A hard drug outlet in Vancouver?

jerry martin51 know the effects of drugs and the consequences of criminalizing users.

The self-proclaimed “King of Mercy” businessman began using drugs as a teenager and lived on the streets for 15 years.

Now sober, he wants to help people in an unusual way: by selling them small amounts of heroin, fentanyl, cocaine, methamphetamine, or MDMA.

My younger brother overdosed a few months agohe explains. I was already thinking about opening a store, but this was the trigger. Providing a place where people can get their supplies safely is very important.

Medications waiting to be tested by Get Your Drugs Tested staff.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Justine Beaulieu-Poudrier

project of jerry martin still an embryo. It has no building or supply chain and is always looking for investors.

But the businessman already has an idea about this concept pharmacy said he wanted to open in the neighborhood Vancouver’s central east side : a place where drugs will be tested, adult customers can safely buy up to 2.5 grams of the drug, and staff will also provide prevention and education.

Someone has to do it, especially with decriminalization looming. People will be looking for drugs and want to get their supply from a safe place.

A first in Canada

Effective January 31, Health Canada authorized British Columbia to decriminalize possession of 2.5 grams or less of heroin, morphine or opioids such as fentanyl, cocaine, methamphetamines and ecstasy.

The initiative aims to stem the opioid crisis. More than 32,000 Canadians have died across the country since 2016, according to data released by Health Canada in December.

A man holds a placard that reads, in English,

Every death is caused by failed drug policies, protests April 14, 2022 marks six years since Victoria, British Columbia declared opioid overdose a public health emergency.

Photo: The Canadian Press/Chad Hipolito

In British Columbia, the latest data from the Coroners Office shows that nearly 14,000 people have died since the province declared a public health emergency in 2016.

This action will help reduce the barriers and stigma that prevent people from accessing life-saving help and services.we can read on the government’s website. Substance use is a public health issue, a criminal justice issue.

Difficulty accessing quality medicines

We can destigmatize the moment we decriminalizeJean-Sébastien Fallu, a professor specializing in drugs and legalization at the University of Montreal, believes.

But it is clear that it is a pilot project [de la Colombie-Britannique] does not address the main problem behind the overdose crisis, the quality of the products on the market.

Initiative in this context jerry martin According to the researcher, it can be promising.

Regardless of the products, there are people who will consume them anyway, so offering a tested product despite certain limitations can effectively reduce risks and deaths.

Portrait of Dana Larsen on the set of Get Your Drugs Tested.

A portrait of Dana Larsen in the building of the drug detection center he founded.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Justine Beaulieu-Poudrier

jerry martin Campaigning for the legalization of drugs is not the only one moving in this direction Dana Larsen.

I expect others to start similar projects to create a secure supply chain in the next yearhe said.

Dana Larsen has been at the forefront of the movement to legalize marijuana, including opening dispensaries when possession and sale of marijuana were illegal.

A poster for Test Your Medicines, a community-based harm reduction service.

Get Your Drugs Tested is a community-based harm reduction service launched in 2019 to address the overdose crisis.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Justine Beaulieu-Poudrier

Today, the entrepreneur is especially managing the meter Check your medicationsfree service located on the street Hastingsnear Downtown Eastside.

At the reception desk, he believes that parading customers with samples to ensure their content is a last resort.

Medicines under the microscope.

Get Your Medicines Tested staff check the medicine for unwanted substances.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Justine Beaulieu-Poudrier

Heroin on the streets has been almost completely replaced by fentanylhe explains. Here we test drugs, but we shouldn’t have to, they should be pre-screened, they should be labeled and people should know in advance what they are taking.

Illegal project

In an email, the British Columbia Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions says it’s offered jerry martin not part of the decriminalization pilot project.

The sale or circulation of controlled substances remains illegal under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, regardless of quantity.written in the statement. After January 31, the police will have the opportunity to apply the law on illegal drug trafficking.

Portrait of Jerry Martin on the corner of Main and East Hastings streets in the Downtown Eastside.

Portrait of Jerry Martin on the corner of Main and East Hastings streets in the Downtown Eastside.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Justine Beaulieu-Poudrier

jerry martin is aware of it. The entrepreneur says he’s willing to go to prison for his beliefs and wants to pave the way for legalization with his approach, as other activists before him have done for marijuana.

I want all drugs to be legal. And above all, people are treated like people. I want their health status to be considered, not their criminal status.

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