Philippe Deval is gone

Philippe Deval, born in 1929 in the Romans, died at the Résidence des Jardins de Génissieux. Grandson of founder Henry Deval, son of Jean Deval, he knew how to perpetuate the image of a local weekly. Drom’s impartiality. Trained by his father in the art of printing, he worked in a workshop for a long time before taking over the reins of the family business.

It was in the early 1970s that he demonstrated his entrepreneurial abilities. By transferring activities from Jean-Jaurès 43 to 45 in Romans, he proved his determination and degree of dynamism. It was time to purchase the buildings on rue Mirabeau to install a car park there, the purchase of the Creusot Loire rotary press, the transition to Offset. At that time, SA Deval’s three businesses included a stationery store, a printing house and a press company. The press then gathered Unbiased and Le PA gratuit d’annonces, to which should have been added L’Echo Drôme Ardèche create three Written Press titles.

A shrewd businessman, Philip Deval will retain the enthusiasm of his impatient character for a long time. He was polite and courteous, responsible, faithful to Christian values. Married and the father of five daughters, his priority remained in his professional life. Loyal to the Union of Master Printers, then to the Regional Weekly Press, he had the joy of being awarded the Order of National Merit. It was lavishly given to him by SPHR President Albert Garrigues. It was a memorable day for Philippe Deval, who received this award in the halls of the Hôtel de Crillon Place Vendôme in Paris, surrounded by his wife and five daughters.

Philippe Deval (bottom right) alongside his father Jean Deval and in front of his daughters Nathalie Deval, Anne Deval and Catherine Deval for the centenary of L’Impartial de la Drôme. Henri Deval in portrait.

100 years of our weekly publication in 1983 Drom’s impartiality, he asked his daughter Anna to organize and promote an event at the Museum Gardens. It was high points in his career when the man in the shadows was in the spotlight. The last years of his long life were spent losing two daughters: Natalie in 2007 and Catherine in 2010. It was his wife Mirey who left him last year. These last painful times gave him a little joy… Being surrounded by loved ones, cherishing. Seeing his great grandson Charles come over for Christmas.

After collaborating with her 4 children, in 2018 she had the great pleasure of seeing her daughter, Anne Deval Ostorero, pass the torch to one of her grandchildren, Simon Rucksel. As a worthy representative of the fifth generation, in the place of transmission in the heart. Staying independent and running your own business were the cornerstones of an established motto.

A conservative at heart, he leaves us with the image of a respectable, gentle man in many ways. We will remember Philip Deval, whose devotion to moral values ​​was combined with great prudence. The editorial board of the newspaper expresses its deepest condolences to his daughters Anna, Isabelle and Sophie, his grandchildren Guillaume, Eduard, Simon, Jules and Jeanne, his great-grandchildren Charles and Constance, and his sister Anne-Marie Lemley. The funeral will be held on Saturday, January 14 at 11:00 a.m. at Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes in Romans.

Our newspaper is in mourning

Simon Rouxel and Philippe Deval.

My grandfather Philip Deval left us. I recall the memory of one participant, trying to do the same thing with the same denial and the same desire that his grandson relives him every day. I owe him a lot. This family business has developed since 1908 thanks to him. In his entrepreneurial spirit, he knew how to develop Imprimerie Deval, Papeterie Deval and our newspapers. Drom’s impartiality and Echo Drôme-Ardèche he will bring to the fold of the company. Filip Deval was a great leader of the regional press and this company. Authoritarian at times, it must be admitted, but always benevolent in his approach and human relations, he has made a mark on everyone’s mind and will guide this company. He let me join him 10 years ago to flourish there and take it from his daughters (Anne Deval, my aunt and Nathalie Deval, my mother). Teams show deep respect for him to ensure that they can still practice their various know-hows today.

Simon Rouxel,
president and publishing director Drom’s impartiality

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