

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