How to make the right choice?

Why choose a school to study for a master’s degree?

According to Grande Ecole program director Alexandre Pourchet audienceOne of the strengths of the Grande Ecole Program Master (PGE) is its versatility. A student can really study management, accounting, finance, marketing, HR, etc. In addition to this versatility, as with Audencia, he can quickly customize his career. This customization allows you to specialize in a specific area of ​​management and administration, strengthen your skills and expand your experience. Another strong point is simulations, business events, presence of business professionals, etc. is professionalization that includes continuous education. “. Schools also develop their own values. ” Our students, Alexandre Pourchet emphasizes, there are also several courses around the humanities and culture (philosophy, geopolitics, art history, etc.). This position allows them to establish a management “personality”. »

Whatever the school, some time in the company is mandatory during these two years. It can take the form of an experiment or take turns. The approval of the diploma is also subject to this period in the field. The possibility of following one or more international practices should also be considered. The duration and choice of directions varies depending on the institution. In terms of inclusion rate, it is around 80-90% at most.

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What to do after getting Bac+2/+3/+4? What sector are you going for? For what type of training? destination Studyrama Continuing Education and Masters fairs were organized all of France. A unique opportunity to discover institutions and discuss with students, education managers and experts to ask them all your questions!

Why choose a university for a master’s degree?

yes, yesuniversity, two possible options, masters with a more “professional” focus and masters leaning more towards a career in research. According to Jean-François Dreuille, vice president for education and university life at Savoie Mont Blanc University, “the professional/research distinction no longer really exists. All graduate courses are research-based. “. Master provides specialization.

At the level of selection of masters, this is a lot, because now there are about 5000. ” AvailableJean-Francois Dreuille says. Master’s degrees, which are closely related to the characteristics of each university and the characteristics of its territory, have a strong social impact. To whom At USMB, for example, MSc in Environmental Management (Environmental Sciences applied to Mountains), MSc in Green Chemistry and Eco-Innovation, MSc in Georesources, Georisks, MSc in Geotechnics, MSc in Geography and Mountains, MSc in Public Law, Law careers in the field and sustainable development in the mountains, masters in tourism, etc. However, USMB offers more traditional training in various disciplinary areas (management, STAPS, psychology, etc.) and develops numerous work-study courses.”

If you want to track your journey queue, almost all universities offer this formula. If you want to gain international experience, you can do that too. ” we haveexplains Jean-François Dreuille, binternational masters involving mobility, hosting an international audience, English language courses, double/triple degrees etc. As for student follow-up, it is practically personalized, as numbers rarely exceed 25 students per promotion, sometimes less. In order to continue their master’s education, students express their desire to benefit from a nationally and internationally recognized high-level university training. Lessons based on the experience of teacher-researchers and research units (laboratories) ensure professional integration as close as possible to the dreams and salary expectations of our graduates. »

Master’s degree, university master’s degree: then what makes them different?

The first difference is regulated by the Ministry of Higher Education, the national Master’s degree only applies to the university for authorized studies. There are also differences when it comes to accessibility. Getting into school often rhymes with competition. “The The choice for y is important, Alexandre Pourchet announces, the course is selective and demanding. You should be able to demonstrate excellent academic standing, excellent language skills, especially in English, and strong motivation. » If you plan to enter the university, you must also have a very good file, because admission depends on who is selective in Master 1.

Completion of a university master’s degree is mandatory for those who wish to become researchers or teachers, or engage in a regulated profession such as a notary public. Size difference, price between school and university. However, he has opportunities to finance his course at a private institution.

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