Twitter star designer PabloR sketches downtown Strasbourg

Cartoonist PabloR, famous for his maps on social networks, solved the drawing of Grande-Île de Strasbourg after a winter visit to Strasbourg. A city he fell in love with.

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Pablo Raison (alias) known for his maps since 2019 PabloR) has been working on the Grande-Île painting in Strasbourg since Christmas. A work he was able to create thanks to his visit to the city, the internet, and the community of Alsace.

Remember us, mid-December 2022. By the middle of the Christmas market, thermometers reach -10°C or even lower, and snow covers all of Strasbourg. It was during this period that Norman Pablo Raison first set foot in the capital of Alsace for the signing of his book. Description of France and other wonders by Pablo Raison.

The young designer of 22 when he left the Kléber bookstore, where he signed his book for fans years take the opportunity to explore the city: “I fell in love with Strasbourg”, admits in his book one who has already sketched the capital of Alsace. From Petite France to the cathedral, she falls in love.

However, PabloR had already painted Strasbourg in his book without being there. A picture in A4 format that will now have a younger brother. Or rather, older brother. Filled with the architecture and atmosphere of the city (helped by snow and a Christmas market), PabloR tackled an A2 painting of the Big Island (59.4). x 42 cm), twice as large as before.

A challenge for anyone painting a Grand Est who isn’t used to painting on such large boards: “I mostly do A3, but this format allows me to put in a lot of detail. And I love it! I could do a bigger format, which we call vintage, but that would be too much.” At the end of 2022, he started to paint this painting because he had free time.

I was surprised to see that the entire city center is on one big island.


Pablo Raison from Strasbourg knew some famous places like the European Parliament or the Cathedral: “But immediately I realized that the whole city center is on a big island.” This is the sector that Norma chose to shoot (see map below).

To get his job done, Pablo helps his best friends build the city : Google Maps and Geoportal sites. First, thanks to its three-dimensional interface, it helps him understand the size of buildings. Second, it allows a better understanding of how the city is built: “It helps me draw roads and streets very accurately”explains the designer.

But sometimes tools are not enough. So PabloR is calling out to Alsace Internet users on Twitter and following him. 6 It sounds like January in a tweet IThey are from Strasbourg”I need help with my map, do you know what this gateway is called?. In the process, several twittos reply that it is the bridge of False-Rempart.

“Participating in the preparation of the map makes people happy to see that we are interested in their territory. Later, there were many requests to draw places that are not on the map. There will be neither a university, nor a court, not even a railway station, nevertheless, they are magnificent buildings.”PabloR announces.

The artist’s work will be completed during the 9th week January 2023: “First I drew the contours of the island with the Patient. Then I drew the streets with a pencil, and from the outside to the inside are the blocks of houses that I slowly filled in. So I finished at the cathedral.”

The young designer admitted that it was difficult to draw the Petite France region: “It wasn’t really easy to stop everything with islands, parks and very narrow streets. So I had to remove the streets to keep the spirit of the district.”

More than a few details, “surprise for the finishing touch”, and PabloR’s download will be complete. You can find it at and take home this handmade map to display in your living room.

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