Online casino and bitcoin casino: what are the differences?

If you are familiar with online gambling, then you have heard of Bitcoin casinos. Some users like to play there, while others prefer to have fun in classic online casinos. All players have their reasons, but what is yours? What type of casino do you prefer? If you are still hesitating, a comparative analysis will help you decide.


Anonymity is the feature most online casino players look for. After all, not everyone wants to show off their penchant for casino games. Some people are forced to hide it from their banks at the risk of losing certain benefits.

But what about this famous anonymity in these two types of online casinos?

Traditional online casinos do their best to ensure the anonymity of players, but the result is still disappointing. Conversely, Bitcoin casinos have the ability to provide complete anonymity for all players. They use the nature of the blockchain (on which it is based) to ensure anonymity of players.

It is true that the transaction on the blockchain cannot be completely hidden because there will always be a trace, but the identity of the player’s wallet remains private. By the way, many Bitcoin online casinos do not require any verification documents to withdraw your winnings. This is another advantage over traditional casinos. This is, for example, the case of Lucky Block. You won’t need to submit any KYC to play and withdraw.

Transaction processing speed

There is a status quo regarding the performance period of deposits. Indeed, deposits in both online casinos and Bitcoin casinos are processed almost instantly. All payment methods permitted in this context are subject to this rule.

But this is not the case for retreat. Withdrawals at regular online casinos are processed with a certain delay depending on the payment methods used. However, operators do their best to ensure that delays are not too long. Usually you have to wait between 1 and 3 days.

In Bitcoin casinos, however, deadlines are processed quickly, often in less than an hour. Don’t hesitate to explore Lucky Block to take advantage of this advantage.


Commissions are usually charged when you make online transactions (deposits and withdrawals). Online casinos are subject to this law, and although it is not necessarily their fault, these fees may be higher or lower depending on the operator chosen.

On the other hand, transactions at Bitcoin casinos do not generate any commission or very low fees if applicable. This is because operators often collaborate with their own cryptocurrency miners who manage these transactions. Therefore, there is no need to go to a third party to deposit or withdraw money with cryptocurrency.

A selection of cryptocurrencies

The increasing evolution of cryptocurrencies has prompted casinos to accept them in their systems. More and more online casinos allow you to pay in these currencies. However, the number of cryptocurrencies available is limited. You will almost always own only 3 cryptos: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

The choice in Bitcoin casinos is almost endless. By definition, Bitcoin casinos work with cryptocurrencies. Therefore, it is expected that a large number of authorized cryptocurrencies will be found there.

Bet amounts

Traditional online casinos set wagering limits that players cannot exceed when playing for real money. To take advantage of the high ceilings, you must join the VIP club. This method can be a brake for some big players.

Betting limits at Bitcoin casinos are generally higher than elsewhere.


Classic online casinos are known to have particularly rich game libraries. It is not uncommon to find a casino offering 3000 different games just for the pleasure and satisfaction of the players. Nowadays, Bitcoin casinos can also adapt to the game libraries of classic casinos.

Now you have a detailed comparative analysis between classic online casinos and Bitcoin casinos. They can be compared in many aspects, but the ones in this review have more value. Depending on your expectations and inclinations, you can now make your choice with confidence.

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