Bitcoin was chosen as the most polluting cryptocurrency of 2022

This morning on January 11, Bitcoin (BTC) continues to rise, but faces strong resistance at $17,500. At $17,454, up 1.2% in 24 hours. Similarly, the price of Ethereum (ETH) is also strengthening in the range of $1320-1345. its price increased by 0.6% in one day to $1,335.

the the cryptocurrency market as a whole is growing by 1% Compared to yesterday, the total capitalization was 857 billion dollars.

Bitcoin has been named the most polluting cryptocurrency of 2022

According to a survey conducted by the Luxembourg-based exchange and education website, Bitcoin is the most polluting cryptocurrency in the world in 2022spread about one ton of carbon dioxide (CO2) per operation.. According to a published analysis, the Bitcoin network saw a significant increase in CO₂ emissions last year after reducing pollution in 2021.

In 2022, the total CO₂ emission of the Bitcoin network was approximately 86.3 million tons. According to the exchange platform, 431.6 million trees should be planted per year be able It offsets Bitcoin’s annual CO₂ emissions.

The trend of Bitcoin miners switching to greener energy sources, however, was overlooked in the research. The Bitcoin Mining Council predicts that by the end of the third quarter of 2022, the share of renewable energy used in bitcoin mining will increase from 58.6% to 59.4% compared to the previous year. This shows the development prospects in the following years.

Bitcoin price

Bitcoin is currently trading $17,454, the 24-hour trading volume is $16 billion. Bitcoin experienced a minor pullback after failing to break the $17,500 resistance level. It is now collecting an immediate support level at $17,200.

case Crossing above the $17,500 level BTC may see its price develop $17,800 to the next resistance level. Bitcoin price showed during the 4-hour period current investor indecision who wait for a solid reason to determine the next move in the market.

Bitcoin Price Chart – Source: Tradingview

In the case of a bearish move, the $17,200 level should act as a price support, which may move downwards. extending the downtrend to the next support level at $16,800 or $16,650.

The price of Ethereum

The current price of Ethereum is $1,335, with a 24-hour trading volume of $5.6 billion. The ETH/USD pair faces significant resistance around the $1,344 level in the 4-hour period, which is extended by a double top setup.

If the $1,345 level is breached, the ETH price could be $1,370 is the next resistance zone. The current chart configuration of the course supports the possibility of significant growth.

Ethereum Price Chart – Source: Tradingview

On the other hand, if a downtrend develops, the ETH price could find support around $1,315 and a breach of this level could see ETH selling more than $1,275. Today’s uptrend still prevailsso try to look for buying opportunities instead.

Other high yield cryptocurrencies

The global cryptocurrency market is uncertain, but several new cryptocurrencies are making headlines. Let’s explore the opportunity to take advantage of it!

Fight Out (FGHT)

It works in the same way as the Fight Out Platform (FGHT). personal sports trainer, except that the FGHT badge is an award for training periods. All activities are recorded and can be used to improve the stats of his metaverse avatar. opportunity Earn FGHT tokens adding an extra incentive for people to stay healthy and exercise while taking advantage of blockchain technology.

Despite the general lack of liquidity in the cryptocurrency market, Fight Out was successful and attracted investors. Thanks to the token sale that started last week, it already is It has collected more than 2.8 million dollars. Current sale price 60.06 FGHT for 1 dollar (FGHT can be purchased with ETH or USDT), but this will increase as the sale progresses.

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Launched in early 2023, Dash 2 Trade, a An Ethereum-based platform that will provide real-time statistics and social trading data. Initial features will include trading signals, on-chain statistics, strategy building tools and news feeds, allowing both novice and experienced traders to stay on top of the volatile bitcoin market.

The creators of Dash 2 Trade showed great foresight by providing listings on multiple exchanges even before D2T was launched. the January 11 at 10:00 UTCwill be cryptocurrency Available on BitMart,, LBank and Uniswap.

C+Charge (CCHG)

C+Charge (CCHG) a Binance Chain-based peer-to-peer payment system for electric vehicle charging stations (VE). Due to launch in the second quarter of next year, it aims to increase access to carbon credits by rewarding consumers who charge their electric vehicles at their terminals.

According to forecasters, the project has the potential to benefit from the expected significant development of the carbon credit market. Coherent Market Insights believes so the market will exceed $2.4 trillion by 2027About $211.5 billion in 2019.

The ability to obtain carbon credits for C+Charge is an additional incentive to accelerate the already rapid transition to electric vehicles. The voluntary credit market (VCM) is expected to reach $100 billion by 2030, and analysts believe startups like C+Charge will play a major role in that expansion. Till now, the presale has raised $244,700 so far.

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