Paperjam Top 100: 2022 Rankings, 71 to 80

71 – Hugues Delcourt

After serving as CEO at BIL (2014-2019) and Chairman at Kneip Communication (2019-2022), Hugues Delcourt became more reserved, less exposed to the media. His 30 years of banking experience, including 17 years in Asia (Hong Kong, Seoul) and others in Amsterdam, Milan, Zurich before moving to Luxembourg in 2010, make him a consultant and international business serving wealthy families today. in the field of private equity. French by origin, Luxembourgish by nationality, Hugues Delcourt is a polyglot and speaks Mandarin in particular.

72 – Gilles Feith

He took over as CEO of Luxair in June 2020, on his 44th birthday, in the midst of a health crisis that has paralyzed the entire transport sector. determined, Gilles FeithGilles Feith he had to weather several other storms inside. While some deplore his overly directive leadership, others applaud his ability to strategize long-term and his great accessibility. “I’m someone who wants to try and work with the staff. Luxair should be bolder. This is a necessity.”

73 – Claude Wagner

He is the archetype of the reserved but successful multi-entrepreneur. 56 years old, Claude WagnerClaude Wagner is the founder and CEO of Batipro Matériaux, a building materials trading group, particularly present in Luxembourg and Belgium. It also took over Kroell and Bâtiself, saving 170 jobs in the process. He is the owner of Citabel and Intersport stores, who has a passion for sports, especially running. Its CWA group includes 25 companies and employs more than 800 people. A dynamic that earned this former banker the Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 award (EY Luxembourg).

74 – Daniel Schneider

entrepreneur and investor, Daniel SchneiderDaniel Schneider He is a networker in Luxembourg and internationally (London, Paris, Tel Aviv, New York). Co-founder of Tenzing Partners (M&A) in 2007 and FiveOffices in 2022 (real estate), he is also known for his equity investments in Luxembourg and elsewhere, as well as his role as Honorary Consul of Israel in Luxembourg. The restrained leader came out of the shadows during the performance of the “5 vir 12” collective. He is on various boards including Paperjam’s publisher, Maison Moderne.

75 – David Arendt

David ArendtDavid Arendt After being the CFO and Vice President of Cargolux for 13 years, he was the Managing Director of Freeport in Luxembourg from 2011 to 2016. Educated as a lawyer, he took his first professional steps with Arendt & Medernach. After resigning from Freeport in 2016, he returned to the Director’s Office, a company that manages a group of independent directors provided to private companies, particularly investment funds, and has himself been a director at various companies. Passionate about art, he is the co-founder and treasurer of the Luxembourg Association of Art Galleries and Practitioners.

76 – Benji Kontz

Representing the fourth generation of a great family success, Benji KontzBenji Kontz (42) now presides over the fortunes of the group founded in 1917 by his great-grandfather Arnold. Thus, the Arnold Kontz Group is one of the leaders in the premium car segment in Luxembourg, but also in the entire sector related to personal mobility in general, the group is also active in the scooter market. one of the bicycle.

With a master’s degree in law from Sorbonne University in his pocket, he officially joined the company in 2005. He became CEO six years later, before logically taking the reins. Since then, he has followed in the footsteps of his predecessors, positioning the company around exclusive brands (Aston Martin, Jaguar, Lotus and Land Rover) while expanding its reach (concession in Niederkorn, also in Habay, Belgium).

Benji Kontz is the secretary of the Federation of Automotive and Mobility Distributors and an administrator of the Car House.

77 – Arno Jacquemin

since 2018, Arnaud JacqueminArnaud Jacquemin He is the Managing Director of Societe Generale Bank and Trust, the bank that carries out all the businesses of the Societe Generale group in Luxembourg. A group where this French citizen, a graduate of Ecole polytechnique and École nationale des ponts et chaussées, also sits on the management committee. He joined Societe Generale in 1993 and has since held several positions in France, the United States and Luxembourg. It should also be noted that he is also a member of the boards of directors of ABBL and the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

78 – Philip Glaesener

It has been operating within SES, the world leader in satellite telecommunication services, for more than twenty years. Philippe GlaesenerPhilippe Glaesener He held various missions there before becoming Senior Vice President for Defense, Security and Facilities. As such, he leads the commercial activities of the Luxembourg company’s Networks division. This brings the TUM Munich and HEC Paris graduate into contact with key institutional, governmental and defense-related players in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, as well as various European institutions and regional defense organizations.

79 – Mark Hoffman

Not to be confused with the namesake Cactus Marketing and Retail Director Mark HoffmanMark Hoffman In the mid-2000s, he founded the Private Banking Company (CBP) in the company of several entrepreneurs, including Norbert Becker. It was a real surprise at the time, as it was the first 100% Luxembourg bank in decades. An institution whose growth necessitated seeking allies elsewhere. For the first time in 2010 with the international investment group Quilvest. Then in 2021 through the takeover of all capital by Fideuram Bank Luxembourg. Mark Hoffmann remains CEO of this new structure.

80 – Karin Feipel

“After 20 years of practicing law (at Arendt & Medernach in Luxembourg and managing the New York office, editor’s note), I wanted to take on new challenges by sitting on the board of directors to be at the center of decisions. both in terms of strategy and corporate governance”. it is so Carine FeipelCarine Feipel (52) explained the turning point in his career to Paperjam in 2014. As for his specialty in insurance law, this is reflected in his various mandates, CAs of banks, insurance companies and investment funds (BDL, Morgan Stanley Investment Funds, Fidelity). funds etc.).

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