One Step Later Fall Game Review (Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC)

Life is so short, why does it end so soon?

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Don’t blink!

It’s really nice to get so much support from our friends at Xbox Canada, who send us tons of codes to try ID@Xbox games. It was thanks to these suggestions that we were able to test the awesomeness The Beast Within a suspense/horror game that I’ve been loving recently. However, there are times when you wonder what some developers are up to. This is a question I asked while testing the game. One Step After Fall of Bergson’s Games Studios, released on Xbox One on January 5th. Don’t blink because you might miss something…

Why, the question is…

“Why?”. This is the question that came to my mind after a short run through the small valley of One Step Later Autumn. A question that actually harms others. Why did you make this game? What was the purpose? Why so short? Is there an eel under the rock? Is this part of a possible upcoming full game? In short, I admit that I’m still curious about it.

At first glance, One Step After Fall presented itself in a very attractive way, especially for me, who is an avid follower of such narrative games, often “walking simulators“. Before I go any further, please know that I had to write my second opinion on this game, my first text was very hard and harsh on it, especially in the face of the confusion it put me through. after finishing my first game.

Because don’t be surprised if the first test of the game feels like you didn’t do anything (or almost) and reach the credits after a maximum of twenty minutes. yes yes 20 MINUTES! Now you understand some of my questions and initial frustration with it. I went back a second time to myself that I must have missed a detail or two. This allowed me to be more attentive to the self-presenters and ultimately to better understand its intricacies.

The game puts you in place Steve Robinsonwho returned to the creek he kindly called his house » After the failure of his writing career and the departure of his wife. As you explore the environment in first person, you’ll come across various texts here and there, most of which are written by him. Ironically, Steve seems to have turned to them to help exorcise some of his inner demons. Then you will understand that Steve has not been easy lately and the adventure will help him overcome his problems or lose all hope and end his miserable life.

The visual environment of the game helps to add a little mysterious filter to the whole valley. Bathed in the light of dusk, you can visit the four corners of a very small valley where you can see Steve’s barn, tower, well, etc. you will be taken to discover the records scattered in different places. If you just wander around not caring what it all means, the game will feel incredibly empty.

Because even though One Step Later Fall is very short, the importance of following a certain order in your progress will ultimately tell you “good ending” and “ notbad“, the second one will probably be on your first playthrough of the game. And even if you carefully read the messages and notes here and there, you can forget a step, which will ensure that you will once again end up in a bad scenario and have to restart the game from the beginning to try again. remained.

This way, your overall length of playtime will increase slightly and you’ll feel like you’re getting a little more bang for your buck. I was able to get this damn good ending on my third try, and unfortunately it just wasn’t worth the work I had to do to finally get it. Let’s just say it’s a little heartbreaking. At least if we had a few more fun and interesting things to do in the game, it would already feel a little more like we’re doing something and a little satisfied, but this is not the case.

Aside from wanting to collect all the little zombie figurines scattered around in OSAF, you won’t have anything to eat. By finding these, you may have a small hope of discovering something interesting, as each figurine has a number. But again, don’t expect too much from it, because even after finding them all, nothing has changed, not even the addition of the Xbox achievement!

For all of you who struggle with Shakespeare’s language, please note that the game does not offer. no dialogue or text in french. For a game with 100 words at most, that’s a bit heartbreaking. In addition, dialogues are generated by an artificial intelligence engine Aside from the replica studio and an interesting effect for the scarecrow voice that follows you for part of your journey, the rest is depressingly monotonous. It’s ugly because you won’t feel any emotion in the voices, which is a shame given the dramatic theme of the game.

I think One Step After Fall had a lot of potential and could have been a much more interesting and fun adventure. Even at CAN$6.49, I think it’s still too expensive for what it offered us in return, especially compared to the total time we spent there. I made the game for comparison EDENGATE: The edge of life recently, a title for the same price, more fun and gave me at least 1h30 2h00. In my opinion, save your dollars and invest in a second one, you will at least enjoy it a little more …


Game Test - Score 4

What we really like

  • The visual atmosphere is interesting and mysterious
  • Having to find and understand the logical sequence to follow to get a good ending
What we like less

  • A very inconsistent story
  • The lack of emotion of dialogues made by AI
  • The order to follow is not always clear
  • Very little interactivity
  • Collectables are useless
  • Especially its super short duration in the 1st pass of the game
  • Very expensive compared to what they offered us

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Note that the version tested is the version on Xbox One. The game is also available on PC.

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