3 main sectors using bitcoins

Since its inception, bitcoin has increased in value year after year. Today it is cryptocurrency is now on everyone’s lips for investors and entrepreneurs.

According to statistics, there are currently about 13 million bitcoins in circulation. Although these virtual currencies are very popular, they are still difficult to use in the real world.

However, there are few areas that accept this type of cryptocurrency, such as making payments. There are 3 main sectors to consider in this perspective!

The world of gambling with online casinos

Free and unlimited betting, online casinos most recommended! These sites offer the same games, services and winning opportunities as traditional gambling establishments. To access it, you need a good internet connection, a mobile device and some money.

These platforms are used by millions of players worldwide. Both popular and appreciated, they offer undeniable benefits to their customers. The most notable are all kinds of casino bonuses. These are promotions given to players for free, such as:

  • Welcome bonuses;
  • Free spins;
  • No deposit bonuses;
  • Exclusive bonuses;

In addition to these offers, online casinos also offer a rich and varied game library. So, for example, it is possible to play poker, roulette or slot machines. Payment and withdrawal methods depend on each brand: bank cards, bank transfers or electronic wallets.

to find out the best online casino certain points in the market should be checked. A reliable gambling site should first of all have a good and proper license for the practice. In this regard, it should be included in the list of platforms regulated by the relevant authorities.

This is especially true of neo-casinos. These sites accept cryptocurrency payments and withdrawals, including bitcoin, which are safer transactions. Gamers who are cryptocurrency enthusiasts can therefore find what they are looking for. You just need to choose your platform well in this perspective. Here is an overview of online casinos of the moment!

Popular video game sector

Computer and video games are two sectors that are often inseparable. Although each field has its own characteristics, these environments meet continuously. Therefore, it is not so surprising to see that they have the same inclination towards bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

In recent years, major game and console developers have found an easier way to make money. They turned to dematerialization and microtransaction systems to generate more revenue. These include the marketing strategy behind the games It was free to play.

Indeed, to access certain levels or advance in the game, players can now withdraw their wallets online. The system is like a mobile game candy crash where it is possible to buy lives to continue playing. Today, several brands accept bitcoin for these types of online purchases.

To go further, developers are also offering other types of games to appeal to cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It’s about games Play to win where every player can earn money just by playing. The respective earning prospects are very interesting and appeal to different player profiles.

Some popular titles for using bitcoins in video games are:

  • Robotera to create his own world;
  • Calvaria to collect cards;
  • Lucky Block will win $1 million in bitcoin (BTC);
  • Decentraland to start the world of real estate;
  • Sandbox to learn about the Metaverse;

More than simple video games, these types of virtual games present themselves as the future of technology. However, it is based on this principle blockchain. Here is this site that lets you learn more about it!

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Commerce and e-commerce in general

Contrary to popular belief, it is now possible to make purchases with bitcoins. Currently, several brands accept cryptocurrencies as a currency for financial transactions. This remains valid for physical businesses and online platforms.

Unfortunately, huge Amazon does not allow this system yet. However, it is possible to exchange bitcoins for gift cards that can be used on this platform. You just have to use it Purse.io in this approach. This site facilitates financial transactions on Amazon with coupons and promotions.

In addition to Marketplaces, it is also possible to buy products directly from large companies with bitcoin. Of course, it is advisable to check the transfer terms and applicable methods for this. Anyway, here is an incomplete list of brands that accept this type of payment:

  • Windows Store;
  • subway;
  • you are here;
  • Reddit;
  • WordPress;

It should also be noted that there are several local merchants and supermarkets that currently accept bitcoin payments. For example, you can mention the stores in France Bakerof Sephora or even Homes of the world. Moreover, we must not forget the merchants Shopify they generally accept this kind of operation.

The adult industry also sees bitcoin as a real opportunity to attract more customers. This is the state of the company Playboy allows subscription payment through cryptocurrencies. The goal of this strategy is obviously very simple: to satisfy customers by all means.

Bitcoin, towards which future?

It should be remembered that bitcoin a Official currency in El Salvador as of 2021. It quickly followed the country Central African Republic which will legalize this crypto next year. Moreover, since the conflict RussiaI’Ukraine agrees to receive donations in cryptocurrency.

In other words, the use of bitcoin in the market should therefore become popular soon. Several e-commerce brands have already turned to this virtual currency. According to experts, the trend can only be confirmed in the coming years.

In the meantime, bitcoin users can turn to these 3 main sectors that have been accepting cryptocurrencies for some time. They can trade them, spend them or invest them according to their needs.

However, here are a few things to keep in mind!

Advantages Disadvantages
Online casinos ● Always available

● Bitcoin withdrawals are allowed

● Good earning prospects

● Ideal for investing money

● Platform security

● Withdrawal subject to conditions

● Some casinos prefer other cryptocurrencies

Video games ● Interesting and easy payment methods

● Access to different products (even derivatives).

● Multiple platforms available

● Opportunity to earn money with Play-to-Earn games

● Sometimes bitcoin converters are required

● Not suitable for all cryptocurrency users

E-commerce and commerce ● Products are easy to buy or sell

● Different possible possibilities

● Several major brands are already members of bitcoin

● Undisputed popularity worldwide

● Reluctance of traders

● Security of markets and online stores

● Lack of legal regulation

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